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Jail Time:

Chapter One

Mikey walked into Donny's lab. "Dude, I need help."

"Dude, not now." Donny mocked.

"Why not?"

"I'm working on something very important. Go."

"Which is what?"

"Nothing! Go!"

"Then if it's nothing, you can help me with this crossword puzzle!"

Donny sighed and dropped his screwdriver. "Hurry up..."

Mikey read from the newspaper. "Ok, what is a three letter sound that cows make?"

"...Are you serious?"

"A-R-E...you serious? Hmm...it doesn't fit. It's supposed to be three letters."

"That wasn't the answer!"

"Then what is the answer?"

"Moo! Now leave!"

"See? I knew you could do it!" Mikey wrote 'moo' down. "Now the next one..."

Donny sighed.

"What's a four letter sound that pigs make?"

"Think about it, Mikey! For once in your life, think!"


Donny rolled his eyes.

"Two down...what's--"

"Get out!" Donny pushed Mikey out and slammed the door. He picked up his screwdriver again. "Ahh...peace and quiet..."

Leo smashed through the door. "DONNY!"

"WHAT!" Donny screamed.

"What's your problem?"

"Nothing! Nothing...it's just--what do you want?"

"Master Splinter wants to see us."

"For what?"

"I don't know. He just said he'll meet us in his room."


"Hurry up." Leo left.

"Ok." Donny covered up his project. "I guess this project will just have to wait..."

In Master Splinter's room...

"Why are we here?" Raph asked.

"I will tell you as soon as we are all present." Master Splinter answered.

"Who are we missin'?"

"Donny." Leo said.

"I'm here." Donny walked in.

"Good," Raph said. "Now that we're all here, can you please--"

"Where is Michalangelo?" Master Splinter asked.

"Oh yeah, where's the brat?" Raph turned to Leo.

Leo shrugged.

Mikey walked in. "The party has arrived!"

"Acually, it just left." Raph remarked.

Mikey glared at him.

"Master Splinter, can we please get this over with?" Donny asked.

"Yes," Master Splinter replied. "Have any of you seen the news lately?"

No one rose their hand.

"No? Not even you, Leonardo?"

"Nope." Leo answered.

"This is going to take longer than I thought..." Master Splinter began.

"I know we were trained to this stuff, but can't the police handle it this time?" Raph followed his brothers out of Master Splinter's room.

"Obviously not. Otherwise, we wouldn't be doing this." Mikey answered.

"What are we doing, exactly?"

"We're just going to spend the night tonight on the roof of the jewerly store and make sure no one breaks in. That's all." Leo answered.

"We've never done this to any other robberies before. Why start now?" Raph asked.

"April was driving home from work and she overheard three teenage boys saying they wanted a certain pearl. Then she saw them put their money together, but they didn't have enough to buy the pearl."


"So, then they said that they'll get it later."

"They probably meant that tomorrow they'll go around the neighborhood looking for lawnmwer jobs."

"They probably meant that their going to steal it."

"...Maybe April heard them wrong. Maybe they were just saying how pretty it was." Raph said.

"Raph!" Leo yelled. "We're going tonight and that's it! Pack whatever you'll need for tonight and let's go!"

"Donny's not going!"

"Yes he is! Who said he wasn't?"

"...No onw, but he's in his lab now! He's not packing! I think he's stalling so he doesn't have to go!"

"Your point?"

"I wanna stall, too..."

"Raph, go pack your stuff..." Leo headed toward Donny's lab.

"Do I have to pack, too?" Mikey stopped Leo.

"We're only going to sleep on a roof! What is the big deal?" Leo yelled.

"Oh wait, can Mikey stay here?" Raph asked.

"Now why do you want Mikey to stay behind?"

"He'll be annoying and he'll keep me up the whole night..."

"Raph, just go to your room and start packing, please. You too, Mikey." Leo ordered.

"Aww..." Mikey and Raph marched up to their rooms to start packing like Leo told them to.

Leo walked into Donny's lab. "What are you doing?"

"Working on a project that I started a long time ago! But I keep getting all these interupptions! I mean, Mikey came in this morning thinking pigs bark!" Donny hissed.


"Nothing...what do you want now?"

"Start packing."

"We're going tonight?"

"That's what Master Splinter said."

"Oh, right..." Donny dropped everything and went up to his room to start packing.

Leo stood in the doorway of Donny's lab and sighed.

"It is tough being the leader, right?" Master Splinter asked.

"Right." Leo answered.

"It is hard being the father, too." Master Splinter walked away into the kitchen.

Leo watched Master Splinter walk away slowly. "Ok then..." Leo left to go up to his room and to start packing himself.

"Is everybody ready?" Leo asked.

"Unfortuantly, yeah." Raph put his bags down.

"I am." Donny replied.

"I think I am..." Mikey checked his bags.

"Master Splinter, we're leaving now!" Leo shouted.

"Good luck, my sons!" Master Splinter was heard not seen.

Everyone shouted good-bye and left.

On the rooftop to the store...

"This is going to be boring..." Raph said.

"No it's not," Leo replied. "Think of it as a family camping trip."

Raph thought about it for a minute. "This is going to be a disaster!"

"Stop complaining! At least you weren't working on a project!" Donny yelled.

"Will you stop with that thing? You can work on it tomorrow!" Mikey said.

"If there is a tomorrow..." Raph was looking down at the streets.

"What?" Leo, Donny and Mikey went over next to Raph and saw what he saw.

"I think we were talking a little too loudly..." Raph said as five police cars drove up as backup to another police car that was staring up at them.

The police officers got out of their cars andtook out guns. "Put your hands up, cooperate, and maybe no one will get hurt!"