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Chapter 10: Pantene's Plan

Pantene was explaining her plan to the others.

"I had looked at Sanji and Fructis' leg strength while in cursed forms and I think that both of them can carry two people if they work together." said Paten, "I figure we get a chair strap in Nami and cutler and have Sanji and Fructis fly them there" explained Paten.

"There is no way we'll going to do your plan." Said Vivi with a sweat drop.

Sometime later…

"I can't believe we're going to go thought with your plan." Sighed Vivi.

Indeed Sanji and Fructis were in cursed forms and nodded in agreement, they had already agreed to it.

"Look… is there any other way?" asked Vivi.

"You mean other than climbing?" asked Pantene.

"I approve of this plan!" said Usopp, "Wait, I wouldn't have to go, right?"

"Luffy already volunteered." Said Pantene.

"That's okay in my book." Said Usopp.

That was when Luffy-Chan existed the house.

"Okay I'm ready." Said Luffy-Chan.

"This insane!" shouted Vivi.

"Yeah… probably is." Said Luffy-Chan.

"Don't worry… I'm sure everything is fine." Said Usopp.

"But it's still insane!" yelled Vivi.

"It will be fine!" said Luffy-Chan.

"You should stop trying to talk some since into this." Said Usopp.

Vivi sighed, "Fine… let's do this." She said.

"Okay!" yelled Luffy-Chan.

Luffy-Chan sat in a chair, and Nami was put onto his lap.

The two of them were tied to the chair.

The two humans cursed to turn into bards were tied to a rope.

"Are you ready?" asked Pantene.

The two cursed birds nodded. They began to flap their wings and it somehow worked. Everyone but Paten gapped.

"Told you it would work." Said Pantene.

"That should be impossible!" yelled Vivi.

"Yeah, yeah…" muttered Pantene.

Meanwhile Zoro was training. He decided to go swimming in ice cold water. Carue tried to stop him, but Zoro didn't pay attention.

He also didn't pay attention to the fact that he turned into a girl in cold water. So that was going to cause problems later.

In the ocean a pirate crew was sew arching for something. IT was the Tin Plate Pirates, they were searching for Drum Kingdom. That's when they found the island they were looking for.

Back at Dalton's house they watched as the chair flew away.

"So… I take it that wasn't Devil Fruits." Said Dalton.

"No… it's completed." Said Pantene.

"I see…" answered Dalton.

Vivi decided to change the subject.

"So Dalton." Said Vivi, "Why aren't there any doctors."

"It's a long story." Sighed Dalton, "Long ago, there were many doctors on this island… but then the former king got rid of them all."

Vivi gritted her teeth, she knew it was just like Wapol.

"Why did he get rid of them?" asked Usopp.

Dalton gritted his teeth.

"Wapol was nothing but a tyrant." Said Dalton, "Be wanted the best 20 doctors for himself and banished the rest."

"Wait? Wapol?" asked Usopp.

"That name sounds somewhat family." Said Pantene.

"He's the guy that attacked the ship." Said Usopp.

"Attacked the ship?" asked Vivi.

"Remember there was a pirate named Wapol who attacked the ship." Said Usopp.

Vivi's eyes winded.

"It can't be…" muttered Dalton.

"Why that…" muttered Vivi.

"You know him, don't you." Said Pantene looking at Vivi,

"I met him once at the Gathering of Kings." Said Vivi, "He slapped me, I think he was trying to start a war."

"How do you know exactly?" asked Usopp.

"I've been wondering that myself." Mumbled Pantene.

"I was one of Wapol's guards." Said Dalton, "I started with Wapol's father, and stayed on after he died."

"Oh…" answered Pantene who sighed, "Then what happened to the government?"

Dalton gritted his teeth, "Several months ago, a pirates crew consisting of only 5 members came here and deposited everything. Wapol instead of helping his subjects ran and didn't look back."

"That's horrible." Muttered Pantene.

"How can a king do that to his people." Growled Vivi.

"Thankfully everyone is recovering and we should have a new government up and ready soon." Explained Dalton.

That was when a very woman came up.

"Oh hello Dalton, I remembering hearing you were looking for the Doctor." Said the woman.

"Yes." Said Dalton.

"I heard she went to Gyasta." Said the woman.

"Thank you." Said Dalton.

"Should we go meet her and tell her about what's going on?" asked Vivi.

"No it should be fine." Said Pantene.

Meanwhile many of the guards protecting the island saw something.

"What is it?" asked the first guard.

"It looks like a woman swimming topless." Said a second gaud who was looking binoculars

"That's stupid." Said the third guard.

"DO the you the woman or me." Said the second guard.

"You." Said the thru guard.

"See for your self." Said the second guard handing him the binoculars.

The third guard looked and began to blush bright red.

"Who swims in that water?" asked the second guard.

"I don't know…" said the first guard, "But I want to see."

Zoro-Chan got a bad feeling however… like someone was watching her.

She looked to see and indeed saw the guards watching her…

On one of the island, a part not too far away from the town, but not close enough to just walk over and cause trouble The Tin Plate Pirates docked.

"What do you want to do?" asked a man with many afros… no seriously he had many afros one of his head, a couple on mustache and even two on his fist.

That was when the man who tried to eat Luffy earlier began to think.

"You know what. Let's go back to the cattle first thing." Said the man.

"I thought you would have gone to one of the towns and showed you had returned." Said another man in a strange outfit that sort of resembled a checkerboard.

"Yes, but if I return to the castle first, I can restart Drum Kingdom anew with out any problems." Said the man who tired to eat Luffy.

This man was Wapol… the former king of the island.

With Luffy-Chan she looked at Nami.

"I hope we can there soon." Thought Luffy-Chan.

She looked at Duck Sanji and Parakeet Fructis.

"Is there anyway to get there faster?" asked Luffy-Chan.

Parakeet Fructis looked at Luffy and began to fly faster in a way Duck Sanji could barely keep up.

Luffy-Chan was confused but then said "It's for Nami." she said.

Duck Sanji began to fly faster.

However they weren't aware of something… or rather someone watching them…

Things were going to compacted, extremely, extremely complicated…

Next Time: With Fructis and Sanji in their cursed forms, Luffy-Chan has to once again fight off Wapol! Meanwhile Zoro notices the guards watching him (or her) swim... how is he going to react? Find out next time!