The stench of Miroku's blood fills the air, and Inuyasha thinks it will drive him mad.

Kikyou's in there, purging the houshi of the shouki he'd taken into himself.

Sango's in there, knowing he did it for her sake.

Kohaku's in there, but probably not even he knows whether he's in there with Sango or Kikyou.

Three days.

Inuyasha has never taken well to sitting still. Sitting still gave your enemies time to find or get away from you. Sitting still means you're helpless, and there's nothing Inuyasha hates more.

There's nothing he can do but sit here and wait for Kikyou to finish, sit here with Miroku's blood and the wolf's reek in his nose, sit here with everyone's interminable small talk grating in his ears while Miroku's in there

not dying!

while Kikyou's in there healing him, and he can't get away from it because he's afraid to leave them.

Sometimes he really doubts whether humans are worth all the trouble they cause.

But… but still, Miroku's his friend, his best friend, the only of his male peers to ever accept Inuyasha as such.

He supposes he can sit here a while longer. After all, the damn wolf doesn't seem to understand his place yet…