Chapter six

There were angry voices, or at least two that I could discern. However I don't truly think I'm in any conscious state of mind. I feel disconnected. I feel like I was outside my body. Even though it was all black it was the principle of the thing and I'm quite sure that something happened, something bad. I want to open my eyes but it was hard, I wanted nothing more than to sleep, I feel drained. I feel like my life was sucked out of me. I breathed in sharply and the voices stopped but only briefly.

"I can't believe you," one of them hissed. It was a man or a boy. He had a deep voice, mature and frightening. I shivered.

"What were you thinking? Her sister will be on our case! I'm not going to deal with their bratty sister!" It was another voice but much deeper and much more arrogant, far angrier.

"I had nothing to with it Brick, there's another mysterious force doing all of our dirty work," I knew that voice. My eyes snapped open and I almost growled but I didn't, I said almost. I hissed in pain as I tried to sit up and my back felt terribly sore, like I was thrown around. I whimpered and stopped moving. Turning my face I gazed at where I heard the voices but I only noticed Bubbles. She was unconscious but breathing evenly, her hair pooled around her pretty face.

"Blossom will find out, no doubt about it," the voices I recognised were the Rowdyruff Boys. That was Brick, only he could say Blossom's name vehemently.

"Bubbles," I scooted over to her as best I could, as softly as I could so I wouldn't make any noise or hurt myself in the process. She made no reaction to my voice and I rolled over, hissing again but this time able to reach out and clutch her hand. It was cold and I feared for her life. My eyes were frantic, I took her heart beat and she was very much alive yet it gave her no reason to seem so cold, like death. "Bubbles," I tried again but only her eyes fluttered.

"I'll kill him," I snarled, standing despite the pain. I had a good idea who 'he' was, obviously because Brick and Boomer's accusations were confirmation enough to make any decisions. My feet were bare because the sharp cold of the white tiles cut into me far more painfully than my joints ached. There was a mirror on the door and I looked at my reflection. Anger and agony, lust for revenge. It was all evident on my face and I felt dangerous, truly dangerous. I felt ready to kill. I don't understand why I reacted so violently but it was the mere thought of Butch and that quite possibly he had been the cause for Bubbles' current state.

I growled again but the door snapped open and it was Butch's face I zeroed in on, floating menacingly before him. Boomer and Brick had moved out of my way in a desperate attempt to keep out of the fray they knew to be coming. "What did you do?" I spat, looking unwaveringly in his green eyes.

He shrugged and sat himself on the gas heater that was against the wall, "absolutely nothing," he replied and shrugged again.

I grabbed him by the collar of his…ok so he wasn't wearing a shirt but I grabbed him tightly by his neck and threw him behind me. I took pride in that he tumbled and hissed, as I did from pain. Four angry welts formed on his neck and only one bled, I stared at my nails in amusement. I had claws. "You know Butch," I said slowly, looking up from my nails, "I'm in no mood to fight, so if you make my life easy…you won't die." I smiled cruelly.

Brick and Boomer glanced at each other but Brick shook his head and took a step back. Boomer followed if only passively. He still retained the worried crease on his forehead but I doubt he hardly cared whether his brother got hurt because he kept glancing at the room I had come out of, at Bubbles' figure beneath the blankets. "You're hardly any match for me."

"As long as I am determined, I will kill you."

"I really don't want to hurt you," he grumbled, eyeing me reproachfully but I laughed.

"Oh Butch, you never worried before," he recoiled slightly but recovered just as quickly as it happened. "It hurts you doesn't it? The one day I try and get intimate and you run-"

"You ran," he began, his eyes flared with some renewed passion.

"But you made a hard time trying to convey your feelings."

"Big words Buttercup, for a small girl," he rolled his eyes and turned away slightly.

"At least not as small as other things," I glanced at his pants so he understood what I was talking about and he flushed.

"Did you learn that one from Brooklyn or did you strain yourself trying to think of it?" was his retort and I merely raised my eyebrows, I won that battle. He sighed and ran a hand through his black hair, I almost felt like I loved him again but I tried to shake it off, I didn't want that to happen. Not during a fight with him. I couldn't let him know he was my weakness. "I'm just a guy, what more do you want?" he asked.

His gaze was fierce but resigned; he looked genuinely tired and far older than seventeen. There was something in his eyes I all but recognised and it made my heart flutter, I tried to breath to will it to stop its erratic beating. It didn't stop it from its thud thud against my rib cage and instead my nails bit into the palm of my hand. They started to bleed. "I'm a girl, you should know what I want."

I looked at Brick and Boomer who was trying - but failing - to mind their own business. It would have made me laugh if I wasn't so worked up. I didn't want an explanation of what happened when Bubbles and I supposedly fell from the sky, I didn't want an explanation of how it happened. I was wary and tired and sore. I felt young and that I was too caught up in my world. I just wanted to go home. I just wanted to crawl into bed with my sisters, like the old days and let my fears and worries run. I just wanted some peace…

This time when I woke up I was refreshed and ready to start the day. I noticed I was at home, don't know how I got here but still, I was pleased I was home. My safe sanctuary. As I shifted I knocked into something or someone and they groaned, shuffling around like I just had. I looked blearily towards Bubbles who was smiling and then down the edge of the bed where my hand was clasped by Blossom – which was awkward really – and her head was resting of the blankets.

I felt oddly warm inside and comfortable. It was an overwhelming feeling of just belonging and love, knowing that your sisters are beside you through thick and thin. Blossom who was let out of the night events was there waiting for us to wake up and Bubbles was beside me, sleeping quite comfortably and oblivious to whatever happened. I truly didn't believe she had woken up at all. I did wonder about who took us home and why I fainted, again. I wanted to call Brick up and this time demand an explanation but due to just waking up I felt mellow and at ease. I'll leave the complications until later in the evening.

"Mmm, you're awake," Blossom looked up at me, her eyes sparkling.

"You are too," I whispered and we both broke out into small smiles, laughing under our breath.

"How are you feeling?" She turned around and played with my fingers idly. Her hair was sticking up at odd ends, amusing me.

"Yea, I feel rejuvenated," I chuckled slightly and arched my back. The pain was gone.

I noticed I was in Blossom's room with the double bed. The walls were pink but it wasn't the bright, obnoxious pink that I loathe. It was soft and slightly glittery with pictures and photos tacked to the wall. Some of the pictures were ours from kinder and the others were just things that Bubbles' drew now, ones she couldn't fit on her own walls. The lacy curtains fluttered at the window and there was music coming from her computer, it was soft and barely audible. I noticed the books on her desk, open and strewn around haphazardly and I winced, she must have been studying.

"Yea, a little studying," she shrugged and got up, padding across the room to turn off the computer. "But when Brick and Boomer dropped you both off I stopped, your health is more important." She smiled and snapped her books shut, "Dad called the school telling them we wouldn't be coming in today," she also said, peeking out of the window towards the city, "so you should be happy about that."

I pulled the blankets off my body and slid carefully out of bed, minding Bubbles who was still sleeping. "Yea, a day off, who isn't happy," I replied and I rubbed my eyes, stretching some more. She looked at me critically and I stared at her in return, "what?" I asked, feeling some what self conscious.

"Are you feeling ok? You were unconscious for the better part of the night," she held out a glass of water and I did find myself thirsty.

"I'm fine, never felt better really."

She pursed her lips and I watched as she turned away slightly, "Brick and Boomer don't know the full details but Butch knows, Buttercup, Butch knows. He knows what's out there," she paled considerably and looked at me, "there have been three deaths Buttercup. We've never fought something like this. Minor injuries, concussions but never deaths, it's never been this dark or scary."

"We can't do anything but do what we usually do and that's wait-"

"We can't wait!"

All regard for Bubbles went out the window. "What do you want me to do? Spy on Butch? Hardly, he'd know." I looked incredulously at my hands but they were suddenly clasped tightly in Blossom's.

"You've had experience with this kind of thing; you've crossed the dark line before, remember?"

I scowled and rubbed my arms awkwardly, "yes, I'm trying to forget," I bit out and she smiled apologetically. Her eyes landed on Bubbles' figure on the bed, whose blue eyes were wide. She sat up tiredly and stretched, "Bubbles?" I asked and Blossom and I raced to the bed, crouching beside her and each taking a hand.

"Are you alright?" Blossom's words came out in a whoosh and Bubbles glanced at her pointedly.

She then smiled softly and shuffled into the pile of cushions behind her head, sighing and closing her eyes, "all I remember is falling." She rubbed her arms and smiled slightly, "and the events of shopping with Boomer," she giggled slightly and looked at me. "You were falling too."

I pushed back some of her blonde hair and smiled, "who cares about that, as long as you're alright."

"You're fine too, right?"

"Oh don't worry about me Bubbles, I'm near indestructible." We giggled and sighed, looking at each other and then around the room.

This was our old room which currently belonged to Blossom, not like Bubbles or I cared. Blossom had the space filled up with piles of books which was why the room was suitable for her. Bubble's had the room with the biggest closet and my room had the biggest window and electrical sockets. We were all perfectly happy with how things turned out. I suppose that it was slightly nostalgic being in a room you had spent the main years of your childhood in. I smiled at the picture we all drew. It was us and the Professor, just acting as a family.

"Blossom?" The door opened a fraction and Dad poked his head in, eyes widening when he saw us awake and sitting on the bed. The conversation began again about how we were feeling and if we needed anything but he left after ten minutes of determining our wellbeing. The smell of lunch wafted in and my mouth began watering. He mentioned we had visitors and that he'd send them up but the only visitors we had was Brick and Boomer, also checking up on our wellbeing.

It was the cutest of things watching a blushing Boomer give a speechless Bubbles a bouquet of daffodils. Brick and Blossom were eyeing each other slightly disgruntled but I noticed that she'd take a glance around her room every now and then looking for any embarrassing product that he could use for blackmail. I hid her lacy bra underneath one of the pillows when I saw it just to help her out because there were some conflicting things around the room and it would no doubt embarrass her if he found them. I usually didn't care much for my room, it was untidy and lacked organisation. Any guy would be lucky to even step foot in there.

"Our brother sends his regards," Boomer said, settling on the bed beside my sister.

"Any news about this situation?" Blossom asked icily, still eyeing Brick suspiciously.

I noticed Brick's hat was off and that his usually long, unkempt hair was shorter and shinier. He had a toothpick poking out of the side of his mouth and his brown eyes were sunken as if he hadn't been catching a good nights' rest. He plopped himself on the desk chair and swivelled around for a bit all the while staring at the ceiling.

"Not much," he said, "or not much that I've gathered. Butch is being secretive," my shoulders tensed and I tried to will myself to relax. "When you fell down those few inches midair," he turned to look at me, "was someone messing with your head?"

I nodded feverishly and he sighed, sinking down on the chair. Boomer decided to speak up, his voice slightly solemn, "there was no gust of wind that made you fall. Someone was playing with your head, your thoughts, finding weaknesses and things to use against you. Due to that fact alone, you fall, you're very obvious to the person or thing in your head." He clutched the blanket tightly but let go when Bubbles murmured soothing words in his ear.

I chewed my bottom lip but Blossom replied before I could, "you gathered all that from your brother?" She looked sceptical and even more suspicious. Her eyes were narrowed in Brick's direction.

Brick raised an eyebrow at her and she stepped back slightly, eyes claming down from their burning intensity on the back of his head. "Butch isn't wholly good or bad, he's got this middle ground and he'll work for whatever will give him the best prize, if you get what I mean. Being his brothers Butch leaves tiny clues and riddles, we have to figure it all out for ourselves which is rather annoying but that's as much as we gathered." He shrugged and continued turning on the desk chair, irritating Blossom and myself.

"Well thanks," Blossom threw Brick's red cap to him and he caught it swiftly, pulling it onto his head.

"You kicking us out already?" he smirked and stood, hands in his pockets.



"So you say," she held the door open and I giggled slightly as I ran my hands through my black hair. They filed out of the room silently, Boomer throwing looks of longing to Bubbles. She blushed and buried her head in Blossom's teddy bear. We fell silent, letting our thoughts get carried away as we thought of our current situation, love lives and other important things.

I tried to think of someone who could control my thoughts but no one came to mind. The only person I thought about constantly was him and he was currently evil without the ability to manipulate someone's head. Plus I was sure he would have made it absolutely known that it was him, especially if he was messing with my mind. I cringed at the thought of his voice in my head, mocking me. I could only imagine what he would find. My desires, fantasies, dreams and thoughts and how much I felt for him. It would be too much that I could bear.

I ran a hand through my hair, my fingers getting stuck behind knots and I yanked them free, pulling out strands of black with it. I walked out of the room but neither of my sisters noticed and I turned on the tap in the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, washed my face and dabbed at it with a towel before looking into the mirror at my reflection. I looked up, ghostly white with my green eyes wide and I shivered. He ran a hand down the side of my body not making any effort to just skim over my breasts.

"Butch," I whispered, staring at him through the mirror.

"I think I know what you want," his breath was hot against my ear and I shivered. I swallowed. I don't know if I'm hallucinating or if he's real. He felt every bit real and it scared me. I felt utterly defenceless…but I'm not. Am I?

"Don't touch me," I breathed, I gasped when he nipped at my ear.

"I've been that what you want the most, affection…pleasure-"

"No!" I whirled around and snatched at his throat. He chuckled and I could feel it rumble through his throat against my hand. I leaned forward and pushed him against the wall, pressing my body against his with my knee resting between his legs. "You'll give me the answers I need Butch or I will have no qualms with killing you."

"You'll suffer heart break," he pointed out, still looking smug with that smirk on his face.

"Like I haven't for the past few months," I squeezed my hands and he gasped, clawing at my hands, "like I said, I will kill you."

Ok, ok. I'm so sorry guys for the long update! It's my final year at school so yea, it's difficult finding the time. Only a month or so until exams and then summer holidays and I swear I will update more often. However next year I will be in university so I'm not sure what will happen but yea, I'm so sorry guys! Thanks for your support honestly otherwise I would have scrapped this ages ago. I'm going to finish this. No worries. Once I figure out where to go with it after this. But yea. I will accomplish my goal.