Chapter Eight

"Ok, so does anyone have a plan how to get out of here this time?" Mikey asked.

"If we did, we would share it, wouldn't we?" Raph replied.

"Once again, your in a bad mood..."

"Once again, your being much too annoying!"

"Will you stop it? The last thing we need is to start yelling at eachother." Leo said.

"But I'm bored!" Mikey complained.

"So, you decide to pick up a fight with Raph?"

"Um, sure."

"I'm bored in here, too." Donny agreed.

"Donny, I already have Mikey on my back complaining right now. Don't start with me, please." Leo said.

"Ok. Raph, I'm bored in here, too." Donny turned to Raph's cell.

"Why are you complaining to me?" Raph asked.

"Because Leo told me to complain to someone else other than him. And I can't complain to Mikey because then we would just make a lot of noise, so your the only one left to complain to." Donny explained.

"Then wait until Leo's done with Mikey."

"You know, You could help me!" Leo glared at Raph.

"True. I could." Raph said sarcasticly.

"Raph, I'm going to--"

"Leo? Raph? Will you stop it? The last thing we need is for all of us to yell at eachother." Mikey mocked Leo.

Leo glared at him and he backed into a corner even though Leo couldn't get to him in the first place.

Master Splinter broke through the window again. "There you are!"

"We're busted." Mikey said.

"Are you mad?" Leo asked.

Master Splinter started unlocking the cells. "Mad? No. I am furious!"

"Oh, good."

"I cannot believe the danger you have put yourselves in!"

"You know Master Splinter," Mikey started explaining. "Clearly, this is all your fault."

"Mikey, don't start." Raph said.

"Yeah, don't get him even more mad than he already is." Donny added.

"Let me finish," Mikey said. "Anyway, we wouldn't have got in jail if you didn't tell us to camp out on the roof of that store."

"I never thought of that idea. That was April." Master Splinter glared at him.

"Then don't yell at us! Yell at her!"

"Michalangelo, just go."

"Alright, alright..."

The turtles started climbing out of the jail house followed by Master Splinter.

As they were walking back to the spot April was, Leo asked, "How's Casey?"

"Sick. If you boys have just waited like I said, he would be fine." Master Splinter said pissed off.

"We didn't know what you ment. Wait for what?" Donny asked.

"They think that he was just mentally sick. They would've helped him." Master Splinter answered.

"What would they do to him?" Raph asked.

"Put him in a mental hospital, probably. Then we would be able to get him out."

"Why would you have us wait that long, though?" Mikey asked.

"Because," Master Splinter answered. "The police would've cared for him so he wouldn't get sick from the shot and we would have to wait for them to put him inside a mental hospital so that when we break into that place, we won't run into any police officers like we would in the jail house."


"But since you boys did not listen to me, Casey is now sick!"

"He can't die, right?" Mikey asked.

"We can only hope not." Master Splinter's angry face turned to a sad face.

Back at the lair six hours later...

"What's taking Master Splinter so long?" Raph growled as he paced in the living room and glanced at Master Splinter's bedroom door expecting him to come out.

April was sitting on the couch watching him. "Raph, he's trying to care for Casey. You can't rush him."

"I can tell that you can't rush him on a count that it's already been sick hours!"

"Stop yelling! Master Splinter will come out soon!" Leo yelled.

"How can you stay so calm when you know that Casey could die?"

"I take my mind off of it. Just stay calm and meditate. Then believe he will live and--"

"Oh, I forgot! Even when Master Splinter isn't here, he's still here!" Raph plopped himself down on the couch next to April.

"I'm only trying to help." Leo glared at him.

"Well, your doing a shell of a job."

"Forget it. I'm not even gonna bother." Leo got up off the floor.

"Where'd Donny go?" April asked randomly.

"Probably in his lab, where he always is." Raph said.

"I'll go get him." Mikey got up and went into Donny's lab. "Donny?"

Donny was working on his project again. "What?"

"I just came to get you."

"Is Master Splinter done? Is Casey alive?"

"No, Master Splinter isn't done, yet and I have no clue if Casey will live or not, but April was just wondering where you were."

"Tell her I'm in my lab. Where else would I be?"

"That's what Raph said."

"Ok, then things are settled."

"Do you want to come out, anyway?" Mikey asked.

"I'm fine," Donny said. "Finally!" he smiled.


"I finished!"

"What is it?"

Leo came running in. "Casey's alive!"

"Seriously?" Donny and Mikey smiled.

"Yeah, he's sleeping right now, but Master Splinter said that when he wakes up, he'll be himself." Leo was so excited.

They all went out into the living room and Master Splinter explained what had happened to him and such.

It was quiet for a minute as everyone thought back on the past couple of days.

"By the way," Mikey broke the silence. "You never answered me."

"What was your question?" Donny replied.

"What was the thing that you finished?"

"A detecter. It beeps everytime someone breaks into the lair or Casey or April's house, or a store or something."

"You mean that we really didn't have to camp out on the roof top in the first place?" Raph asked.

"Yeah." Donny answered.

"And your telling us this now?" Leo asked.

"No one gave me a chance to mention it. Let alone finish it."

The news came on the TV and everyone turned to it.

"If anyone sees these four turtles, please called the police." On the screen the their four pictures surrounded the news reporter.

"Not good..." Mikey shook his head.

The End!

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