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A/N: So, I took a whole bunch of notes about an episode from a few weeks ago, and I have no clue what it was called or what the plot was any more... but it's the one where Gibbs pets Tony like a dog... anyhow, I found all of these great GAbby ideas, so I'm using them. Review, please!

That Whole Petting Thing

"Gibbs!" Abby jogged down the hall after him. "Hold up."

He paused and turned. "Yes?"

"I have a question for you."

An eyebrow went up. "Yes?"

"Why don't you want me learning how to use a gun?" She stopped in front of him and tilted her head to one side.

"Why would you think that?"

"Because your face and voice got all weird when you saw me with one." She smiled briefly. "I felt like I was McGee and I'd just spilled your coffee."

That got a reluctant laugh out of him. "Abby, if you feel like you need to use a gun even though you never leave the building, go ahead." He tried to leave, but she followed him.

"AHA! I see it now. You're afraid that if I start using a gun, I'll start pushing to do more outside of the lab and you'll have to find someone to replace me."

He rolled his eyes. "Well, there's not a lot you could do out there, Abby. Even with a gun."

"Then what is it?" She walked faster to keep up with his longer strides and thought out loud. "Well, you could be afraid that one day I'll get fed up and shoot you, but since you're a much better shot than I am, not to mention much better at a lot of other types of combat, it's unlikely... Or you could be having some macho sulking fit about the fact that I might not need you to protect me any more, when that's total bull because when that guy after Tony tried something on me I ductaped him to the floor..." Anyone but Abby would have missed his flinch. "That's it, isn't it?"

He stopped and turned his worst glare on her. "Abby, you're being ridiculous."

Unphased, she grinned. "Hah. Nice try. But see, I work for you."

"Yes, you work for me."

"And yes, I know I don't work for the director. Which is another time you got all weird, by the way. Jeez, I didn't tell her anything I hadn't already told you. I'm not THAT easily bribed." She patted him on the arm. "It's not the Caff-Pow, it's the guy who brings them. Anyhow, look, I know that you feel responsible for me cause I'm your lab tech and all, but that doesn't mean I'm going to suddenly leave you because I know how to use a gun or the director brings me a soda. So pull out of feeling sorry for yourself and teach me to shoot."

"Huh?" It was difficult to follow her logic.

"Well, you scared everybody else with that 'hands off my tech' routine, so now they won't teach me how to use a gun. That means it falls to you."

"I suppose." The corners of his mouth were twitching, as though he were trying desperately to hide a smile.

"But first, you can take me to dinner, to discuss the whole petting thing."

"The what?"

They started moving again, Abby walking backwards in front of him so that she could talk. "You were petting Tony! How come you never do that for me?"

Gibbs laughed. "What do you want for dinner?"