Title: H.A.W.C.

Author: Serenity of the Moon/Serena of the Moon

Language: English names

Rated: R

Season: Alternate Reality

Disclaimer: We all know who Sailor Moon belongs to and I doubt she'll sell the rights…darn!

Well, here'smy new story! Yay! This is just the prologue. I want to know if you guys like this before I continue writing it. Hope you love it! I worked really hard on it!

On to the story!

In a world full of spirits (or ghosts), werewolves, zombies, and vampires "living" among us, humans, how can you saw we live normal lives?

We found out about these creatures a few of years ago. With them, humans also discovered that some of us have the power to control them but there is only a few of us. There was a war before we were discovered. Many were killed. Humans and creatures alike.

We found that some of the things we see in horror movies are true. Ghosts/spirits can be rid of with an exorcize, done by a professional of course. If you destroy the brain or burn the body you destroy the zombie. No, you don't turn into one if you touch their ashes. Shoot a silver bullet and a werewolf might die. Vampires are a little different. Sure you can kill them (holy water, cross, stake…etc.) but they are the most dangerous of creatures. They can hypnotize, seduce (very well, may I add.), have super strength, speed, and they can walk during the daytime. You rarely see them do it but everyone knows it's true. We aren't even sure if there's anything else about them we should worry about.

The war ended when word spread of us humans who can control a creature. I was only a child then but I knew what I could do. After all, it's not everyday you see your parents ghosts tucking you into bed. I lived with my grandparents for 16 years after my parents died. I had little amount of friends because of my…"gift" but I managed.

Somehow the war ended and we were at peace for a while. We came to the conclusion that ambassadors would be needed. Only the people that were right for the job were chosen. Years later, at the age of twenty, I was chosen. That's when I met my real friends.

Amy has similar powers to mine. She can control ghosts bus some how taught herself their powers too. The head of H.A.W.C. (Human Association with Creatures), Luna, told me that some day my powers will grow too.

Raye and Jed have control over zombies. Raye is a bit of a psychic. She can kill any zombie by going into their mind and doing some damage.

Lita and Nathen a.k.a. Nate are in charge of werewolves. Nate is actually one. Lita can just control them but it's fun watching her torture Nate once in a while.

Mina is a vampire. She told us her father wanted her to get married and have a child that will one day control the family business. Mafia. But she wanted to be famous. That was years ago. Decades actually and her father is dead. Mina was once a human but got bit when she was twelve. She still wanted to be famous after her father died. So what's better than being an ambassador? She's the only vampire in H.A.W.C. at the moment. Luna and Artemis are still looking for another one.

Sometimes I think I was only chosen because I was a slayer at the time. That's right, I use to be a slayer but had to quit when I joined. You wondering why I'm saying that's the only reason? Well let's see, Amy is super smart. Raye has her mind powers. Jed seems to know all the right people. Lita is tough and can take control whenever necessary. She's actually next in command after Luna, Artemis, and Mina. Nate owns and co-owns a few businesses with humans and creatures, and Mina seems like the only vampire that can hypnotize and seduce other vampires. So you can pretty much see my conclusion. What was Serena? An ex-slayer.

Luna once told me I will be something great, but I don't know about that…

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