Love Amuck

Summary: Sequel to Love Makes Fools Of Us All. Raven and Beast Boy are tired of being the only couple in the Tower, so they set up a triple date (once again; soooo original). Helps to read Love Makes Fools of Us All, so please do. BBRae RobStar CyEm. Some OCs but you'll know them from the last story if you read it.

Hi everybody! I got major feedback on my last story and was urged to write something new. So here it is. Sorry it took so long, I'm studying for finals and have been going to some parties back home. This one should be good though. The intro is a bit long, but I put a lot of work into the imagery to get it just right. Please pardon the cheesy titles, clichéd antics, and obvious plot holes. Emilia had a hand in this one so it's not completely my fault. So I hope you guys like it. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Two's Company

His eyes slowly opened. Dawn's gentle glow flooded through the window and illuminated objects that had probably never seen daylight. The shades had been opened about nine hours prior so that the stars could be seen from the bed. The once dismal gothic sanctuary had brightened up significantly in the last few weeks. Amongst the grim looking artifacts, hundreds of books, and general dark theme of the room a few items stood out. A green stuffed alligator about three feet long sat on a shelf. Next to it was a couple of movie ticket stubs to various comedy, action, horror, and gothic films. On the night stand there was a picture-strip from a photo-booth like one might at a mall. The first on the strip depicted a teenage boy with green skin, eyes, and short slightly darker green hair. He was making a funny face by putting his thumbs inside the edges of his mouth, putting his index fingers on the outer edges of his eyes, and pinching them together (try it!). Next to him was a girl of about the same age, with pale skin and dark purple hair. Her eyes were closed because she was laughing hysterically at the face he was making. The second picture was a simple side-by-side of the boy and girl. In this picture you could clearly see the girl's brilliant violet eyes. The boy had his arm around the girl's neck and was gently pressing the side of his face against hers. They were both smiling happily, but mischievously; like they knew a secret that the rest of the world was oblivious to. The third was of the girl giving the boy a big, over exaggerated kiss on the cheek. He was smiling widely and laughing, playfully scrunching up the side of his face she was kissing. The forth was of the boy trying to kiss the girl in the same manner. However she was teasingly pushing him away and laughing, trying to keep him from kissing her. The fifth and final picture was of the two in a deep passionate kiss. Their eyes were closed. The boy had his arms wrapped tightly around the girl who was doing the same while running her fingers through his hair. Near the picture-strip was a small picture frame holding a normal four by six photo. The picture was of five people all wearing an excessive amount of black in a dungeon-esque looking café. The green boy wore a large grin and was wearing black boots, black bondage pants with dark green straps, and a black formed T-shirt that had a worn yellow smiley face on the front with 'I'm no longer a danger to society.' printed in yellow lettering below it. He had one of his arms around the shoulders of the lavender haired girl from the photo-strip, who was smiling as though in mid laugh and wearing black cargo pants, black boots, and a tight black shirt with sleeves that went past her elbows and bore a blue silhouette of a bird on the front. His other arm was around an equally pale girl with black, disheveled, fairly short hair and piercing ice blue eyes wearing a black tank top, black miniskirt, thigh-high black and white striped socks, and sporting sleek black rollerblades strangely enough. She was grinning roguishly. Next to her stood a boy of eerily similar appearance. He even wore identical rollerblades. However, he had shorter, but equally scruffy hair, and was wearing tight black jeans, and a tight black sleeveless shirt with 'Why?' on the front in white lettering. His face was expressionless, but not to such a degree that he looked cruel. On the other side of the amethyst eyed girl was a large, heavily muscled guy with a short black Mohawk and wearing large black boots, black cargo pants, and a black T-shirt with a simple white skull embossed on the front. He grinned widely and had his hands behind his head. Next to this picture was a larger picture frame holding an upright eight by ten photo. It was of the green boy and pale purple haired girl sitting on the blue couch that sat in their living room. He had his arm around her and she was resting her head on his shoulder with her eyes closed. He was tenderly kissing the top of her head also with his eyes closed. Her soft smile spoke volumes about how much love she held for the green boy who was holding her so affectionately.

He looked down and saw that very girl lying on top of him, he head resting on his bare chest. She was still sound asleep. He could feel her soft warm breath against his skin. He smiled to himself and gently stroked her hair.

"I love you princess." he said softly. She stirred slightly and a look of mild disgust crept across her face.

"Don't call me that." she murmured sleepily. He laughed quietly at this and kissed her forehead.

"Sorry." He said laughing. He then tilted his head down so that his mouth was right next to her ear and whispered, "I love you my 'bella caligine'." She smiled, purred happily, and hugged him tighter. She had hated all the pet names he had tried to give her, so he thought long and hard, even did some research, and finally came up with one she actually enjoyed hearing. He had already earned himself the nickname of 'tiger', which was acquired during a rather embarrassing occurrence on their first date. A smile spread across hid face simply from thinking about it. He glanced at the ornate old-fashion alarm clock on the nightstand whose big hand pointed to the seven and the small hand pointed just past the eight.

"Guess I better get up." he said to himself.

After caringly removing her arms from around himself, he slowly slid her off of himself and onto the bed, making sure to set her head down onto one of the several black pillows. She slowly put her arms around the pillow and nuzzled against it smiling softly. Leaning over her, he kissed her cheek and got off the bed. Already wearing dark green pajama pants, he picked a white tank top up off the floor. He had discarded it their last night at the pale girl's most insistent request. As he walked toward the door, he pulled it on. He slid open the door and took one last look back at the girl. Her indescribable beauty as she slept, basking in the morning light, took his breath away. He exited the room and walked down the hall and into the empty living room. This early on a Saturday, nobody would be up for at least another hour. He glanced at the enormous plasma-screen TV, which was the reason he had come out there in the first place, but then turned his attention towards the kitchen.

"Why not?" he asked himself. He walked into the kitchen and pulled a large mixing bowl from the cupboard above the counter and a whisk from a drawer. After setting these out, he opened the fridge and got margarine and a gallon of soy milk. Placing these next to the items he had already gotten out, he went to the pantry and got some flour, salt, sugar, vegetable oil, baking powder, and egg replacement powder. He poured the milk and egg replacement powder into the bowl and mixed them together until they formed a thin paste. He then added the appropriate amounts of flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, and margarine. He was about to mix again when he noticed the electric mixer in the corner. He grinned. After pouring the batter into the mixing bowl that was fixed to the mixer, he turned the mixer on and put it to the first setting. Nothing happened. He tried the next setting. Nothing, so he put it on the highest setting, but still nothing. After scratching his head for a minute, he noticed that the cord that led from the mixer hung loosely over the top.

"Duh!" he said smacking himself on the head. He pulled the slung cord off the top of the mixer and plugged it into a nearby wall socket. Batter erupted from the mixer, making it look like a miniature volcano. Both himself and nearly half the kitchen were covered completely covered in a thick beige paste. He opened his eyes, which now were the only visible part of him.

"You'd think after all the other times that happened I'd remember to turn the mixer off before I plugged it in." he said wiping batter from his face and out of his hair. He walked over to the fridge again, but this time opened the freezer door. He pulled out several boxes of frozen tofu waffles.

"Nothing wrong with plan B." he said opening a box, putting some of the stiff disks onto a plate, and sliding it into the microwave. Twenty minutes later he had roughly four dozen waffles. He set out plates, forks, knives, and glasses for five people at the table and placed the enormous platter of waffles and several bottles of maple syrup in the center of the table. He went back to the fridge and got jelly, more margarine, a jug of orange juice, and another gallon of soy milk. On his way back to the table, he looked at the large digital clock over the TV which read 08:27 in large red numbers. He grinned as he set his arm-load down on the table. After walking over to the doorway to the bedroom wing, he transformed himself into a rooster. He inhaled deeply a let out a loud wake-up call that echoed down the hallway. Transforming back to his normal self, he wore an expression that showed obvious regret.

"Maybe, I overdid that a little bit." he said quietly to himself. His fears became firmly established when the very same purple haired girl who had looked so peaceful and content snuggled up against him not an hour ago now floated out of the doorway to her room. She was hovering upright only about three inches off the ground. Her eyes were now glowing with the dark aura that signified the use of her immense power. While her face was oddly calm, he could tell when she was mad, and right now, she was really mad. He tried to move, but soon found that he couldn't move a single muscle in his body. He was pretty sure even his heart had stopped beating.

"Rae…are you okay?" he asked cautiously. She stared at him for a few moments, and then her calm demeanor quickly faded to a look of uninhibited fury.

"GARFIELD!" she screamed throwing her arms out in front of her causing tentacles of pitch black energy to lash out and cease him. The tendrils coiled tightly around his body and pulled him forcefully towards her. He stopped with his face a mere inch from hers. She glared at him with a look of shear loathing.

"What are you thinking waking everyone up like that? Don't you ever think about anyone but yourself? What kind of hair-brained excuse are you gonna give me for this new chapter in utter stupidity?" she yelled angrily.

His eyes had that unmistakable 'deer in the headlights' look to them. He could do little more than tremble and stare at her. Then, in an instant, his expression softened and he smiled. He leaned forward slightly and kissed her gently on the nose.

"I made breakfast." he said cheerfully. She continued to glower.

"What did you make?" she asked bitterly.

"Waffles." he said not slackening his jovial disposition. She stared for a moment, and then the dark aura quickly faded from her eyes. The sinister tentacles released him and she lowered to the ground. The corners of her mouth turned up and she broke into a wide smile. She gave him a soft peck on the cheek.

"Mmmm, my favorite!" she said happily walking around him and towards the table. He sighed heavily and grinned to himself. He then habitually scratched the back of his head.

"Man, I'm never gonna get used to that."

Hope you guys liked it. I know it's kinda short and it took a long time for it to come out. I apologize for that. I've been kept busy at school. And sorry about Raven's lame nickname, I really couldn't think of anything better. The next chapter probably won't come out for another couple of weeks. Sorry, I got finals coming up. I've been getting a lot of inspiration lately so I can promise you all that this is gonna be an awesome story. Don't forget to review! I love hearing what you guys think about my stuff. Til' next we meet. Peace and Love.