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Snape: You will learn to ensnare the senses, bottle fame, and even put a stopper to death.

Harry: Lemme pull that stopper out of his bu-

Hermione: Harry, pay attention.

Snape: Hey, author, stop making my students talk. I'm trying to un-ensnare my senses, seeing as Weasley just farted.

Ron: Hey!

Harry, Hermione, and rest of class; Oh, that's what that was. I thought it was s super-strong dung-bomb.

Wow, that was pointless. Oh well. I just wanted to put that in there 'cuz I thought it was kinda funny.(LOL)

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Harry's Top 26 Wishes

By: HarryGinny4RonHermione4TonksLupin4ever and RonWandMioneG4ever

The following was written during Harry's potions class, while he was supposed to be copying ways to put a stopper in death:

1) That my parents could still be alive.

2) Everyone who died who was close to me to be alive.

3) Snape would jump off the Astronomy Tower with a dagger and shove it down his throat. (Or I could do it for him)

4) Malfoy would follow in his father's footsteps…IN JAIL! ( Stupid ferret!)


6)Ron and Hermione would finally get together instead of bickering at each other's throats every 3 seconds. ( Maybe I should lock them in a closet sometime…)

7) I WANT GINNY! (should be number 1)

8) Ron won't kill me when he finds out that I love his younger sister. ( and when he finds out that Hermione dared me to kiss her.)

9) To kick Mrs. Norris

10) Filch, too.

11) Get Cho a therapist. (she cries way too much!)

12) For Umbridge to use that stupid quill on herself.

13) For Lockhart to get tat bloody smile off his face!

14) To throw a crystal ball at Trelawney.

15) Start a wild party in Professor Binns' class.

16) Lupin and Tonks to get together.

17) For "Mad-Eye Moody" to get a little less…mad.

18) Who wants to be in a "Slug Club" anyway?

19) To start a "Slug Club Repellant Club."

20) To push Bella in the bloody veil.

21) For McGonogall to remove the stick from her butt.

22) Chop off Pettigrew's head. (not his finger!)

23) Shove a basilisk fang in Greyback's back.

24) Give money to the Weasleys no matter what they say.

25) To get this stupid scar off my forehead.

26) For this bloody class to finally be over!

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