The rain is really getting me down. There's so much of it, sliding down the windows with a malice that I only create in my mind. Such natural precipitation doesn't have any idea that I crave the sunlight, the fresh air, instead of being holed up in my apartment like a resentful child. It just is and was and forever will be, part of the same amount of water on the planet that has been here since time began. I sigh, heavy with the warmth inside and the listlessness of air conditioning. The stir of sweet sleeping blonde tresses in my lap, the light pinch of her fingers at my waist, affirming I'm still beneath her makes me smile and rubs away some of the irritated lethargy away.

"The sun'll come out tomorrow." She half whispers into my hip, floating quietly back into sleep. She knows my mood will pass and rests with my blessing as I trace rings around her shoulder blades with my itching fingers.

I suppose I can wait another day.