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Pirates One Half

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: How it All Happened…

A small pirate's ship sailed away from the island, the flag's skull wore a straw hat and the ship's figurehead look like a ram. For some reason there were only two humans on board, both female, one had waist long dark brown hair, she wore the same straw hat that the skull was wearing on the flag, as well as jean shorts and a vest that she wore as a shit. The other girl had short forest green hair, and wore a collared shirt, black pants and boots as well as a green sash with three swords on her waist she also had three earrings on her ears. Other than the two girls there were 3 animals, one was an orange and white cat… who had a strange mark on its left shoulder… as if it was like a tattoo, then there was a small black piglet with an unusually long snout that for some reason wore a bandanna on its head and goggles over the bandanna and finally a yellow duck, somehow some of it's feathers covered its left eye.

"That sure was fun…" said the brown harried girl.

The green haired girl shot the other girl a death glare… so did the animals in fact.

"That was anything but fun Luffy…" said the green haired girl.

Let's rewind to earlier that day…

The fridge… empty… the cabinets… empty… the tangerine trees… surprising still full of tangerines. One Monkey D. Luffy gave his trademark grin to his crew, most of whom were glaring at him.

"I can't believe you ate all the food…" said Nami.

"But I was hungry…" said Luffy.

"We just got those supplies from Rouge Town…" said Sanji.

"I know." said Luffy.

"I bet we'd still have some more left if someone hadn't helped him…" said Zoro.

Usopp whistled innocently… further implying his guilt.

Nami sighed as she checked her maps, "There's only one town on the way to the Grand Line… its called Amazon Village… I'm unsure if their have supplies though…" said Nami.

"Is there any other choice?" asked Usopp.

"Well we could always go back to Rouge Town…" said Sanji.

Both Luffy and Zoro froze… after what happened with the Marines there it was better if they didn't turn back.

"You know I think it might be better for those two if we go to Amazon Village… and besides we should get there in an hour if weather holds… it's on a very small island not too far away…" said Nami.

About an hour later the ship landed, after taking down the flag they headed into the forest. After wandering for about an hour, they came across a place with many springs, the springs had poles sticking out of them.

"I wonder what this place is…" said Nami.

"I don't know… but maybe I can see if I can see the village from those poles…" said Luffy.

He gum gum rocketed to a nearby poled and began to look around.

"I don't see a village but I do see a cabin over there!" yelled Luffy pointing towards a cabin that was across the springs.

"Maybe we can get directions…" said Nami.

"Sir… sir!" yelled a voice.

It was coming from a rather fat man wearing some sort of uniform, he ran besides the other Straw Hats.

"Is very bad if you fall in, get down now…" said the man.

"How did you know that Luffy can't swim?" asked Usopp.

The man sweatdroped "That not what I mean…" said the man, "It happen…"

Suddenly Luffy began to slip off the pole, after all it was is very moist and moist bamboo doesn't provide a good grip. Luffy fell into the spring.

"That idiot!" yelled Zoro diving in after him.

"That not good!" yelled the man.

"Why not?" asked Nami.

Less then a second later Zoro holding Luffy surfaced… but there was minor… or should I say major change.

"Oh no they fall in spring of drowned girl… very tragic story of young girl who fall into spring 1500 year ago, now who ever fall into spring take body of young girl…" said the man.

Luffy and Zoro looked at each other… it was true they were girls. Usopp and Nami were shocked, Sanji burst into laughter.

"You think it's funny?" yelled Zoro.

"Well actually yes I do!" laughed Sanji.

"What's going on?" yelled Zoro.

"This is Jusenkyo, every spring have tragic story… in almost every spring some one drown, if person fall they take form of whatever or whoever drown there last." said the man.

"Zoro's a girl!" laughed Sanji.

"You think that's funny!" yelled Zoro.

"You already said that…" said Usopp.

Zoro got out of the spring while Nami helped Luffy out of the spring. Zoro ran over to Sanji… he er… she wasn't very sane at this moment.

"You think this is funny? You think this is funny? I'll show what's funny!" yelled Zoro.

Zoro even though being a little smaller than he er… she was as a guy managed to push Sanji a few feet into the nearest spring.

"Oh no…" said Nami beginning to get a headache.

The thing that resurfaced wasn't human but a duck… a yellow duck that had feathers cover left eyes… it wasn't a very happy duck.

"He fall into Spring of Drowned Duck… very tragic story of duck who drowned there 1300 year ago… now whoever fall in take body of duck" said the man.

"He's a duck…" sighed Nami.

"That's kind of cool…" said Luffy.

Nami sweatdroped, apparently Luffy hadn't realized that Sanji can't cook as a duck.

Sanji flew towards Zoro and the two began to fight… it was in deed a very odd sight, a girl fighting a duck… mostly consisting of grabbing Sanji and pecking Zoro. After about 10 minutes Usopp (because Nami made him) tried to stop the fight… however Zoro punched him and Sanji… somehow managed to kick Usopp away while saying "Stay out of this fight!"… well Sanji quacked but it was along the same lines. Unfortunately he landed into a nearby spring. Much like with what happened with Sanji a human didn't resurface… but a small black piglet with an unusually long snout, this piglet also wore Usopp's bandanna and googols on its head.

"Oh no young man fall into spring of drowned black piglet, tragic story of black piglet who drown there 1200 year ago… now whoever fall in take body of black piglet" said the man.

Piglet Usopp managed to crawl out of the spring and sighed.

Nami's eye twitched… this had to be some weird dream… that what it was… right? Nami's hopes were dashed when Zoro threw Sanji. Sanji new to the concept of flight unfortunately crash into Nami. Nami stumbled back, lost her balance and fell into a nearby spring. All 4 formerly male/human Straw Hats knew doom was on the way… unless this was the girl spring then Nami was going to kill them no matter if she was small or not… particularly Zoro and Sanji. A cat came out, an orange and white cat with a blue mark on its left shoulder… that looked like Nami's tattoo.

"She fall into spring of drowned cat, tragic story of cat who drowned there1800 year ago… now whoever fall into spring take body of cat" said the man.

The Cat Nami was about to lunge towards Zoro when Luffy managed to pick her up.

"Is there any way to change back?" asked Zoro more concerned with Nami then himself… er herself.

"There's a way…" said the man.

The man led him to his cabin where they sat a table, he began to boil water. Nami had calmed down a bit but gave Zoro and Sanji a look of "If there's no way you two are dead…"

"I just realized something… Sanji can't cook as a duck." said Luffy.

Everyone sweatdroped, the guide got the hot water and poured it on Luffy… Luffy became a guy again.

"You change back with hot water…" said the guide.

He processed to pour hot water on Zoro, Usopp, Sanji and Nami… the last three were butt naked…

The guide grabbed his trust pool skimmer and ran like there was no tomorrow. The sounds from the cabin were "Nami why are you hitting me?" and "Nami I didn't see anything! I swear!" The guide learned a long time ago that a girl would more than likely harm any male in the room after transforming back for the first time… if she had no prior knowledge of Jusenkyo, which is why he always got the clothes and other items, which were floating in the springs by using the pool skimmer. After drying the clothes for a bit, he finally went back into the cabin. Nami was using the table cloth to cover herself, Usopp was hiding on the corner covering his eyes, both Zoro and Luffy were covered in bruises and Sanji… well he was unconscious due to blood loss… not because Nami beat him to a bloodily pulp… because he had a massive nosebleed. The guide sighed… this always happened when there was a group of visitors… usually pirate crews and there was at least one female member…

"I got your clothes…" said the guide.

After Sanji regained consciousness and everyone got dressed, the guide sighed, "There's one more thing I need tell you…" said the guide.

He picked up a bucket of cold water and splashed Sanji turning him back into Duck Sanji…

"You will change back with cold water…" said the guide.

"WHAT!" yelled everyone but Luffy… Duck Sanji quaked…

The guide sighed and prepared for the worst… the beating was brutal but he had learned to except it… caring for Jusenkyo was his job after all…

Next Time: They thought it couldn't get worse then into girls/animals when splashed with cold water... but it can... it gets worse... much worse...

A/N: The Differences Between Straw Hats One Half and Pirates One Half:


Straw Hats One Half: Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Nami, Usopp, Chopper, Robin and OCs: Usa and Ko.

Pirates One Half: Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Nami and Usopp as first... two new OCs will appear next chapter, Chopper and Robin will appear later on... so will Vivi and Carue.


Straw Hats One Half: Luffy, Zoro and Sanji are cursed by spring of Drowned Girl... no other characters are cursed (unless you count Ranma and Genma's cameos)

Pirates One Half: Luffy and Zoro are cursed by spring of Drowned Girl, Sanji cursed by spring of Drowned Duck, Usopp Cursed with Spring of Drowned Black Piglet and Nami cursed with Spring of Drowned Cat. There will be two OCs who will appear later and join with curses.


Straw Hats One Half: Sanji angers one, she puts full body cat tongue on him...

Pirates One Half: Luffy and Zoro anger two by... well you have to read next chapter.

The Ranma 1/2 cast:

Straw Hats One Half: Mentions of characters, Ranma, Akane, Shampoo and Genma all make cameos. Jusenkyo Guide does appear...

Pirates One Half: Other than Jusenkyo Guide, I have yet to deiced...

That's all the differences I can think of for now.

Oh yeah the reason for the other curses, I once read that Oda once said about the animals the Straw Hats most resembled, Nami was a cat and Sanji was a duck... Usopp however was an armadillo (not to be confused with the Kuno's dog... okay that was pretty bad)... the reason why I chose piglet because of the manga/anime, so in other words Usopp/Ryoga, Nami/Shampoo and Sanji/Mousse.