Greeting to all. This story takes place at the Psychic Academy American Branch, so most of the Characters you have come to know and love won't be making an appearance for a while. This is my own version of a "Zig-Zag Love Story in a Strange World". I hope you enjoy.

Forward: I don't own The Psychic Academy, though I wish to open one in the future. The wonderful Katsu Aki does. When her Characters do appear, they will be mentioned in the forward.


On the Other Side



The warm summer air drifted in through the open windows filling the room with the tension of waiting. The sky was a crisp clear blue with light white clouds floating slowly across it. The sound of children playing somewhere off in the distance floated along with the light winds that passed every now and then to provide a balance to the heat, and added to the tension inside the darken room. Students sat with books opened, but very few were actually doing any work. Most were either imitating the teacher and dosing off at their desk, or had there minds lost in what they were going to do after their release. Waking up or returning to reality only to check and see how much longer they had to wait.

Sitting in the corner of the room was a boy. Like the rest his mind was lost in thought, reflecting on all he had done in school. When the bell rung, he had to find his two closest friends and tell them good-bye. Yesterday his letter of transfer had come in; He was accepted to a specialized school, and this would be his last day in his old school. He pulled the transfer letter from his bag. Separating from the school wouldn't be hard. Except for his friends, he could disappear from the school and no one would even notice he was gone.

The sound of the school bell pierced his thoughts. The class gave a sigh of relief as they made their frantic rush for the door.

"Enjoy your summer." The teacher's voice rose over the leaving student's uproar. "And don't forget to come back Monday to pick up your report cards."

The boy arose from his seat and slowly approached the teacher's desk. "Ms. Mayor..." He said slowly.

"Yes Mylki." She answered looking up at him. Mylki passed her the letter, which she quickly read and passed back to him. Then said calmly. "The National Psychic Academy, Congratulations, your now one of the elite."

"Thank you for every thing you taught me this year" Mylki said solemnly.

"That's a teacher's job, Mylki." Ms. Mayor replied. "You better get going. You wouldn't want to miss the chance to say goodbye to Tami and Melana." She smiled softly. "Take care of yourself."

Mylki returned her smile and left the room. Once outside the school building, the drifting winds encircled him and he felt a little better. The other students were now hanging around in the groups of friends talking and playing. He decided to find Tami first. Tami was one of the quiet girls who preferred tranquil silent surrounding to a noisier, social atmosphere. She would try and escape the school rush and find somewhere quiet to sit until one of her friends found her. Mylki headed for the park next to the school. Entering, a row of cherry blossoms that were planted at the entrance greeted him, he slowed his walk and took some time the watch to petals falling from the trees and scattering across the walkway. His mind flashed back to a particularly windy day when he and Tami stood on this same walkway and let the cherry blossoms surround them, wrapping them up in a twister of white and pink petals. Tami had always loved the beauty of nature and helped him to see the beauty of the world around him. He closed his eyes and sensed the wind blowing overturning a few petals on the ground. Hopefully at the academy they would have a park nearby so that he would not lose the connection with nature that Tami had taught him. He started to walk again moving out of the entrance and in to the orchard.

Tami was kneeling in a clearing in the orchard. She was tending to an orange tree she had planted with Mylki in the spring of the year before. Mylki walked up to her and knelt beside her. She looked up from the tree and into his eyes.

"What's wrong, Mylki?" She asked softly "You look sad."

"I'm being transferred to another school." He said pushing his reflective sun glasses up on his face. He had very sensitive eyes and always had to wear them even indoors. Even though they were like wearing mirrors, he felt as if Tami could see through them and into his eyes. "This may be the last time I see you in a long while."

"It's a boarding school right?" She asked in a calm tone. Mylki could only nod a response. "Look," She started softly. "You see this tree we planted? This tree is a symbol of our friendship. We planted it when it was only a seed, something so small, that we nearly lost it when you dropped the package. But it's growing as our friendship will grow. You see those two leaves? As the tree grows the leaves will spread out from one another and other leaves will grow in between them, as new friends and people will enter our lives, but remember we are still connected to the same tree, and we are still attached in some way." She paused. "I don't want to make this harder for you but now seems to be the only time to tell you. I love you and always have." She turned and looked toward the sky. "Maybe someday we can be together, but for now I will keep you in my heart."

She leaned over and kissed him tenderly, then arose and left with out saying another word. Mylki sat speechless by the tree still wondering what had just happened. Tami loved him. All this time and she finally decides to tell him now. Strangely that was Tami's personality. Why hadn't he seen this before, before it was too late.

"Mylki!" A voice called out. "I figured I could find you here." He knew this voice all to well; Melana had found him. She stood at the entrance of the orchard smiling softly. That would be the thing he would miss most about Melana, her smile could cheer him out on any day no matter how bad it was going. He felt the effects of her smile spreading across his face. "We're free at last." She said. "No more school until next fall. I can't wait to go home and relax. What about you?"

Mylki sadness returned and he looked back toward the tree. "I won't be here next fall, and I've come to say good-bye."

"Where you going?" she asked

"I received a transfer letter to the Psychic Academy. I'll be leaving for the school later today." Mylki responded solemnly "I know I should be overjoyed to learn I'm one of the psychically gifted, but I'm worried about not seeing Tami or you ever again. They say that children who go to that school never return home again, they just stay at school training to use there powers, and seeing I start two days after normal school releases. I say they don't believe in summer vacation."

"So you won't be coming back home?"

"No, not for a long time." Mylki could see the tears forming in her eyes. He couldn't stand to see her cry. "I'll write and call you a lot, so we can keep in touch." He said comfortingly, but it was useless. Her tears began to flow freely down her face. He held her and let her cry on his shoulder. "I know Melana, I will miss you too." As he held her, he watched the cherry blossoms falling from above in a gentle shower of pink. This would be a memory of her he would always keep. Him holding her in the center of a cherry blossom field with the petals raining down on them.

Tami reappeared at the end of the path, walking slowly. Somehow he saw her and knew why she had come back. Not to join in but to take Melana so he can leave. She had a serious look on her face. She approached and softly placed her hand on Melana shoulder. Melana turned to her tears still rolling down her round face.

"It will be alright" Tami said. "We will get through this together." Taking Melana from Mylki's arms she said to him. "You better get going or you'll miss your train." Mylki knew better than to dispute with her. He simply turned and like she did before and walked away from the two girls that have always been there for him with out another word.