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Chapter 1: The Kiss

Beast Boy grumbled as he dragged himself to the common room. It was seven in the morning and Robin had scheduled them all in to have a training session. He hated training. He knew it was important and was necessary to keep them all in shape and ready to fight off any new criminal that crossed their path, but it was still tedious and annoying. Especially at seven in the bloody morning!

He walked through the doors of the common room and saw that everyone was already up and waiting for him. He was used to being the last one up and ignored their disapproving looks.

"Everyone ready?" asked Robin.

"No," yawned Beast Boy.

Robin just rolled his eyes beneath his mask and headed outside, with the other Titans following him. The obstacle course was set up and the rising sun made it glow. Much of it was still wet from the night's dew and was cold.

They all began to stretch out and got ready for the training session to start. They hadn't eaten anything yet, so they were really weak and tired. Robin said that they had to train like this every once in a while to prepare them incase they were ever in such a situation where they had little or no strength.

Once they were all stretched out they began. They each ran through the course and took care of the obstacles their own way. Robin had the course set on seven. Usually they practiced at a level eight, but since it was early and they hadn't eaten he decided to go "easy" on them.

Dust flew through the air, as well as starbolts and rocks. Pieces of cardboard dummy cut outs and various targets scattered and littered the ground. Sounds of all five grunting and groaning and yelling floated through the air as they fought the course.

Finally, about two hours later, it was done. The five were really tired and worn out now and their stomachs growled mercilessly. They dragged themselves back into the tower and went straight to the kitchen.

"I really need a shower," said Raven in her plain voice. She was covered with dust and dirt that stuck to her with her sweat.

"We don't hafta do that for a while now, right?" moaned Cyborg.

"Yeah, I think we're good for a few weeks," said Robin as he poured himself some milk.

"So we do not have to get up with the sun anymore?" asked a very hopeful Starfire.

"Only if the city's in trouble," said Robin with a smile.

"Dude, I am totally going back to bed after breakfast," said Beast Boy, resting his head on the table. He had a bowl of cereal next to him and his hand was holding a spoon. He was quite a sight to see.

And, just as he said, once he was done with his cereal he headed towards his room. He could barely lift his feet. He didn't even bother crawling up to his top bunk once he reached his room. He collapsed on the bottom bunk and curled up, ready to go back to sleep and brush all of the morning off as a dream.

Just then a red light flashed throughout the tower as well as an alarming siren. Beast Boy growled, "You've got to be kidding me!" He rolled off of the bed and headed back to the common room.

He was happy to see that he wasn't the only Titan annoyed by this. Cyborg had an apron on from washing his mound of breakfast dishes; his robotic hands covered in suds. Starfire had Silkie cuddled in her arms and looked to be worried by the alarm. But nobody looked as pissed as Raven, who was only wrapped in a robe; her hair wet with water and shampoo that she hadn't had time to rinse out.

"Titans, we've got a new villain on our hands," said Robin as he checked out the situation on the sensors.

"Great," said Raven, sarcastically.

"What type of villain is it?" asked Starfire, who put her little larva down so he could crawl off and go about his business.

"It's called Lip Lock," said Robin. "Looks like it's been moving from city to city. No one's been able to take it down yet."

"Uh… Lip Lock?" asked Cyborg, raising an eyebrow.

"So what kinda powers are we dealing with here?" asked Beast Boy as he stretched and rubbed his tired eyes.

"It kisses people and extracts their energies," said Robin. "Looks like three kisses can temporarily paralyze you."

"What an odd villain," said Starfire.

"Uh oh," said Robin as he did more research. "It looks like if it kisses you, and you've never been kissed before, the third kiss will be lethal."

"So where is it now?" asked Cyborg.

"It's heading towards the comic book store," said Robin.

"Going in for the kill, I guess," said Raven rubbing her eyes, which were stinging from the shampoo dripping into them. "Where else would it find people who've never been kissed?"

"Titans, lets move," said Robin.

The creature was quite a sight to see. The nerds hanging around the comic book store were cowering with fear. Lip Lock looked to be neither male nor female. It was completely gray; accept for a pair of ruby, luscious lips. It was at least six feet tall and had the figure of a crash test dummy. It had no features, other than the lips. How it could see or hear was a mystery.

The Titans arrived and saw four paralyzed people already. Luckily they weren't dead. Suddenly there came a rush of overweight, acne covered teens pushing their way out of the comic book store. Behind them came Lip Lock.

"Ew," said Beast Boy seeing the creature.

"It doesn't look all that dangerous," snickered Cyborg.

Suddenly Lip Lock's lips stretched off of its mouth and attached to a teen running by. The teen looked like it had been shocked and dropped when the lips released and retracted back to Lip Lock's mouth.

"Okay, never mind," said Cyborg.

"Alright Titans, has everyone been kissed before?" asked Robin.

"Why?" asked Beast Boy nervously.

"Those kisses can be lethal," said Robin. "But as long as we've all kissed someone before, we'll be safe."

"Well I've been kissed," said Cyborg proudly.

"I have kissed you, Robin, so we are safe," said Starfire.

The three looked over to Raven and Beast Boy. Raven put her hood up and felt very embarrassed, just as Beast Boy. "No, I haven't been kissed before," said Raven.

"Me neither… but I got really close once!" said Beast Boy.

Cyborg tried to hide his snickering while Robin sighed. "You two have to be extra careful. Stay back if you can."

"Robin, I'm sure we'll be fine," said Raven.

"Alright, Titans go!" he ordered and the team attacked.

Lip Lock saw the Titans and its lips immediately stretched out and went after them. They each dodged the cursed lips and attacked the creature. Robin kicked it and whapped it with his bow-staff. Cyborg ran at it and went to punch it, but the creature smoothly moved out of its way. Starfire sent a shower of starbolts down upon it, which did seem to hurt it a little bit. Beast Boy turned into a ram and butted it into a wall. He turned back and smiled, as the creature fell from the wall. But he didn't smile for long. The creature's lips flew at him and attacked to his forehead. Beast Boy felt himself being drained of his energy. The lips released for a moment and Beast Boy fell to his knees.

"Azerath metrion zinthos!" cried Raven and she wrapped Lip Lock with her powers before it could strike Beast Boy again. She flew up high and sent it into a wall as well, only she slammed it three times before releasing it. It landed in a cloud of dust from the now crumbling building. But from the dust came the lips and this time attached itself to Ravens neck. She felt it drain her and she fell from the sky when it released.

Robin sent five exploding disks at the creature and Cyborg charged up his laser canon. Starfire began to shoot green beams from her eyes. The three attacked the creature to keep it preoccupied from Raven and Beast Boy.

Beast Boy slowly got back to his feet, though he was a bit wobbly. He looked over to where the commotion of the others fighting was coming from, then he saw Raven on the ground. He went to her and helped her to her feet.

"You okay?" he asked.

"I think so," she said, rubbing her neck and getting to her feet. She saw the other Titans fighting and said, "Let's go."

Beast Boy followed after her and the two went to join in the fight. Beast Boy attempted to turn into a lion, but he was having trouble. Raven summoned her powers, but little came. Robin had just dodged the lips and he saw the two Titans.

"Raven, Beast Boy, get back," said Robin.

"No way!" said Beast Boy.

"You guys have already been kissed once," said Robin. "Two more times and you'll die!"

"We're not going to just leave you three to handle this thing," said Raven plainly.

"This isn't a suggesting, it's an ord…" started Robin, but the creature attached its lips to Robins arm. He felt his energy being withdrawn and he nearly fell over when the lips released. Then the creature saw Beast Boy and Raven. Again, they tried to use their powers, but nothing was coming.

"I can't turn into anything!" said Beast Boy alarmed.

"My powers aren't working either," said Raven, looking at her hands. "That thing must have drained…" Before she could finish the creature's lips found its way to her cheek.

"Raven!" cried Beast Boy and he grabbed the stretched lips and tugged as hard as he could to pull it off. But once it released it twisted around and stuck right onto Beast Boy's chin. He let out a slight scream before feeling very dizzy. The lips let go and he folded over, right next to Raven who was on the ground as well.

"We gotta get that thing away from them!" Cyborg called out to Starfire, who was helping Robin to stand while he waited for his second wind. He shot a blast at the creature and caused it to stagger backwards. Robin shook off the weakness he was feeling and attacked with Starfire by his side. The three moved the creature as far away from the two down Titans as possible.

Raven opened her eyes and could barely find the strength to sit up. A few feet away lay Beast Boy. Her arms, which were propping her up, were shaking and she felt like she was going to pass out. She was almost out of life force. This was not good. Beast Boy stirred and groaned. Raven crawled over to him and helped him to sit up as well.

"Dude, those lips pack a punch," he said rubbing his poor chin.

"Come on, we have to get out of here," said Raven. "If that thing sees us again, it'll kill us."

She slowly got to her feet and then helped Beast Boy. They leaned on each other and started to slowly walk away from the scene. They had to find somewhere to hide. They were powerless and almost all of their strength was gone.

Suddenly they heard Cyborg let out a groan. They turned and saw as he fell over. The creature quickly went to Starfire and kissed her next. Beast Boy and Raven knew they were in trouble now. They headed for a nearby alley, where they knew they could hide. They heard Robin give off a similar sound to Cyborg and Starfire's. Now all three were down and the creature set its sights on Beast Boy and Raven.

They watched in horror as the creature headed for them. They picked up the pace the best they could, but came to a dead end in the alley. They turned and saw the creature zone in on them. They both pressed up against the wall and felt their knees go out. They slowly slid and sat on the ground, waiting for the creature to end them. Then Raven remembered.

"Beast Boy, kiss me," she said turning to him.

"What?" he asked, shocked and scared.

"Kiss me!" she said. "If we kiss then when it kisses us we won't die."

"But… but…" stuttered Beast Boy.

The creature closed in and licked its lips. It knew it was about to gain a lot of strength from these two.

"Kiss me now!" said Raven.

"I… uh…" stalled Beast Boy.

"Oh for the love of…" said Raven and she grabbed Beast Boys face. She brought him close and placed her lips on his.

Beast Boy stared at her in shock, then felt his eyes roll up into his head and he closed them. Raven pulled her face away, and looked toward the creature. Beast Boy didn't budge. His eyes were still closed and his lips still pursed, as if he was frozen.

The creature looked angry now and lashed out its lips, attaching to Ravens chakra. Beast Boy finally snapped out of his daze and saw the creature suck Ravens last bit of strength out of her. He barely had time to react before the lips pulled off of Raven and latched onto Beast Boy's cheek. He felt every little bit of energy he had left drain out of him and the feeling in his limbs slowly began to numb. Then everything went black.