Come To Me My Angel

Chapter 3

By Tiger 6/30/06

A/N: I'm sorry everyone for waiting so long before updating! I'm not going to bore all of you guys with an excuse, so we'll leave it at this. However, I will be posting two chapters a day until this story is finished!

Chapter 3

"Vicomtess," Madame Giry stoically exclaimed. Though her face showed no emotion, her eyes clearly showed her surprise. "You have returned."

Christine smiled. Madame Giry had not changed at all. She was still the strict ballet mistress who had the occasional tendency to state the obvious.

"Oui, madame," she replied. She saw how Madame Giry took note of the valise she held in her hand, as well as the suitcase by her feet.

"And the Vicomte?"

"The Vicomte and I will not be married for much longer," Christine softly explained. "He has gone to see his lawyer for a separation filing. I have returned to stay."

Madame Giry nodded with a small smile. "Welcome home, child." She clucked her tongue against the roof of her mouth as she led Christine and her suitcase into her rooms.

"You wish to sing again I suppose?" Madame Giry asked, though she already knew the answer.

"Yes," Christine looked at her with shining eyes. "But there is something I wish to do first. Is he still here, Madame? Is it still possible for me to speak with him once more? To right a wrong?"

Madame Giry's eyes soften a little at Christine's distress, but showed no other signs, for she too had to right a past wrong with the same man. "I do not know, child. That is an answer you must seek on your own." She gathered her skirts about her. "Come," she instructed Christine. "We shall return you to your old dressing room."

"My old dressing room?" the younger woman asked. She clearly remembered everything, especially the mirror. "You mean to say that one one else has taken it?"

"Of course not," Madame Giry replied with a small chuckle. "Who would have wanted the room that the Opera Ghost once haunted?"

"Quite true, I suppose," Christine answered with a smile. The smile froze on her face when the door opened. Her heart stopped. The room was exactly as she had left it, even the large mirror was still intact. The passage to her Erik was still a secret, no one had thought to go through the prima donna's room in their madness and panic that night.

"Go on," Madame Giry urged, pushing Christine forward with her cane. "I will speak to Messiers Andre et Firmin of your return." With that, the stately ballet mistress closed the door and left Christine alone.

Christine stood in the middle of the room, unsure of what to do now that she was here. Was he even still in the opera house? She knew that the mob had not been kind to his belongings when they found his lair. Perhaps they had blocked all of the passages and he had run from the opera house when he saw her leave with Raoul. Sadness came through like a wave as she completed the thought. It was too late then too late for her to do anything.

Not all is lost, she thought. Christine had sensed something, a presence entering the room. She closed her eyes to block the tears of relief. She knew that presence! She almost laughed at her giddiness, but she cared not to. Who knew what would happen if she did, she did not know how her old teacher would take her coming back after betraying him so.