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He Left Her Standing

Story By StormDancer

It is not light that we need, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake.

He left her standing among the ruined bodies of her friends, thinking her powers exhausted. His one mistake, a fatal mistake. He forgot that there are some powers which are never gone. As he turned his back and began to walk away, she yelled out to me in the agony that makes a curse so potent.

"Hear me, my father! However much I have denied you, I am still blood of your blood! Grant me this one boon, by the blood which we share! I give you all the curses uttered by those whom he hurt. And to those I add this: Curse him! Take him, my father. Curse him to the lowest regions of your hell. He went there once already, he knows the way. No one will come for him as they came for me! Blood of my blood, grant me this gift in place for the love you never had. Accept my gift. Let your hand be raised against him. Torture him in the depths of your hells, where once you kept me. Take him, in the name of all who he wronged. But let him live! Let him live to know of the horrors wrought upon him. By my blood, father, grant me this one request!"

My voice resonated throughout the ruin of a building in which they had fought.

"He is mine!"

Yes, my daughter, I will take him. In honour of the love which I hold for you, and always did, he shall come to my hells. I may have used you, but only for your gain. I wished to give you the world; I will grant you the request which made you call me father. My blood, my daughter, I take him. Your Enemies are mine. He is cursed by demons and mortals alike.

Embracer of darkness, your life has been given and accepted. As a demon, I commend you for your work. As a father, which is always stronger, I add my own curse to my daughter's: Betrayer, thou art mine!

My power channeled through my daughter, I take him from this world into my realm. My daughter smiles, human and demon united in vengeance. Beast Boy dragged himself up to her, body in many pieces and fighting to stay conscious. He put an inquiring hand upon her shoulder.

"He won't be bothering us anymore," she told him, covering his hand with her own. He began to heal with that contact, my power channeling through hers. Demon power purified with mortal love. The combination personified in my lovely daughter.

How right you are, my daughter. My vengeance will be complete. No one hurts the daughter of a demon. He made the error in his calculated evil. He pushed her to the point to ask for the curse of a demon. For I cannot work on your plane without being asked. They say a mother's love is terrible, but a father's can be just as deep. She asked, and I cursed him with all the power and love in my demonic soul, all because Robin, Apprentice of Slade, Betrayer, Cursed One, left my daughter standing among the bodies of her friends.

Author's Note- In case you didn't realize it, this is Trigon talking about Raven. Robin betrayed the Titans again to join Slade. Just in case it was confusing. R&R!