This follows the manga and starts around chapter 45, and of course its an Ed/Win. I have tried to cover the inner thoughts of Winry more than anything else, for she is my favourite after all. FMA isn't mine.

She stood in the doorway for what seemed like hours. She knew she should never have got out of bed in the first place but she was here now. It was a miracle no-one else was walking the corridors or they may have seen her. She had opened the door so carefully and made sure she let in as little light as possible and closed it quietly so he would not wake up.

He turned over in his sleep and she pushed herself further into the wood. Once he had settled back down her body relaxed a little but she was still frozen to the spot. For the life of her she could not recall what had urged her to get out of bed in the first place. Now she was glued to the spot looking at him sleep like some creepy stalker.

Then her memory caught up with her and she knew why she was there. That night she had realised, or more been reminded, that her childhood friend was in fact leaving his child state. She had no idea what the future held for any of them but Ed was ever growing more and more independent. To her this meant many things but it was the one thought that scared her most.

Still as silently as she could she crossed the room and sat herself down in the armchair opposite the bed. She couldn't see his face anymore but his presence was still very real. Wrapping her arms around herself she decided the safest thing to do now was just to remain seated there. She knew she wanted to at least be close to him but with nothing to say she was content with the silence.

If his independence meant anything it meant he didn't need as many people to depend on. Once his task of retrieving his brother's body had been completed he would probably not need anyone. He would probably easily break away from the Rockbell household and so easily break away from her. She wasn't quite sure how she would take such news if it occurred but even the thought of it scared her. Even though he had been travelling for some time she still fully believed he would come home eventually and all would return to normal. But then it couldn't be normal, for he would be an adult. They had always joked the three of them would be together forever but that was the naivety of youth.

It may eventually have ended up that if she wanted to stay near to them she would have to keep following them. A travelling auto-mail mechanic didn't seem to bad an idea, until she remembered most customers needed after-care. She couldn't just give someone a new arm and let them get on with it. She had left people behind in Rush Valley but other people were there to care for them. The people back in Rizembol had granny so for the time being it was okay to be with the Elric brothers.

Her heart had been through a lot of late and she knew it would only get worse. Ed and Al seemed to get into more dangerous situations with each passing week. The fact that Ed had asked her to stay to fix his auto-mail meant he was planning on getting himself into trouble again. She would be glad when he got his own limbs back so she didn't have to keep fixing what he broke.

She giggled quietly to herself knowing full well she was never angry at him for breaking the auto-mail. Even if it was her hard work destroyed in an instant it was the symbol of what she could do for him. So that when he got his real limbs back…she wouldn't be needed. Perhaps she would need to be useful to him in some other way.

His eyes flickered open as he heard a feint laugh across the room. Slowly he inclined his head downward to see where the noise came. Since he was doing it slowly they would not realise he was awake. His vision was obscured by the bed covers and all he could make out was a pair of long pale legs tucked up on the chair. A pair of long white female legs. Closing his eyes he shifted his legs as if he was moving in his sleep.

'Oh Edward,' Winry cursed under her breath as his sudden movement made her jump. Worried this was an indication he was about to wake up she got to her feet to exit. She padded silently across the room and her hand reached for the door handle.

'What are you doing?'

She let out a squeal of surprise and her hand snapped away from the door. She whipped round to see Edward sat on the edge of his bed, arms folded and with a scowl on his face. How he managed to move that bloody quickly without her hearing was beyond her but there were more pressing matters. Just how was she going to explain her way out of this one?


'It's been a while since you snuck into my room after having a nightmare,' he butted in, 'you could have given me some warning you were there.'

'Oh…well it's late isn't it! You would have yelled at me and called me a child.'

'Couldn't call you a child anymore.'

'What do you mean by that?'

She kept her eyes focused on him and it seemed he kept his eyes trained on hers. However, because she was looking so closely, she could see that his eyes flickered downwards quickly. Her face flushed red and she recalled she had taken off her pyjama trousers earlier as she was overheating. On her lower half she was in nothing but her underwear.

Rather then have a screaming fit about him being a pervert or dash from the room at top speed she just acted as if she still needed an answer from him. She folded her arms much like he had and raised her eyebrows.

'Come over here,' he sighed and patted the bed next to him. Determined to not let panic win she shrugged her shoulders and casually strode over, seating herself beside him. Deciding to play along with this little game she leant backward so he had a good long view of her bare legs. Of course her plan backfired on her as the moment she leant backward she saw his back again. She sat bolt upright and looked away to hide her blushing face.

'It won't work if you face away from me,' he said, so close to her ear she tensed up. All the same she straightened her face and turned to look at him.

'I said face not look,' he sighed again and suddenly grabbed her right leg with his left hand. With a small tug he swivelled her round until her whole body faced him. The sudden movement mixed with his hand on her thigh caused her to glow red. He took hold of her hands and leant close to her. When he instructed her to close her eyes she did so with great caution. Whatever he was up to he was going all out to unnerve her.

'What are you afraid of Winry?'

Had she been mumbling to herself while she was sat in the chair? Had he magically read her every thought since she had entered the room? Aware he could still see her face she bit her lip to stop herself gawping like a fish.

'C'mon. We can't do this if you don't tell me.'


'What was your nightmare about? What has scared you?'

With those words suddenly everything fit into place and inwardly she laughed hysterically. When she was little and she snuck into his room after having a nightmare they performed this ritual. They would face each other and take hold of each others hands. Then, with her eyes closed, she would picture the nightmare she had and describe it to him. The combination of knowing someone was physically there and describing the dream would make her see she was safe enough to go back to bed.

She opened her eyes and took her hands away, 'I'm too old for that now Edward.'

'Then why were you in here?'

'Because…well perhaps seeing you made me feel better but I didn't want to wake you!' she snapped. She stood up to make her hasty exit but he grabbed hold of her wrist.

'You are staying though…aren't you?'

She cast her eyes over his form. Although she loved auto-mail she also knew she would love to see him with his real limbs back. Even if that meant she may not see him as much at that moment it didn't matter. Apart from a metal arm and leg every other part of him was perfect.

Snatching her hand away she grumbled something about not having much of a choice. Trying to not be too obvious she made a dash for her own room and slammed the door behind her. Her heart was beating heavily in her chest which made her short of breath. She did not know what had just happened, but she didn't wish it to occur again.