Chibi-Kari: I had this story posted about 5 months ago, but I wasn't happy with it. So it's re-written. I tried to abandon the idea fully, but that just didn't work. The idea kept bubbling back. So here it is, up for another try. Don't get put off by the beginning. Draco isn't really in this much. It's only for a little insight from someone important later on. This takes place in the beginning of their sixth year. Drop a line if anything is wrong. And opinions on anything would be wonderful!

Vision That Bears the Gift

Chapter 1-The True Story

What makes a good story? Is it those Gryffandorks running around saving the day? The golden trio? Harry Potter coming through in the end? That's all good and well, but that's not what I think a good story is. Betrayal, friendship, destiny. Those are qualities that make good stories. Sure everyone thinks they want to hear about Dumbledore being the savior of the world with his unity crap, but it's only because they don't know the truth. They don't know a good story. And they don't know the real story. Of course me and my perfection know everything. Why? Because I was there from the beginning. I know what really happened to the golden trio, I know what really happened with Voldemort and the death eaters. How? Because I was a death eater, or death eater in-training. Who am I? That hansom devil himself, Draco Malfoy. And this story, well I guess it'll make everyone happy…it has it all. But most importantly it has the truth no one would tell.

He ran through the forest. It was after him, the figure, the darkness. But he was only running into a deeper darkness, welcoming. A log tripped him, he landed face first in the dirty mud…he picked himself up and looked at his hands, they were covered in blood. Mudblood? He shook his head and kept running, the figure was closing in; there was no escape.

Ron awoke with a start, beads of sweat matting his fiery hair to his face and neck. He sat up staring at the mahogany spiraling post at the end of his bed. Focusing on the post he tried to calm his erratic breathing.

"Ron?" A figure to his left groggily asked, black hair seemed to be reaching out in every direction from the boy's head.

"Yeah?" He answered, slowly letting his gaze trail on the floor until it reached the bed of his best friend.

"You okay? Have another nightmare?" Harry asked propping himself up with the headboard. "The tapdancing spider again?"

"I'm fine…it was nothing…just…the spider." He hesitated slightly, not really knowing what to say. Not knowing what the dream was about. He shuddered involuntarily. "Let's just get back to sleep, we have Potions first thing in the morning.

Ron saw the silhouette of Harry shake his head in agreement, then lay back down rolling on his side, sighing contently. Within seconds the sound of a light snore erupted from his sleeping friend. Snape was worse than any nightmare that he could have. Or atleast scarier than any he had experienced before. Even though the man didn't teach potions anymore, it petrified Ron to have to pass by him if he wasn't doing so well in the class. All he would receive would be snide remarks.

The next morning at breakfast, life was better. His dream was forgotten as he and his friends ate their breakfast. Hermione who decided to stick with a simple grapefruit, just sauntered in. While Ron and Harry had their normal breakfast. Neville spilled his juice on himself twice and they all laughed at stories and jokes. Simple things that seemed pointless, glances exchanged between people, a certain redhead and a bushy-haired girl. Nothing, but everything. All this time Ron felt an uneasy twinge and tried to consentrate on his breakfast, trying not to make eye contact with his two bestfriends. He should have felt at ease, but something was out of place…if only he could think of what it was.

"That nightmare of yours still bothering you, mate?" Harry asked placing a hand on his back in a friendly gesture. This snapped their bushy-haired friend out of her sideways glances.

"You had a nightmare?" Hermione asked, looking at Ron seriously.

"Did I?" He asked looking at Harry, his blue eyes shinning confusion.

"Yeah, Ron." Harry said looking at him with one eyebrow raised, "You said it was about a spider or some nonsense like that."

"Oh." He said waving his hand dismissively. "It must have been then. I completely forgot. I dunno, I think I'm just worried about the potions exam. I mean, Holiday Break is so soon…two days and the exam is in less than an hour. That has to be it."

Hermione just rolled her eyes, "You should have studied more, Ronald-"

"Oh don't go trying to sound like my Mum! I don't need this. Not today." He said as he quickly collected his things and made to leave the Great Hall.

"Where are you going?" Harry asked looking at his retreating friend.

"I'm going to take 'mione's advice and study alittle before the exam. If you need me I'll be in the dungeon." He said as he walked out, his robes billowing behind him.

He heard Hermione ask Harry what was wrong with him as he exited the hall. His fist clutched around his wand, as if something was going to happen. He was angry, feeling the Weasley furry, but the fact was this was worse. Maybe this was the Prewitt furry he had heard so much about. Why he directed it towards his friends was beyond him, though. He knew it was more than his mum could even feel. "Stupid git, what's wrong with you?" He chastised himself as he took the stairs two by two to the dungeon.

Stumbling back against the wall he clutched his head. Something was wrong, it was painful. Ron felt as if thousands of knifes were being stabbed into his head, "Destiny" rang out through his thoughts.

"Having troubles, Mr. Weasley?" That snide familiar voice broke through the pain.

Ron's head eased as he stood from the wall, he couldn't tell anyone about this. He wasn't sure what happened, but he knew one thing: He couldn't tell anyone.

"I'm fine, Professor Snape. Just trying to remember something for the potions exam." He said as he straightened his robes, the pain quickly making its way to the back of his mind, doing good on this exam meant one thing…passing, and that was something he did need to consintrate on. This term hadn't been his best and his NEWTS started this year.

Ron proceeded to the potions classroom leaving Snape to look carefully at his retreating figure. Something wasn't fitting well with him, but he couldn't place it. Snape growled slightly before stalking away. Something wasn't right and he was going to see Dumbledore about this right away.


Chibi-Kari: The title of the story comes from a song, and that song inspired me. To tell the truth, that band is constantly inspiring me and scaring my father, I'll the more reason to listen…hehehe. I'm hoping that posting on my birthday will bring me luck. I really love this story and I'm hoping someone else will too. Please read and review!