Title: Sheets
Rating: T
Pairings: Drabble. KaRe
Warnings: Very vague yaoi.
Summary: Kai buys new sheets, how will Rei react?

AN: I've been caughtup in the NHL playoffs, so far my team is leading their series. ;:insert victory dance:; So anyways, this idea came to be a couple days ago and I thought 'why not?' so here you go with the very aptly named 'Sheets'.

It's a drabble so you can't really do much in the way of CC, but reviews are still very much appreciated. As for flames, the only Flames I want to see is Calgary winning the Stanley Cup.


"What's this?" Rei asked as he suspiciously eyed two folded pieces of fabric, each separately wrapped in their own transparent package.



Kai turned around to look at Rei, one eyebrow raise in amusement as he watched the neko-jin prod at one of them. "What do you mean 'why'?"

"Well…what's wrong with the ones we have?"

Kai could have sworn he saw Rei's delicate mouth set into a pout as he stared at the old sheets lying in a corner of the room. "Well, Kitten. There's nothing wrong with them other than the fact that they've been worn out by rough activity, if you catch my drift."

Rei's wide eyes turned to meet Kai's and he blushed visibly before turning his gaze back to the discarded sheets.

Kai chuckled softly as he removed the sheets from their covers and began to make the bed; Rei watching his every move with a sort of mournful look on his face.

After smoothing out the fabric over the mattress, Kai stood up straight and admired his work. A bed has to be presentable, after all. Who knows who'll see it? Kai snickered at his thought and spared at look at Rei, that irresistible pout back in place.

Kai followed his gaze to the pile of sheets on the floor, before walking over and tossing them into a large receptacle without a second thought. "But…I liked those sheets!" Rei cried.

Kai made his way over to the neko-jin and seductively wrapped an arm around his waist. "So? You'll like these ones better."


"…Trust me." Kai winked, and Rei looked confused for a minute before realization dawned on upon his features.


He blushed again, this time a darker crimson than before.

"How about we 'christen' the sheets? Maybe you'll feel differently about them."

Rei giggled, giving Kai a sly smile as he wrapped his arms around his neck and pulled him down onto the bed. "I think I like them already."

Ah, nothing like your team winning a game to make you write dirty fanfictions.

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