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Chapter 16 – Epilogue

Quatre laughed as Duo greeted Zechs enthusiastically. The two men laughed together at something Duo had said even as their respective partners wrapped their arms around them. Quatre smiled as he felt Trowa move up behind him and wrap his arms around him. He lent back in his embrace, still watching the other four. He was glad that Zechs had agreed to be turned only a year after Duo had, it meant that Duo had a friend from when he was mortal and if Zechs had died it would have made Duo and Treize sad, something Quatre didn't like.

"What are you thinking about little one?" Quatre turned in Trowa's arms to smile up at him. Trowa smiled back and tightened his hold.

"Just that I'm glad everything worked out the way it did." Trowa nodded and pulled him up for a quick kiss.

"Zechs is good for Treize just as Duo is good for Sire." Trowa commented and Quatre nodded.

"I wish Wufei would find someone to make him happy too."

"He will when he's ready, not before. So don't even think about trying to match make him." Quatre gave his lover the most innocent look he could.

"Me?" Trowa laughed softly.

"Yes, you." Trowa kissed the tip of Quatre's nose, earning a giggle.


Duo watched as Trowa kissed the tip of Quatre's nose and smiled happily. They made a wonderful pair. Quatre was the only one who could really get Trowa to show emotions and Trowa would die for Quatre. The small blond had grown so much since they'd first met one hundred years ago and he was glad he'd been able to see it happen. That thought brought a silly smile to his face. He'd been with Heero for one hundred years now and he didn't regret a minute. Sure, they fought on occasion but what couple didn't? His smile widened as her felt Shingami's agreement in the small rustle at the back of his mind. Sure enough they'd been steadily merging over the last century and it had gotten to the point where they could no longer talk since too much had been absorbed by Duo but he could still hear the rustle of feathers on occasion. Duo sighed as he felt Heero run a hand down his spine between where his wings would be if he had them out; the skin there was very sensitive.

"So hows Relena?" duo asked, coming back to the conversation.

"She's doing well, Dorothy's old territory is flourishing under her control and the mortals there are happy." Relena had only stayed with Treize until she was eighty and had then left to take control of her Sire's lands, as was her right. Zechs had been sad to see her go but as she had pointed out, they weren't that far from Treize's place. Duo smiled as he remembered how happy she had been when Treize had announced that Zechs had agreed to become his Childe not quite a year after Duo himself had been turned. Duo had never said anything but he had been very relieved himself. Zechs had been his only mortal friend in this new time and he hadn't wanted to lose him. Sure, it had been awkward between them the first time they saw each other after Duo had been turned but they had soon settled back into their friendship. He had the feeling that seeing how he hadn't changed had helped Zechs decide to accept Treize's offer. Didn't hurt that the two had already been sleeping together for four months before that.

Duo suddenly pulled away from Heero to throw himself at a new arrival. The other vampire oomphed in surprise as he was hit by the amethyst eyed vampire.

"Duo get off!"

"Wufei you came!" Duo hugged him tightly before letting go, earning chuckles from some of the other guests.

"Of course I came you idiot. I was hardly going to miss you and Yuy's anniversary." Wufei brushed himself off stiffly but there was a slight smile on his usually stern features. He met Heero's gaze and nodded in greeting, getting a nod in return. Since Duo had come into the picture the Chinese vampire had been around more, it appeared that no one was immune to Duo's charm and friendly ways.


Heero lent against the wall and watched as his mate worked his way around the room, greeting everyone with a friendly smile and words. He smiled slightly as he watched, Duo was far better at this then he was and he actually enjoyed it too. It hardly felt like they had been together a century and yet that was what this was for, to celebrate that very fact. He spotted Treize and Zechs across the room talking with Quatre and Trowa and his smile widened. He owed the older vampire and his Childe a lot, if they hadn't done what they had all those years ago he may never have gone after Duo to bring him back home. And he hadn't regretted doing so, ever. He had accepted that Duo was different and far more powerful than any other but that was just Duo. He never showed that power unless he had to but it was still there, as the Council had found. Some idiot had decided regular culling of the mortal towns and cities was a good idea and had somehow managed to get the vote to go his way. Duo had shown them exactly why they shouldn't mess with him that day and it had been incredible. Needless to say the Council was now walking on eggshells.

"You look pleased. Still gloating over what he did to the Council?" Heero looked over to see Wufei.

"Maybe. They certainly had it coming."

"That they did. Happy anniversary Heero."


Duo smiled as he closed the door and then approached his mate slowly. He ran his hands up his lover's arms to come to rest around his neck. He moved closer so that their bodies were barely touching and breathed in Heero's unique scent. He moved until there were bare millimetres between their lips and then stilled.

"Happy anniversary love." He breathed and then moved the tiny bit needed to seal their lips together. Heero's arms came up to wrap around him as they kissed and not for the first time he was very glad for the fact that neither of them actually had to breathe. They eventually parted and Heero smiled down at him, raising a hand to gently cup his cheek.

"Duo." The older vampire breathed and then picked him up and placed him on their bed before joining him. Duo smiled, Shingami had been right all those years ago. How could he have ever imagined life without his Heero?

The End.