Saito came down the stairs first, hopping every other step in his five-year-old excitement. He had been looking forward to going to school ever since he found out that it was a place where he would learn more about what Yuuichirou sometimes told them about computers. He was always eager to learn something new. Anything new, as long as it was interesting.

Netto came a little slower, taking the stairs one at a time and yawning as he walked down to the breakfast table. He was a little less excited then his brother and more noticeably subdued from lack of sleep. It wasn't lack of hours, more like lack of sunlight. He never got up until the sun was at least halfway to its high point, if not later.

Yuuichirou knelt down to greet his sons as they came into the dining room. Netto and Saito took one look at their father and cheered loudly as they ran into his arms. "Papa!" they both cried and hugged their dad tightly.

"Hey there," Yuuichirou said softly and picked up both of his children, balancing one on each hip. "I told you I'd make it," he said with a wink.

"We never said you wouldn't," Saito pouted as if his integrity was at stake.

"Nope," Netto agreed. "We knew you would, papa."

Yuuichirou laughed and hugged his sons, then set them back on the floor. "I know, I know," he replied. "I'm sorry for doubting you," he chuckled.

Haruka laughed at the sudden role reversal and came in with the final dish for breakfast. Netto took one look at the plate and latched onto his mother's leg. "Pancakes!" he cheered.

Haruka expected the attack and took it in a stride, not loosing her balance as she continued towards the table with Netto at her side. "Yes, pancakes," she said. "Chocolate chip for you and blueberry for Saito."

"Yay!" the twins cheered and sat down in their seats waiting none to patiently for the yummy breakfast their mother had made for them.

Haruka laughed and placed the pancakes onto their plates and cut them up. She put a little bit of syrup and spirited the liquid sugar away before Netto could protest. Previous experience had taught her to never leave Netto alone with syrup, sugar or honey otherwise it would all mysteriously vanish and Netto would bounce off the walls for the next eight hours. She was feeling kindly toward the teacher who got them in his or her class.

Netto pouted a bit but the chocolate chips proved to be more then enough for his sweet tooth as he downed the whole thing in a matter of minutes.

Saito was a bit slower, but not by much. Seconds after Netto jumped out of his chair with a quick 'thanks for the meal' he too was done and ready to run after Netto. Yuuichirou stepped in front of them and stopped them from racing out the door towards their new school.

"Before you go, I have something for you," he said with a small grin.

"Ooooooh!" Netto said excitedly. "A present?"

"Really?" Saito asked at the same time Netto expressed his awe. "Something for us?"

Yuuichirou nodded, "Yes, something for you. Each of you," he winked. "It's a very special gift I've been waiting to give you."

Netto and Saito shivered in anticipation and moved closer together so as to cling to one another in joy. Yuuichirou bit back laughter and pulled out a dark purple and a pale green PET with a flip out keyboard. Netto and Saito gasped at the same time in shock and stared at the devices. "Netto, Saito, please meet Gem and Stone."

"Pleased to meet you," Gem and Stone said together in polite voices, facing their operators for the very first time.

Saito broke into a grin as Netto jumped onto him in excitement. "PET's!" Netto yelled. "Navis!"

"Yes, I've decided it's about time you got someone to help you. I programmed them myself and they are to help you with school and your lifestyle not," he emphasized, "netbattling. Not yet at least. You two are still too young, Netto," he said sternly.

Netto was still clinging onto his twin in sheer excitement. "Okayokay!" he said quickly. "Ohmigosh Saito-nii-chan!"

Saito giggled, "I think you broke Netto-kun."

Yuuichirou and Gem laughed out loud while Stone cracked a smile. Netto frowned but didn't let go of his twin. "Meanie," he muttered.

Saito adopted an angelic look and took the pale green PET. "Stone, hmm?" he asked.

"Yes," Stone replied. "Pleased to meet you, Saito-san."

Saito made a face, "Call me Saito," he urged.

"Saito-kun," Stone tried.

Saito shrugged and watched as Netto took the dark purple PET. "Hey! My name's Netto. What's yours again?"

Gem laughed, "Forgot already?" she asked.

Netto pouted, "I'm excited."

Gem held up her hands and lowered them. "I understand," she said with a wink. "I am pretty cool."

Netto laughed and Gem felt a surge of pride at making the child happy. "My name is Gem," she told Netto.

"Gem," Netto nodded. "Good name," he told her.

"Why thank you," she said, giving a little bow. "Your father named me. I think he chose well too."

"What do you tell your father?" Haruka urged.

"Thank you!" Netto and Saito pounced on their dad, hugging him tightly.

Yuuichirou wrapped his arms around both of his children and smiled. "You're very welcome," he replied. "Now, I believe you two have school to get to."

Saito's eyes lit up. "Yeah! School!"

"Joy," Netto laughed at his brother's excitement but in spite of himself he couldn't help but feel a little excited himself.

"Let's get you two ready," Haruka nodded at the coats and backpacks hanging by the door. "Then we'll go."

Netto and Saito opened the door to the classroom slowly. "Scared?" Netto asked.

"No," Saito shot back. "You?"

"No," Netto said slowly. He scooted over and clung to Saito's arm. "I kinda wish mama were here though."

"Me too," Saito admitted.

"Awww, you got us," Gem said kindly. "Let's go in and see everyone else."

"Yeah," Netto and Saito said together and entered the room.

"Hey!" a cute, pink haired girl waved to them from beside a larger brown haired boy. Netto and Saito both grinned and put their things in their cubby holes before going over to greet their friends.

"Hey Meiru-chan, hey Dekao-kun," Saito said politely.

"Lookit what we got," Netto said proudly, showing off his PET.

Meiru and Dekao's eyes grew wide and open as they gazed at the shiny new technology. "Wow," they breathed.

Gem waved at them from her perch inside the device and smiled. "Nice to meet you," she said. "My name is Gem.EXE."

"Pretty," Meiru gasped.

"Thank you," Gem glowed at the compliment.

Saito showed off his too with a little less gusto then Netto. "My navi is Stone," he said with a meek grin. He was proud of his navi but not as open to showing off as his brother.

"Awesome," Dekao cheered.

"Isn't it though?" Netto asked happily. "Papa said they're to help us and when we get older, Netbattle."

"Cooooooool," Dekao breathed. "Wow, I can't wait till we can do that."

Netto nodded, "And we'll be rivals, right! Strong ones!"

Dekao grinned wickedly, "Always," he said and pounced on his friend in a gentle body tackle.

While Netto protested none too seriously Saito took his seat next to Meiru on the mats and let out a slow breath. "Excited?" Meiru whispered.

Saito nodded enthusiastically. "Yeah, you?"

"Very," Meiru replied. She and Saito both began to giggle just as the door opened.

"Morning class!" a very bouncy woman with blonde hair greeted. "Are you all ready for your first day of school?"

"Yes!" everyone answered enthusiastically. And so, Netto and Saito's first day of school and their first day with Gem and Stone began.