Come To Me My Angel

by Tiger 4/27/06

SUMMARY: She is bound as much to music as she is to life. She is the Queen of Sweet Music's Throne. He always knew that she was his, she did as well, it was only a matter of time before she realized it. E/C, set a few months after the ALW musical.

DISCLAIMER: I in now way own the Phantom of the Opera, it's overall story, or it's characters. However, the plot of this story is my own.


In the dark depths of the Opera House underground he waiter for her to come to him. He waited for his Angel of Music like a madman waited for the Angel of Death to release him from his torment. He longed for that precious breath of light to lift him from his darkness, but he dared not go seek the light himself for fear that the light would be extinguished. No, he would wait for her to come. He waited for her to seek out her Angel of Music to save her from the depths of sadness.

He thought back to the night she had left him, he thought back to that night many, many times. Her face when she had kissed him was not a resigned one as he had expected then, nor was it full of pity. He did not know what compassion and love looked like because he had never felt it before. When she kissed him with eyes that said she loved him now in her own fashion, he had to let her live. When she kissed him without revolting, and when she kissed him again and touched his face with n o trace of pity in her eyes, he had to set her free. So he let her leave with that boy.

Yes, the Boy, her suitor. The selfish brat who claimed to love his Christine and yet could not see past Little Lotte. The boy who already had everything and yet snatched the one heart that Erik always hoped would belong to him and him alone. But she never really went with the boy, he saw. He saw her eyes when she left, eyes full of pain and sorrow…those eyes that wept for him, and for her loss.

She had not wanted to leave him, though he set her free. She had wanted to stay! Though Christine did not know it, her eyes had told him that she would return. The joy Erik knew when he realized this! Once again, he had something to live for. Slowly, he rebuilt all that had been lost the night the mob came to his lair. Lovingly, and patiently, he wrote his music, and waited for his Angel to return.