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Vision That Bears the Gift

Chapter 2-The Restless Children

The Sorting Hat. An interesting little piece of material, isn't it? You put said hat on a first year's head and it tells you what house they should be in. Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, or Ravenclaw. This little hat searches the young person's mind until it finds where they need to be. There is a little known fact about this hat that I just happened to stumble upon. It's omnipresent. It knows what has happened and what will happen, and what needs to be done. From the information in the child's mind and from the future, it tells where that child needs to be placed. Your placement has nothing to do with your family's placement. It's all about you. And sometimes it takes it upon it's little pointy self to try and change the future. It denies some people their real place in the school…in life. But really it doesn't matter so much who gets to influence said person, the inside can never change. There is such a thing like destiny. I'm not sure if that's really what it is, but that force…it's there. The thing is it doesn't have as much control as it thinks.

Ron groaned as Harry, Hermione, and himself walked into the Great Hall. It was the day before they would leave, they had finished all their exams and dinner, and now Dumbledore wanted to speak with their class…dandy, just dandy.

They slowly took their places at the tables. Sitting and talking about break, exams, and what this meeting could possibly be about. Ron just passed it off as being about their classes and how he would see them all again after break.

"I heard that Dumbledore was going to make an example out of someone here…expel them maybe." Neville leaned forward and whispered.

"Oh don't be a git, Neville." Hermione said waving her hand whimsically. "The Headmaster would never do such a thing." She then turned to her two best friends, ignoring the hurt look on Neville's face, "How did your exams go? I think I got perfect scores on everything." She said proudly her chubby face proudly stuck in the air.

"Ehhh…Potions was difficult but I think I did bloody brilliant on everything else." Harry said smiling. Hermione glared at the wild haired boy, "Errr…I did brilliant. Sorry Hermione."

"That's better you know cursing is beneath all of us. That's a Slytherin thing to do." She turned to her other best friend who had his head on the table, cradled by his arms, red hair flowing about. "That bad, Ron?"

"Nah, it wasn't too bad. I'm just tired. I think I passed everything." He said raising his head just high enough to glance around the table, then set it back in his arms.

"Maybe you should go to the hospital wing? Madam Pomfrey has always fixed you up. Maybe your sick?" Neville said turning his attention to Ron, his aspiration to become a doctor showing through.

"Nah. I'm just tired. Can't wait to get home and sleep till noon." Ron said as he snuggled farther into his arms.

"With your mum, I don't think that's possible. You'll probably be up at 7 am helping to make breakfast." Harry laughed, as the rest of the table joined. Ron groaned he knew that Harry was right.

"Good afternoon, children!" came a booming voice from the front of the Great Hall. "I called you here for a reason, my sixth years. It has come to my attention that there has been house rivalry. At a time like this unity is most important." Neville glanced over at Hermione as her face fell slightly. "So, the other professors and I met and came up with a plan. We shall start a unity program. This program will start next semester, since we all still share classes and all the classes are at the same level this won't be a problem." Hermione looked back at Neville with a smug look on her face.

"What's he rattling on about? I don't understand this." Ron leaned over to whisper to Harry.

"I dunno, mate. I guess we're about to find out." Harry said shaking his black hair about.

"So, we have decided to clear up a little misconception. This misconception: That your lineage has anything to do with who you are or your intelligence level."

"Wha." Was the only coherent thing that came out of Hermione, as the whole class went into an uproar.

Dumbledore just lifted his hands, "You haven't even heard how we are going to do this and you're already making a fuss. We will be re-placing you in houses, only for a semester, based on your blood lineage. That means, purebloods will be separated from muggle-borns and things as such." Dumbledore said as he raised his hands to try and silence the crowd.

"What about the people that have one parent that was born of muggles but had magical blood and married another person with magical blood?" A voice asked from Ravenclaw.

"They will be residing in Ravenclaw."

"And what of the people that are pureblood, but have muggles born to pureblood parents?" Another voice from the crowd rose.

"Hufflepuff. And the purebloods will go to Slytherin and the muggle-born will go to Gryffindor."

"Who came up with this crazy idea?" Hermione shouted as she stood upon the bench.

"I did Miss Granger. And the idea of sorting into what house came directly from the Sorting Hat. And I would appreciate if you showed a bit more respect to the idea of uniting this class." Dumbledore bellowed; he knew this wouldn't go well, but he still didn't think it would go this bad, if Hermione said something it was really bad.

"I'm sorry, Headmaster." Hermione stated as she sat back down, she was in disbelief that she let her temper get the better of her. Her face pointed down towards the table in shame.

"Brilliant, Hermione." A voice whispered from down the table.

"Sorry." She muttered looking at her hands.

"And tomorrow you will have your first new house meeting at eight in the morning before you are dismissed for your holiday. I assume you all know your assignments, but just incase, there will be a sheet posted in every house's common room. You are dismissed!" He announced raising his hands high in the air.

They all started walking towards the exits, slowly.

"This would still make me a Gryffindor." Hermione said, "At least I don't have to move my things."

"Well I'm a Ravenclaw, my mom being muggleborn and my dad being a pureblood wizard." Harry said looking down.

"And I'm a Slytherin." Ron said softly, then his voice rose with a furry, "Is someone getting back at me for all the things I've said about bloody Slythrins?" He rose his fist in the air and shook it, "You better be laughing up there because when I meet you, you won't be!"

"Ron, don't be so dramatic." Hermione said as she rolled her eyes at her redheaded friend.

"Well, Hermione, this is the Slytherins we're talking about." Harry said glancing over at his bushy-haired friend.

"Neville'll be with him. He's not going to be the only pureblood joining them; he'll just stick to the good guys." Hermione said logically.

"Merlin." Ron said as he shook his head in defeat. Next semester is going to be long.


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