Attention fans of this fanfic. I am sorry to say I have lost interest in writing this fanfic. It is because I believe there are just too many mistakes on my part in which I would have to completely rewrite the story from scratch. So to all my loyal fans, here is the summary of what I had planned to happen if I continued writing this story.

I was going to have it where David and Jaden had their duel, where David was using nothing but power cards and strong cards, and using none of the Gravekeeper cards. The card that Kimberly added to his deck was Gravekeeper's Chief, a card that would have been the Evil David's downfall as it causes the true David to fight back, and the fact that in the Evil David's had was nothing but sacrifice monsters, leaving him completely open for Jaden's final attack. The Light was forced from David's body and stated he wasn't going to keep his word, telling him that with the Gravekeeper's Organization he had more than enough power.

This causes all of the Gravekeeper's to turn their backs to the Light, as a Chief's word is supposed to be their Law. With that, Jaden finishes the battle, destroying the Light.

While simultaneously there was going to be a large battle, where the Gravekeepers developed a device that could make their cards real for the fight. Reality used his ability to do the same as well as show off Edgar's 100% form, being a smaller version of the Red Eyes Black Dragon but with tremendous power.

After all of the action, I was going to have the schools finally leaving back to their regular schools. Edgar stating his heartfelt goodbyes to his girlfriend, David groaning from how his friend is acting comments to Syrus he wishes to say goodbye, but warn him never to come to Duel City for his own safety. Syrus replied by telling that Alexis and him wanted some alone time.

Where I shoot over to them, about to begin a duel against one another to decide who gets to pay for the dinner for their date.

However, I finish it up with a mysterious man hidden in the shadows, commenting on how his last two attempts at the school had failed. But knows this time he will succeed as he looks over at the Eye of Yubel in a large cylinder tank. This being a way to have you the readers believes that all of the incidences have been orcastrated by one man.

And that's how I was going to end the story. I apologize once again for not being able to finish this story properly.