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Author Note: ...so what is this? As some of you may know, there was a meme going around LiveJournal recently called "Twenty-Eight insert character name here." Basically, a meme where you chose a character and then people on your friends list would pick one or two bits off the list. You would then take each request and write 100-300 words worth of fic about the character and chosen topic. To give you a basic idea, some of the topics were things like "Naughty character", "Book Reading character" and "Angsty character."

The following ficlets are some of the ones I wrote for my chosen character - Ratchet (although many of these include supporting characters such as Wheeljack, Sideswipe, Spike and even a few OCs I made up on the spot). Please be aware that this is not an invitation, necessarily, to suggest new claims/topics. If I'm in the mood, I'll write new ones and add them, but for now I'm just adding in the ones I've already written via LJ requests. And will there be a total of twenty-eight ficlets? I guess we'll see. For now this story as a whole is just sporting the title because it came out of the "Twenty-Eight" meme. :)


Twenty-Eight Ratchets

"On Vacation Ratchet"

He was going to kill Sideswipe. ...slowly and painfully.

Dangling from a steel cable net attached to the medbay ceiling via a pulley setup, Ratchet contemplated the number of ways he could punish the red Lambo. As it was, the medic still wasn't sure if it was a fortunate or unfortunate thing that the room was completely empty and that it was only about four in the morning. Ratchet had fallen asleep in his office just after midnight and after coming to, had decided to check the main medbay area to be sure it was clear. Wheeljack had been the last mech through to the CMO's knowledge, and if the place was to be ready for any emergency, they couldn't afford to have any tools laying about.

Little did Ratchet realize that during his nap, a couple of trouble-making robo-turkies had come through and set up a little surprise for him. He figured he could cut through the steel net with one of his onboard laser scalpels, but he didn't fancy a twenty foot drop to the floor, either...especially since he was almost upside down. He'd have to somehow get himself turned around so he wouldn't land on his cranial unit...or just wait for Hoist or First Aid or someone to walk in and find him.

And honestly, the hand written letter Sideswipe had left attached to the netting didn't help matters, either.

Hey Grouchypants! Sunny and I thought you needed a well deserved break, but you're so lousy at taking vacations on your own that we figured you'd need a hand. So enjoy the hammock we set up for you and we'll see you later for a shot of high-grade, on the house!

Love, Sideswipe

P.S.: Do you like those little umbrella toothpick things in your drinks or not?