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Chapter 11: Luffy-Chan VS. Wapol

Luffy-Chan sighed… she had a weird feeling. A very weird feeling. Like something was going to happen. She looked down and saw Wapol glaring at them.

"Oh it's your again…" mumbled Luffy-Chan, "What are you going to do?"

Wapol turned his tongue into a gun and tired opt shoot one of the ropes but it missed.

"HEY!" yelled Luffy-Chan, "Why are you shooting at us!"

"You are in violation of air space rules!" yelled Wapol.

"What? I can't hear you!" yelled Luffy-Chan.

"You're violating air space!" yelled Wapol.

"Can you guys take it down so I can hear him?" asked Luffy-Chan.

Duck Sanji gave her a look…

"Fine…" said Luffy-Chan.

"All right! Keep an eye on Nami!" said Luffy-Chan, "I'm going on."

Luffy-Chan jumped down to where Wapol was.

"What do you want?" asked Luffy-Chan after she landed.

Wapol stared at her, he realized he had mistaken her someone else.

"I'm sorry! I mistook your some else." Said Wapol.

"What?" asked Luffy-Chan, "Oh you're that guy who tired to eat me!"

"I never tried to eat you!" said Wapol.

That was when Luffy-Chan punched him in the face.

"Fine you want a fight! You will pay for defying the king of this land!" yelled Wapol, "I was going easy on you because you're cute."

Luffy-Chan shuddered when he said that.

Meanwhile at the coast of the island many of Wapol's men were just laying about.

"What did Wapol leave again?" asked one of them.

"Because he thought he saw that Straw Hat guy on a flying chair." Said another of his men.


Wapol at looked over the island with a telescope.

"What is that thing?" he asked.

He looked closer and saw a flying chair.

And on it was a person wearing a Straw Hat.

"It's that guy again." Muttered Wapol, "Chess! Kuromarimo! We will wait!"

"Yes sir!" said a man dressed in a checkered outfit and a man with afros all over his body.

(End of Flashback)

"It's going to get weird, isn't it?" asked the first man.

"Probably." Answered the second.

"Hey! There's a woman swimming topless!" yelled one of the other crewmen.

"What?" asked the two.

"It's over there!" yelled the one of that saw the top less woman.

They saw the woman swimming topless… of course it was Zoro-Chan.

And Zoro-Chan was unaware that they were watching her.

Back with Luffy-Chan. She was having a somewhat hard time fighting Wapol.

Somewhat due to the snow.

However Wapol on the other hand was confused.

"How can you have this Devil Fruit power!" yelled Wapol.

"What do you mean?" asked Luffy-Chan.

"A Devil Fruit can only be eaten by one person at a time." Said Wapol.

"What are you talking about?" asked Luffy-Chan, still unaware Wapol hadn't figured it out.

"You and that Straw Hat can't have the same Devil Fruit… unless…" said Wapol.

Before Luffy-Chan could explain that she had a gender-switching curse.

You must be twins." Said Wapol.

"What are you talking about!" yelled Luffy-Chan.

"When your mother was prevent she ate a Devil Fruit and the powers were also transferred to you and your brother…" said Wapol.

"Should we tell him that Devil Fruit don't' work that way." Said the guy with afros.

"No…" said the guy dressed in a checkerboard pattern, "He'll probably try to eat us."

"Good point." Said the one with afros.

"What are talking about?" asked Wapol.

"Nothing your Majesty!" said both of them.

"Good!" said Wapol.

"This is getting too weird for me…" mumbled Luffy-Chan who decided to run away.

"Get back here!" yelled Wapol.

He opened his mouth wide, however it was wasn't what he was hoping for.

"You haven't eaten lunch yet." Pointed out the guy dressed in a checkered outfit.

"Get back here!" yelled Wapol.

Luffy-Chan continued to run away. Wapol deiced to use what was called a White Walkie, at type of hairy hippo native to the island to chaise after Luffy-Chan.

"Stop following me!" yelled Luffy-Chan.

Meanwhile with Zoro-Chan she continued to swim. That was when she got a bad feeling.

She looked around… that was when she saw the men looking at her.

"What are you looking at?" asked Zoro-Chan.

Then he noticed their bleeding noses and the fact she was topless.

"DAMN IT!" she yelled.

Zoro-Chan swam over to the ship.

"Hey! She's swimming over!" yelled one of them.

"Oh what could a woman do?" asked another.

"How about you go confront her first!" said the first.

"Why?" asked the second.

"Just do it!" said a few more of them.

"Fine…" said the second.

When he was out of earshot…

"Are you sure it's a good idea to send him?" asked a third.

"If he thinks that a woman topless swimming around like it was nothing is weak then he deserves to get injured…" said the first.

Meanwhile up in the air. Both Duck Sanji and Parakeet Fructis were flapping as hard as they could… well Duck Sanji was. Parakeet Fructis wasn't putting her all into it.

Duck Sanji quacked at her, while Parakeet Fructis merely sighed.

Duck Sanji sighed and they turned around.

Back with Luffy-Chan, she continued to run in the snow. That was when Luffy-Chan saw the chair being flown.

"Hey! Do you think you can get this low enough?" called Luffy-Chan.

Both of them flew the chair low enough.

"Okay hold on!" said Luffy-Chan.

Luffy-Chan grabbed onto the chair in a way not to disturb Nami.

"All right!" said Luffy-Chan.

"Why that!" yelled Wapol.

The other two managed to catch up to Wapol.

"Hey! Chess! Give me your bow and arrows!" ordered Wapol.

The one dressed in checkered named Chess gave Wapol as a bow and several arrow.

"You have spares right?" asked Wapol.

"Of course." Answered Chess.

"Good." Said Wapol who ate them.

Wapol managed to turn his arm into a bow then used that to shot arrows at that the air.

Thankfully Wapol had bad aim.

Oh good he missed." Sighed Luffy-Chan.

"Chess! Do you think you can hit them?" asked Wapol.

Chess nodded and took out another bow and shot an arrow at the chair.

However it didn't hit Luffy-Chan, Nami or the two humans cursed to turn into birds.

Actually it hit something far worse… the rope that Parakeet Fructis was using to carry the chair.

The rope snapped and they all went tumbling down…

Next Time: After landing, they end up having great luck! What sort of luck? Meanwhile Zoro-Chan takes her revenge against the men watching her swim. What will happen? Nothing good... at least for Wapol's men...