Shadows of the Waking World

The koopaling sighed as he looked out his window and ran his fingers through his messy blue hair. It seemed his inspiration had fled... again.

For the last four days he had tried to create something, anything, but he just didn't have his heart in his work... which was unusual for him. Ordinarily he would have had 3 inventions and at least one musical composition completed but...

The koopaling shook his head. He needed to get into a more positive headspace, he was just in a bit of a slump, that was all. He turned and looked at his bedside clock; 12:31 pm. As if on cued his stomach growled, indicating he needed sustenance.

The koopaling stood up, looking one last time out his window at the clouds and he ventured down the long flight of stairs to the kitchen for a snack. Since he lacked the culinary skills to make himself anything else, he made himself a sandwich, which he rapidly devoured and was about to leave the kitchen when one of his younger siblings happened to come around the corner.

"Hey, Ludwig," the younger koopaling said as he passed.

"Greetings, Lemuel," Ludwig said and continued on his way back to his room.

As soon as Ludwig stepped into his room he was shocked to find it in total disarray. He had only been gone for 15 minutes and someone had come in and torn apart his room. He sighed as he slowly bent down and picked up one of his blueprints.

He smiled as he reminsced... This particular invention had taken him over a month to perfect... but it had been worth it. Unfortunately, before he could unveil it, one of his siblings had come along and tampered with it and in the end it exploded in his face. Ludwig suspected Roy was the culprit, but with no evidence, he couldn't support the theory.

He continued to pick up the scattered memories and reorganize them. Notes on Koopa evolution, a detailed map of Pipe Land, each had their own special place. When he was done reorganizing his notes and he had set all his tools and chemicals in their place he collasped on his bed with a yawn.

Ludwig shut his eyes, and lay there for a while, unsure if he were awake or asleep. Beautiful colors were dancing on his eyelids and he simply elected to permit them to entertain him for the time being.

When Ludwig at last returned to complete awareness he realized that it was late. According to his bedside clock it was 2:03 am. He turned his head to look out his window, the clouds had disappated, permitting him a clear view of the lovely full moon.

He dragged himself to the window and sat on the stool he had placed there earlier, and stared out at the moon, it's pale light illuminating the castle grounds. He sat there simply entranced by the world the moon illuminated, the shadows of the waking world...