Chapter one

That damn Rowdyruff. I don't understand how we got crushed into the ground by three boys, supposedly created after us and in the same way, except for the Chemical X. I don't understand it! We're older than them by a few months, we've had more experience with our powers and yet…they seem to be getting stronger! I can't stand it anymore. I'm close to raising the white flag. They win. I give up. A surprising feint considering who I am and just imagine how my sisters must feel! They must have felt like surrendering ages ago.

Sure the Rowdyruff Boys have stopped with the crimes but they seem to still like picking fights with us Powerpuff Girls. Townsville is sick of it and frankly I am too. The Professor can't help us, he doesn't even know what to do and Miss Bellum is running out of ideas. The fact that I have school today doesn't help with my frustration and my near crying episode.

It didn't help that I had nightmares of those three boys, especially my counterpart Butch. You should know him or have heard about him. He's the Rowdyruff Boy with the spiky black hair, wears a green sleeveless shirt thing with this ridiculous green scarf that almost touches the ground around his neck, a black band going across horizontally. That scarf! Argh! I just want to choke him with it! Ok…I must take a deep breath. He then has this little key ring with the letter R clipped to this loop on his shirt, and his black pants just cover his trainers.

That's how often I see him that I am able to notice every little thing he wears or does. At least my outfits aren't as ridiculous as his…and his scarf. I changed into this green midriff top with a pleated black skirt. Simple and cute. Not ridiculous.

Now I've changed a lot but I'm still the violent, impatient Buttercup I once was when I was five. But I'm sixteen now, a young girl with other interests than fighting crime, mind you I still love to fight. I'm even more impatient than I used to be actually, I get in trouble constantly but I love to look good and I love to seduce people, another word for it being human manipulation. I can't manipulate my sisters because they know all my tricks.

I dried my hair with the towel and then brushed it once before looking at the clock and running out of the bathroom. I was going to be late for school. I bid farewell to the Professor quickly and then flew out the door to catch up to Blossom and Bubbles. "I thought you'd already left," Bubbles said helping me get into my school bag.

"I was getting ready. I just got lost in my thoughts." I looked down at the city, it looked so miniscule but so breathtaking, but once you see beautiful things over and over again, they become a bit overrated. When I noticed the debris from last night's battle I felt wary again, uncomfortable for the day ahead. Be as it may, the Rowdyruff Boys attended our brother school, we Powerpuff girls went to an all girl school…a bit lame, I know. Lucky we didn't have uniforms though.

Landing softly we entered the school, the noise level so loud I was wondering if the entire buzz was me gone deaf. Girls gave us looks but we're all used to them, we've been receiving 'looks' since we were created. Gossip flew like haywire, always about we superheros. I had a few friends but despite how much they try they can't stop being the stickybeaks they were born to be.

"Good morning," one of Bubbles friends came bounding towards us, inwardly I groaned, I wasn't in the mood for chirpy people. Kelly had long brown hair, very curly and always held back by two pink clips. She's in most of Bubbles' classes but is in my philosophy class. Bubbles does a lot of art and craft subjects' even wood technology. Blossom does most sciences and as for me I've got a range. I like Psychology because we can control minds in that classes (it's just a belief) and I like history, all the bloodshed during wars, very interesting.

I closed my locker after grabbing my books and made sure to tell my two sisters that I wouldn't be coming home with them straight after school. I had errands to run. Sooner or later I was sitting beside the school's pool once I was sure everyone left the school grounds. I wore only a green bikini and black board shorts. Usually when I'm mentally frustrated I find swimming calming, especially if I'm alone.

I kicked at the water only so the silence didn't encompass us both. "You should leave before I drown you."

"My brothers wouldn't like that." I snorted and slipped into the chilly water, trying to ignore him, Butch.

"I want you out of my life," I dived under the water and resurfaced only to continue a breaststroke, anything he said was blocked by the water in my ears. I did three laps before I saw him sitting on the edge watching me carefully.

"Don't stop, I was enjoying the show," I ran my hands over my hair and squeezed out excess amounts of water. I grew my hair long now; I grew sick of going to the hairdressers every few weeks. I scowled at him and crossed my arms over my chest, once all the Rowdyruff Boys were male chauvinists but now they're just players…perverts.

You could picture me having a light bulb over my head. I just got a brilliant idea. Getting out of the pool I headed towards Butch and licked my lips which tasted like chlorine. "What do you want Butch?" I asked seductively, playing the seductress was one of my many talents. I saw him swallow and inwardly chuckled.

"I wanted to provoke you into a fight Buttercup," he replied coolly. His legs were dripping water as he got out of the pool, he was taller than me but the closeness of our bodies radiated this unwelcome heat.

"You got a fight yesterday," I replied fingering the necklace around my neck. I smirked and then leaned up, "why do you want to fight? Are you trying to impress me? Impress your brothers? Do you actually want to fight me?"

His eyes kept glancing at my chest but soon our eyes met and I regretted asking those questions. They were - they were filled with such emotion and not his usual hatred…it was something else. I didn't like it. I didn't like it at all. I turned around and began putting my skirt and shirt back on, "I've got to go," I glanced at him quickly and then threw the bag around my shoulders, "I'll promise you your fight, just you and me, not our families."

"I fight because I like to. I don't need to impress you because you're already impressed. I don't give a shit what my brothers say, I really want to fight you. You're the only reason I'm like this Buttercup!" I was hovering above the ground before I looked down at him. What did he mean? Would they benefit if we were out of their lives? Were they going to become good citizens if they killed us? These thoughts seem to fit the situation but I'm not sure if they were the right conclusions.

"If you kill me…you'll be banished," I hissed.

"At least I'll be happy."

"And what of the townsfolk, kill their heroes and make them suffer! For your happiness!" It happened so quickly that I didn't even feel him punch me into the wall.

"I will be happy, whether everyone else isn't. When you're killed, we'll move and we'll no longer have to think about you Powerpuff Girls ever again."

I saw it in his eyes again…I just had to ask. "Do you hate me or love me?" I rasped out pulling at his hand which was clamped tightly around my throat.

"Why are you asking me all these questions?" He screamed, Butch pulled at my shirt and threw me into the pull. I swallowed a lot of water and felt like coughing, I couldn't cough though, not if his body was on top of mine. The lucky bastard could breathe because we were in the shallow end.

I began panicking and tried pushing him off my body, I tried sitting up but he had me pinned to the tiles. I was going to die unless some miracle happened and someone pulled him off my body. Closing my eyes I waited for the light, but when I felt the weight being lifted I quickly opened them and then grabbed for his ankle.

I pulled at his leg and he came crashing into the water, adjusting myself so I was sitting on him, I glared. My head surfaced the water and I took a deep breath before I went underwater again and clamped a hand around his throat. He looked so vulnerable with his big green eyes filled with anger and passion, a passion to kill. But the way his hair floated around him, his ridiculous scarf wrapped around his neck just flowing in the ripples we were creating…he looked like a handsome merman.

I didn't know what happened but something did and our lips met. I think what happened was that our grip on each other loosened and our instincts just over powered. I was pushed against the side of the pool and I could feel his body pressed against mine. We didn't deny or emotions and gave ourselves to each other, not in that way you'd be thinking. We just fell victim to our own lust.

When we pulled apart for air he realised we didn't move away from each other, I don't think we were gonna. We were too comfortable and I think we both liked the intimacy.

After this night…you could say we became an item, though, for our superhero lives we kept it a secret. Even from our siblings. We fought occasionally about the most stupid things but that passion was still there and it held us together. We're both not ready to confess our love.

My first PPG fanfic. I hope you like it. I'll try to update as much as possible and sorry Buttercup seems a little OOC but she's gone from that innocent six year old to a sixteen year old with raging hormones. I hope it didn't confuse you too much; I'm not that great at writing in first person.