Forward: I don't own The Psychic Academy, though I wish to open one in the future. The wonderful Katsu Aki does. When her Characters do appear, they will be mentioned in the forward.

Psychic Academy: On the Other Side

Based on the popular manga series by Katsu Aki

By Darkensea

Chapter 25: Riven

A field of grass stretched endlessly moving lightly with the gentle breezes. Yumira sat in the middle of the field holding a small teddy bear and humming to herself. She was alone most of the time. Living with her father who was mostly working and brother who went to a boarding school fifteen minutes away from their house, which sat at the end of the grassy field. It was so lonely, the her teddy bear had become her closest friend and she carried it with her where ever she went. It was a gift from her brother and her most treasured possession.

"Bonsowa-ru, Yumi-neesan." Her brother said softly appearing behind her and snaking his arms around her waist. "You've been a good girl?"

"Hai," She responded reaching up and kissing Riven on the cheek. "I've been good, hoping that Jiki-Sama would come home to me."

"Good girl," he said softly running his fingers through her hair. "I brought you something." He pulled a small glass ball from his jacket pocket and gave it to her.

"What is it?" She asked looking it over in her hands.

"Its just a hollow glass ball," Riven replied. He placed his hand on top the ball and said. "Watch closely."

The inside of the glass frosted over before a spiral of snow began to swirl inside, and the glass became cold in her hands. "Pretty." Yumira commented.

"Just like you." Riven replied letting go of the glass and letting the snow fade away. "You try it. Remember this, try and become friends with anyone who can make something appear inside this glass because they are like you and me."


Yumira awoke with a tears in her eyes. "Jiki-Sama." She said softly. She was curled in a ball next to the sleeping Umbra. She dislodged herself from his embrace and walked across the room to a small table. They were in a rented room above the Jazz club. Since he left the Academy Umbra had opted to work there during the day so he could keep Yumira safe and give her a place to stay. He had been using the money he collected from the defenders to keep her fed and clothed. It was the same level of care that Riven had always shown her, even when he was away at school.

She picked up the small glass sphere, concentrating, she created a small whirlpool just like Riven had taught her to. A thread of mist snaked its way around her, pulling her both physically and mentally back to the bed. Giving in she walked back and curled up against Umbra.

"Its okay, little one." He said softly. "I know you miss him." She snuggled in closer as he stroked her hair in an all to familiar fashion. "I know I can't replace him but I can take care of you just like he did."

"Jiki-Sama is Jiki-Sama, whether its Riven Jiki-Sama or Umbra Jiki-Sama." She mumbled to him letting her sorrow of missing Riven fade to the soothing effects of the mist. She snaked a stream of water around him, replenishing his water level.

"Good Girl." Umbra whispered, kissing her on the forehead as the mist lulled her to sleep. "Good girl."

Night had fallen again as Umbra finished up working on the club and headed for the VIP room where Yumira was waiting for him. She was playing a song on a small violin. Something from the classical genre that Umbra couldn't quite place. She stopped when she saw him.


"Yes." So what do you want to do tonight, little one?"

"Are Your friends coming back tonight, playing with them the other day was really fun."

"I don't know, how about we go visit them to play?"

"Yay." Yumira commented with a cheerful and adorable gesture.

Umbra patted her on the head. "Your too cute for your own good." He opened his arms and let her hug him before they both disappeared in a cloud of mist.

They appeared in the school courtyard and looked around. Desolate, just the way they liked it. "Lets set the mood." Umbra said. And began to spread mist across the entire campus. "You think that would get their attention?"

The mist split in two as a wind blast tore across the courtyard tearing apart the ground and leaving a huge trench between Umbra and Yumira. "Yes." Another blast tore through the mist again this time aimed for Umbra. He dodged it watching the distance between him and Yumira growing. Smart move Jynn. As the third blast approached, he jumped, appearing behind Yumira. He reached for her but had to step back as a sound blast past between them. Both the brothers were here, and they were working on effectively isolating him. The next blast came for him. As he dodged again he noticed Yumira was being pinned down by and onslaught of Jynn's attacks. She had a great defense but she couldn't keep it up for long with out him. He had to get to her. She hadn't learned to jump, so he had to make it to her. He jumped again. Placing Yumira between him and Jynn and watched as his attack failed against her defense. He reached for her, but collided with her barrier.

"Sucks that your not on the inside." Moon said, as a wind blast separating him from Yumira again. "You're ours now."

"You forget one thing. My mist is the only thing that can get through there." He shot a stream of mist towards Yumira, It coiled lightly around her waist and pulled her to him. Safely in his arms, he said. "You want to try that again."

Yumira was already showing signs of fatigue, he would have to delay attacking to heal her. They interlaced there auras and he started his healing mist.

"It was a nice try," Moon said. "We had them for a while."

"Yeah." Jynn replied. They both took a seat on the front steps of the school. "It was a great plan."

"It really was, Yumira was almost at her limit, if I didn't get to her she wouldn't of been able to last much longer." He picked Yumira up and took a seat in front the steps with Yumira sitting on his lap.

"You two are pretty strong together. Where the hell did you find her?"

"She came to me." Umbra replied

"One question," Moon started. "after fighting so hard to free Myria from the defenders, why did you go and take them over?"

Umbra let out a long sigh and ran his fingers lightly through Yumira's hair. "To protect her;" he paused. "Xaioto found Yumira after your nice little outing. She was sitting alone in a darkened alley. You Know all too well, how compassionate Xaioto can be. He couldn't do anything for her that night, but the fact that he had left her there bothered him throughout the rest of the night. The next day he returned for her and took care of her throughout the day. Night came again and he realized that he couldn't take her back to the dorms or leave her in out in the streets again. He considered renting her a hotel room for the night but had no money. Eventually he came across Ikelan, and remembered the massive amounts of money collected by the defenders for greedy reasons, and decided it would be put to a better use taking care of Yumi. So he asked me for the power to do what was needed."

"You want to protect her, don't you?"


"You know you can't do it on your own power."


"Let me free and I will handle it like I saved your girlfriend."

"Last time, you took over you nearly killed Azural."

"Thus is the meaning of protection. It is to disable your enemy, before they can cause damage to what or who you are trying to protect."

"And how do you intend to protect this girl?"

"Their name is fitting for the situation. The Defenders."


"They extort a lot of money from those they claim to protect. However that money is not used to protect others but for their own personal means. If the money collected was put back into protection the organization wouldn't be truly bad, it would just be a business. We'll take over the organization and straighten it out to be beneficial."

"And her?"

"She can stay by your side until we find the real Jiki-Sama. For now, she's our little sister."

"Very well, do what is necessary."

"I will... Try to remember this conversation Xaioto. You and I are one, but you haven't gotten used to my existence as yet, and I fear your conscious memories of me are lacking."

The night air hit Umbra's face as he awoke. Yumira had fallen asleep next to him on the park bench they were resting on. He hoisted her up to his back and took a walk. Taking Yumira back to the academy would cause problems so everything he did would have to be done outside the campus. There was a small hotel across from the jazz club where he figure should be cheap enough to put her up for the night. He just needed money. Not too far off, he noticed an academy student sitting on the bench not too far off with an envelope counting money. That was why Xaioto called for his help. He awoke Yumira and set his plan into motion.

He snaked a mist cloud a across the park, as Yumira approached the student. "Walking around here, with that kind of money is dangerous at this time of night." She said.

"Get lost kid, if you don't want to get hurt."

"Your from the academy's Defenders. That money does not belong to you."

A look of shock crossed his face, then recognition. "Your that brat I ran into the other day when I was collection this." Yumira didn't respond. "You didn't tell anyone about this, right. If you did it would get really bad for you."

"I told Jiki-Sama, and he sent me to get the money back."

Ikelan laughed. "Very well kid, looks like I'm going to have to kill you."

"Sorry for this, you pain would of have been unnecessary if you had just handled it over." She took a step back and vanished into Umbra's mist.

Ikelan rushed forward throwing a punch into the mist. Nothing, the girl was gone. He glanced around wildly. Where did all this fog come from on such a warm dry night. A glancing blow landed across the side of his head dazing him as the girl reimerged from the mist on his left side. She was too far to attack him physically, so she must be an aura user. Okay then, no holding back. He created a fireball and launched it at the girl. Worried, Umbra who was attacking from the shadows jumped behind her hoping to pull Yumira out the way. A bubble formed around them blocking Ikelan's attack. Umbra stood amazed at Yumira's guard before regaining his composure and shifting the mist to obscure Ikelan's view. Yumira appeared to be drained from her guard. He took a drink from his water bottle, and focused on healing her fatigue.

"Water." Yumira said softly. He handed her is water bottle and let her drink. "Let me be your water." She reached up and kissed him on the cheek and his water lever replenished.

"I see." He said hoisting her up to his shoulders. "You keep me well and I'll keep you well." United they turned back to finishing off Ikelan.

"so what are we going to do about this stalemate." Jynn asked Umbra. "I mean you are a student, you can't just abandon your school work to look after some child."

Well, I was planning to keep it up until I found the real Jiki-sama, or the end of the semester. Then I could give her to my parents."

"Jiki-Sama is dead." Moon said softly.

Umbra paused. "I suspected it for a while, She wakes up crying for Jiki-Sama. She knows it too, but she finds my mist a good anesthesia for the sorrow. That's why she can't let me go."

"Mommy?" Yumira said. She broke free of Umbra's embrace and rushed towards the brother. She darted up the stairs and into the awaiting arms of nurse Kerla.

"Hey, notice something." Moon said to Jynn.

"Yeah, no shield." They both turned and blasted Umbra raising a dust cloud.

"Damn, that was so cheap." Umbra said stumbling out of the dust. "If i hadn't thrown up a guard at the last second you would have killed me."

"It's Payback time for last night."

There was a sharp pain in the back of their necks and they fell to their knees unable to move.

"Don't touch Jiki-Sama." Yumira said from behind them.

They looked at Umbra. "Damned Brat." Jynn muttered before they collapsed.

"Nice shot, little one. It's a shame my guard is nowhere close to yours." Umbra stammered before collapsing as well.