Chapter 1: The Ultimate School Duels

A few weeks after the beginning of a new school year at Duel Academy, we see ships, helicopters, and even submarines heading towards the Grand Island from all around.

But in class, all is the same as the teacher is going over a counter-trap assignment and like usual, Jaden is fast asleep with the old fake glasses trick.

But then, the vibrations from all of the ships shook the classroom, causing our laidback hero to wake up. "What's going on?"

"Jaden, don't you remember?" Syrus asked.

"Well, no, not really. Are we getting new rare cards?"

Syrus shook his head in disbelief. "The students from all of the other schools are coming today for the Ultimate School Duel.

"Oh sweet, that's today?"

"You would know that if you helped with setting up with the decorations."

"Sorry, Sy, I had major cramming to do."

"You mean sleeping in."

"I duel when I sleep, so it's the same."

Then on the screen behind the teacher, Chancellor Shepard appeared. "As you can all tell by the shaking, the other duelists have arrived from different schools all over the world. I want everyone to report to the auditorium at once."

"We have an auditorium?" Jaden asked.

"You would know that if you helped out."

As the auditorium was packed up, Crowler was standing in the middle where six other group of teens all wearing Obelisk uniforms except for North Academy from all other schools were sitting behind him.

"Now we are about to host the Largest School Duel since the history of this academy and any others, it is so large that it will take weeks maybe even months to complete so the students behind me will be joining our academic studies along side you during this tournament. And even though you see so many students behind me, only two from each group has been chosen to represent their schools. Now let us start from the right of me and introduce the schools that will be in this match."

He pointed to the group of five and said. "From AD Tech Duel Academy, the top two students from that group, Fredi Heat and Kristen Judo, as the rest are Jack Cephas, Michael Barak, and Jamie Dagda."

Then Crowler points to the next group of five. "This team has come from Vlad Duel Academy, and the top students in this group is," then he looked at the cards, "you were supposed to put your real names down."

"These are the names we prefer." Bloodlust said.

"Very well then, they are Bloodlust and Sword Hunter, as the rest are TNT, Shadow, and Virus."

The next group he points two only has two. "From Duel City Academy, David Sepulcher and Edgar Knight."

Then he points to the next group who is only person. "From the school we all know, North Academy only sent over Czar."

"Then from Klein Duel Academy, the two students are Dawn Knight and Nicole Smalls as the rest are Bobby Smith, William Sebastian, and Nicole Peeacee."

Crowler pointed to the last group of five. "And last but not least, the two students from Underwater Duel Academy, strange they didn't write their real names either, well the two Twister and Reality, and the rest are Poker, Backfire, and Destruere."

Everyone in the stadium applauded as Crowler added. "Oh wait, I haven't announced the best two of them all, our students! And the two that will be entered into this memorable event is Chazz Princeton and Jaden someone."

The two boys stood up from the audience as the lights shinned down on them. "Yes, I am the Chazz. Now let's hear it for a, Chazz it up!"

"CHAZZ IT UP!" the school cried out as Jaden was applauding himself.

"Oh yeah, now this is going to be sweet!"

"The first Duel will start tomorrow children. And after that, let's have a grand year at Duel Academy..." Crowler said as he then felt taps on his shoulder.

He turned to see Sword Hunter, whose Obelisk uniform has been cut to show off more than usual for a female uniform. "Miss., could I use that microphone real quick?"

Crowler grinded his teeth and yelled. "I am a sir little missy that has a PhD in dueling, because of that you are to call me Dr., Dr. Crowler!"

"Alright, don't get your pantyhose in a bunch, but I would like to say something to all these duelist."

"Why you little..." Crowler said as she was able to take the microphone and say.

"Hey all you hot studs out there, I'm a girl who will accept any and all challenges, oh and if you are able to beat me, I will give only to the first victor, a kiss."

Just after she said that, all of the boys in the audience were requesting to duel here, leaving some girls and girlfriends of the boys to be a bit ticked off. "Oh please, you're all making me blush."

"She's doing it again, Bloodlust," Shadow commented.

"Yes, but they don't know what happens if they lose to her."

Then Edgar Knight ran up to her. "How about you will marry me if I win?"

"Sorry, Edgar, I'm still to shy to date."

"Then how about a duel right here and now?"

"That sounds like an excellent idea Edgar," Sheppard replied from the booth he is in. "You will face off against Sword Hunter in tomorrows match for the opening."

"Oh, how lucky for you, just hope you are good enough. I really don't like amateurs; you got to know what you're doing."

Edgar was in a daze as he snapped out of it. "Sure, no problem."

"Then it is settled, tomorrow's match will be against Vlad Duel Academy's Sword Hunter and Duel City Academy's Edgar Knight. I hope for a great match because each duelist can only lose twice before he or she is disqualified for the rest of the tournament."

Everyone was a bit shocked from this information as David said to himself. "What has he gotten himself into now?"

"Do well everyone," Sheppard said, "and I hope for all of our guest that you are comfortable at your temporary home away from home."

To Be Continued

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