Gratitude: Epilogue:

2 weeks had come and gone, and Cooter was itching to get out of the hospital, and he also wanted to get to the Garage, and start working, Bo and Luke were trying to keep him away on the account of a surprise party they are throwing for him, Bo said, "You can't, cause you need to relax, and have lunch with us", and Cooter said, "Buddy, I had 2 weeks to relax, and you are acting suspicious, and I will go to lunch with you, happy?" and Bo said sarcastically exclaiming, "Thrilled!", they shared a laugh and he helped Cooter finish up his packing, and while they were doing that, Luke was on the C.B., giving Jesse all of the details.

Luke said, "Cooter is restless, me and Bo will try to keep him busy, how is everything going there, Uncle Jesse?" and Jesse said on the other end of the line, "We are almost done, things here are going good", and Luke said, "Good, we should be there around 1:00", and Jesse said replying over the line, "OK", and Luke said, "This is Lost Sheep One over and out, Shepherd", and he and Jesse, hung up, and Luke went back inside to get Bo, and Cooter, and they were gonna go to a nearby café.

Jesse said to Rosco, "Rosco, we have to pick this up a bit, they are gonna be here at 1:00", and Rosco said, "OK, Jesse", and he made the announcement, and everyone was working harder, and faster, and everything was coming together, and when the last task was done, Lorraine screamed, "We are done, Everybody!" and everyone clapped, and cheered. Then they celebrated with a big lunch at the Boar's Nest courtesy of Jesse, Lorraine, Pamela, and Daisy.

At 1:00 exactly, Cooter, and the boys made to the Garage, and Cooter said, "I need to get some paperwork, then we can play some Poker", and Luke said, "Perfect", and Bo whooped, and once they opened the door, everyone exclaimed together, "Surprise!" and he knew who to thank, and he said to his wife, oldest daughter, and the Dukes, "Thank you", and everyone had a great time, and danced, and ate to their heart's content, and then at midnight, Bo, and Luke put Cooter in the "General Lee", and the others went into their vehicles, and went home.

Cooter recovered from his injuries, and he did all of the Dukes errands, and chores, and helped out Daisy at "The Boar's Nest", and helped out Jesse with certain payments due to Rosco, and he made sure that Nancy, and Pamela got to have some fun of their own, and he taught the girls how to fish, and everything about cars, and he spent time with Monica, and he is grateful to be alive instead of being dead.

End of: Gratitude: Epilogue:

Balladeer: Everything worked out terrific, and Cooter got to keep his business open, and for many years to come, people are gonna know Hazzard County Garage, and it's owner, Stay tuned for the next Dukes of Hazzard adventure, Y'all!