Their first kiss was accidental.

They'd been sparring for hours, driving each other back and forth across a clear sandy space just outside Sunagakure. Hinata could feel the sweat and sand clinging to her skin, hear her own wheezy breath gasping from her throat and taste blood at the very back of her mouth.

Gaara was exactly as he was when they started. Typical.

She struck.


The sand blocked her.


As she raised her foot to try kicking through the sand again, she sneezed - it startled her so much that rather than kicking, she stumbled forward on the wrong foot, twisting her ankle.

She toppled toward the ground, bracing herself for the fall and just glimpsing a sudden jump in Gaara's demeanor as he bodily lunged forward to catch her.

And then she hit the ground.

It was surprisingly soft and warm. She lay there for a few seconds, panting with exhaustion, before opening her eyes and realizing that she'd trapped Gaara beneath her.

Their lips bumped clumsily as she pulled herself up on shaking arms.

"A-anou, I – I – sorry!" she squeaked.

His hand slid around the back of her neck.

Their second kiss was not accidental.