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This is AU and I realise that both Harry and Itachi are probably way OOC but it is fanfiction and a crossover. Starts the summer after OoTP. No idea about the Naruto timeline really. Probably around the start of the series though. I read in another fic that Itachi was about 15 and Sasuke 8 when he killed the clan and I'm making Itachi nineteen when Harry is 17 so the Naruto gang would be12. Not following HBP, haven't read the whole book and didn't really like what I did read. I am new to Naruto so apologies if I get anything totally wrong. You'll notice in my fics that I pretty much avoid naming the spells they use; the same will end up happening with jutsu's.

Chapter 1

He smiled as he entered the clearing. This was his place where he could go when he needed to be alone or just to think. No one would ever look for him here. Although it was odd that he was dreaming of it since usually his dreams were filled with darker things, ever since that day. He suddenly froze, every sense alert as he searched the clearing. He wasn't alone. Finally he spotted another figure at the other end of the clearing, standing with his back to him, he was positive the figure was male. If it weren't for the fact that his brother was shorter he would have thought he was dreaming of him, that and his little brother would never be seen wearing such rags. Cautiously he moved silently closer but the figure didn't seem to notice him. When he was finally just out of reach he purposely stepped on a twig, snapping it. The other male spun around, backing away automatically. He found himself staring into the greenest eyes he'd ever seen on a human, eyes that held fear, pain and strength.

"What are you doing here?" He growled out. The other didn't even flinch but studied him in return.

"Dunno. Last I checked I was in bed at my families so I'd say I'm dreaming. Not the sort of dream I usually have but so far it's a nice change." He didn't recognise the boys, for that was what he was, accent which was odd.
"Question is, am I dreaming of you or are you dreaming of me?" He tilted his head to the side and smiled as he said it, eyes now holding only an almost childish curiosity.

"Who are you?"

"Oh, sorry. Harry Potter, pleased to meet you." He stared at Harry, why wasn't he afraid of him? Everyone one was afraid of him now.

"What?" he snapped.

"I told you my name, only fair you tell me yours."

"Uchiha Itachi." He blinked, why had he answered?

"Nice to meet you Itachi. From the way you gave your name I'd guess you're from Asia somewhere?"


"Of course that's assuming we're even from the same world. We may not be, who knows when magic's involved." Itachi just stared at the boy. Was he mad or something?


"Yep, magic. I am a Wizard after all and with those eyes I doubt very much you're a muggle. Of course your world may not have wizards."

"I'm Shinobi."



"Oh. Neat. I've never met a ninja before. Don't think they exist anymore. So maybe you're from the past? But your clothes look fairly modern."

"Do you always talk so much?" Harry grinned at him.

"Not usually. Don't know why I'm being so talkative." Harry suddenly frowned.
"I think my Aunt's calling me. Maybe I'll see you again, it was nice meeting you Itachi." With that the boy faded away, leaving Itachi alone in the clearing that in real life was only a days travel from Konoha, the home he could never return to.

Harry sat up, fumbling for his glasses. That had to have been the oddest dream he'd ever had. He checked his scar out of habit, no pain at all. So that ruled out some twisted game on Voldemorts part. But something told him that had not been a regular dream and that he'd see the cold young man again.

"Hurry Up Boy!" He winced at his Aunt's shout and scurried out of bed. In another month he'd be back at Hogwarts for his sixth year and then he'd only have to come back here for one month before he was free.


"You're quiet." Itachi glanced up at his partner and friend. He was the only person alive beside himself who knew the truth about his past.

"Dreams." He answered softly.

"Dreams? Not nightmares?"

"No. There's a boy, but I know I've never met him. He has the greenest eyes I've ever seen."

"Careful, sounds like you like him." Itachi snorted.

"Hardly, the boy is a dream and even if he wasn't he's clearly mad."

"If you say so." Kisame went back to caring for his sword, leaving his friend to his thoughts for now. Itachi sighed in frustration. The dreams didn't come every night but they were frequent. Most times they didn't even talk, just sat in the clearing staring up at the sky silently. To his surprise he'd found himself almost looking forward to seeing Harry, his presence was soothing and he never pressed him to talk. Harry would sometimes talk about his day or a letter he'd received from a friend and Itachi would listen, feigning disinterest.


"You alright mate?"

"Sure. Why?"

"You've been quieter than normal, that's all. Everyone's noticed."

"I'm okay Ron, just have a lot on my mind."

"Oh. You-Know-Who?"

"Amongst other things. I'm fine, I promise. How about a game of chess?" Ron grinned.

"Get ready to be beaten mate." The two teens laughed and set the board up. Sure enough, Harry was beaten within ten minutes but they were a fun ten minutes. He smiled as Hermione launched into a rant about homework and the NEWTs, even though they still had over a year to study for them.


"I was starting to think you weren't coming back." Harry smiled at Itachi as the other man spoke.

"I think we only come here when we aren't exhausted. Thanks to Snape that's what I've been this last week. Honestly, how he expects me to learn anything when all he does is shout 'clear your mind' at me I have no idea." Harry threw himself down on the lush grass, sighing in contentment.
"Does this place exist in your world?"

"Yes. It is where I go to think."

"Or to be alone. I have a place like that, but its nothing like this."

"Why aren't you afraid of me?" Harry rolled over so he could look at his companion. Itachi was looking away from him.

"Should I be? If you were going to hurt me you would have done it that first night."

"I could kill you."

"Probably, then again I don't know if we could hurt each other here. Besides, according to some stupid half-baked prophecy there is only one person who can kill me and I'm the only one who can kill him. Really sucks. What chance does a sixteen year old, half trained Wizard have against the darkest Dark Lord my world has seen in millennia?"

"What?" Itachi turned to look at Harry. The way he'd said that, as if he was discussing the weather, not his possible death.

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches…Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies…And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not... And either must die at the hands of the other for neither can live while the other survives…The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies… Nice huh? Could have been me or another boy but Voldemort picked me. Maybe because of the similarities between us, both halfbloods. He's been after me since I was born. He killed my parents when I was one and tried to kill me but it backfired and he was left as a spirit for thirteen years. He got his body back two years ago and went straight back to killing. Every year since I started learning magic he's tried to kill me and so far I've been lucky, but how long can my luck last?" Itachi simply stared at him. Okay, so he wasn't the only one to have a bad life. Maybe…maybe that was why they were here? To help each other, even if it was just by listening. Itachi took a deep breath; maybe he could trust Harry with his own story.

"I come from one of the hidden villages, and trained all my life to be a Shinobi…"


Itachi looked around the clearing for Harry but couldn't see him. He frowned, he only ever came here when Harry did so where was he? A low, pained moan answered that question and had him running across the grass. He dropped to his knees beside his friend and carefully rolled him onto his back.

"Harry what happened?" Green eyes flickered open but didn't focus on him.
"Harry say something." Itachi began running through the hand seals for a healing jutsu even as he spoke. He didn't know if it would help but he didn't know what else to do. Besides Kisame Harry was the only friend he had, if the other teen was truly real and not something his mind had created.

"Voldemort." Harry groaned and tried to get away from Itachi.

"Don't move Harry, you'll make it worse.

"No, stay away." Itachi flinched and withdrew his hand.
"Won't tell." He blinked in confusion before it hit him, Harry really wasn't seeing him, he was stuck in the memory of what had happened to him or even what was happening. Was it possible for Harry's mind to have retreated here while under torture?

"Harry its me, Itachi. I won't hurt you. Come on, focus on me." He slowly reached out and kept his hand on Harry this time even when he tried to flinch back.
"Focus on my voice Harry, you're in the glade with me. No one can hurt you here. Come back Harry." He watched, relieved as Harry's eyes began to focus on him.

"Itachi?" Harry coughed and groaned, clutching his ribs.

"I'm here Harry."

"It hurts so much." Now that Harry wasn't trying to get away from him he tried the jutsu again and relaxed as it seemed to work. Harry sighed in relief and uncurled a bit. Itachi froze as the younger teen moved so that he was laying half in Itachi's lap.
"Don't let go." Harry murmured and Itachi cautiously wrapped his arms around the slender form, realising that Harry needed the touch to stay grounded.

"What happened?"

"Voldemort attacked Hogsmeade while the school was there. There were so many screams. Ginny!" Itachi tightened his grip as Harry began to sob.
"She was just laying there, she wouldn't get up. I tried, I really did but…"

"You were too late to do anything for her." He felt Harry nod. He knew Harry had seen death before but not like he had or in the same quantities.

"One of them must have seen me, next thing I remember is waking up in front of Tom. They chucked me in a cell sometime later and then I was here. I don't want to wake up Itachi."

"You'll have to Harry or you won't be able to escape. I know it hurts but you have to fight. In some ways you remind me of Sasuke, both stubborn and strong. You will escape Harry because you have to." Harry nodded again.
"I managed to heal the worst of your injuries but I don't know how that will translate in the real world."

"S'okay. I'm used to beatings. I'll manage and I will escape." Itachi smiled slightly as determined emerald eyes met his. Harry would escape, or die trying.


"Don't drop your guard!" Itachi yelled causing Harry to glare at him. He grinned at the other teen, his glares weren't at all scary but he wasn't going to say anything. Last time he had he had spent the rest of the night as a newt, not an experience he wanted to repeat. After Harry had recovered from his time in Voldemort's hands Itachi had offered to train Harry in the Shinobi arts and after three nights thought Harry had agreed. After all, it wasn't like his own people were giving him the training necessary to kill Tom and hopefully survive the experience. And it wasn't like Itachi could get in any more trouble than he was already in with his village for teaching Harry things only a leaf nin should know. While Harry was fast for someone with no training his physical condition had been sorely lacking. That was the first thing he had decided to fix. He had designed an easy to follow training program for the clearing and the real world that hopefully wouldn't draw too much attention to Harry. He'd even convinced him to sign up for martial arts lessons. Apparently it had not been a fun experience convincing his relatives to let him do so. Itachi was itching to meet said relatives and show them what he thought of the way they treated Harry but that was impossible, at least as far as they knew. His grin widened as he hurled a handful of shuriken at Harry who managed to dodge them all although more through luck than skill.

"Slave driver!" Harry yelled before dodging another attack. He smirked as Harry went back to his workout. He knew he was pushing him hard but he didn't have a choice. Harry never spoke of what had been done to him in the three days it took for him to escape but it had to have been bad. Harry had never feared him before but now there were occasions when he would see Itachi's eyes and flinch back. They only had a few more days before Harry's birthday and the day when his relatives would kick him out. He had to be able to better defend himself without magic before then, even if it meant simply being able to outrun his attackers and being to fast to hit.

Two hours later he finally let Harry stop and the other teen collapsed into the grass next to him. They sat in silence for a while, just enjoying the time away from reality and their lives. Itachi suddenly frowned as he became aware of a voice calling him.


"Kisame's calling me, he sounds worried."

"Better wake up then. See you next time." Harry smiled as the glade faded and Itachi woke up. He sat up and groaned. Hunter-nin, joy.