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Chapter 30

"Daddy!" Two small dark haired children threw themselves at the approaching shinobi and he caught them up easily, swinging them into his arms. Sunlight glinted off the red highlights in the eight year old girl's hair as she snuggled into her father's arms.

"Mikoto! James! Let your father at least get in the door before you tackle him." A stern yet amused voice called from the doorway of the nearby house. The dark haired man smiled at his burdened husband, taking their son from him before bending in for a kiss.
"Welcome home love. Did your mission go well?" Harry smiled at Itachi as he herded his family inside.

"No injuries Harry. How is the School?" Itachi asked as he removed his vest and sandals.

"Going well, exams are soon. James has some news for you." Harry smiled at his son. James was the quieter of the twins and took more after Itachi physically although he had Harry's eyes. Mikoto had Harry's hair mixed with her grandmother's but had already developed the Sharingan.

"Oh?" Itachi sat down and let his son sit on his lap.

"Papa tested me and I get to start school next year." James said quietly, looking down at his lap nervously.

"That's wonderful news James. I am very proud of you." Itachi hugged the boy close, smiling as his son relaxed.

"I don't get to go! But Uncle Iruka said I can start the Academy soon! Can I please?" Mikoto begged and her parents stared at each other over their children's heads. It wasn't really surprising that they had one child with each ability.

"We will talk it over. But now it's time for all good children to wash up for dinner." Itachi told them and the two took off. Itachi sighed tiredly and then smiled as his husband took James' place on his lap.

"Do we want Mikoto starting so young? James needs to get his magic under control, he keeps accidentally levitating things but does Mikoto need to start so soon?" Harry asked quietly.

"I was younger." Itachi pointed out gently.

"And it hurt you. Is it wrong to want our children to keep their innocence longer than we did?" Harry asked, his hand going to the gentle swell of his stomach where the next Potter-Uchiha rested.

"No, I think that's part of being a good parent. We'll talk with Iruka. Maybe she can just start the theory since she is already learning the Uchiha style and some of what you learnt in England."


Iruka rolled over and stared at his sleeping husband. It had been five years and sometimes he still couldn't believe Kakashi had asked him to marry him. That had been the happiest day of his life. Though the day they had adopted little Hana came a close second. The three year old made their lives complete in so many ways, especially since Kakashi had retired. After five missions in a row had landed the older shinobi in the intensive care unit Iruka and Tsunade had agreed it was time for Kakashi to retire. Harry had even offered to ward the town against Kakashi leaving if that was what it took. Six months later they had adopted a baby Hana and had never regretted anything. Iruka still taught at the Academy but he no longer took missions outside of Konoha. If someone had told him eight years ago that Kakashi would be a stay at home father he would have politely escorted them to the hospital but the copy-nin had taken to the role with flying colours.

"Having fun?" Iruka smiled at the sleepy voice.

"Could be having more." He teased and Kakashi rolled over.

"Hana isn't up yet?"

"Not a peep." Iruka grinned as Kakashi pulled him down.



Sakura smiled at her teammates as the two men bickered playfully. It wasn't often that the three Jounin had missions together but it was always fun when they did. It took her back to their days as gennin and then chuunin together. She missed the time they had all spent together back then but she also knew they had had a lot to learn. At least Sasuke and Naruto no longer tried to kill each other, these days she was more likely to catch them doing things that would make her blush. She had long ago gotten over her crush on Sasuke and was very happy with Lee. Besides, her two boys fit together very well and anyone trying to get between them soon ended up on the wrong end of her freakish strength. With the threat from both Sound and Akatsuki complexly gone life had been fairly peaceful for the last seven years. The leader of Akatsuki had quickly learnt why making Harry mad was a very bad idea after he had managed to kidnap Naruto nine months after Itachi and Kisame had been pardoned. Needless to say there hadn't been much left of the man when the wizard was through with him.


Severus Snape reclined in his chair, staring out over the lake. It still felt weird for him to be sitting on that side of the desk despite having been headmaster for five years. He had been elected the first Headmaster of the newly rebuilt Hogwarts and it had been a great honour but he always felt like he didn't really deserve it. One thing still bothered him even after all these years though, Harry Potter's body and the Sword of Gryffindor had never been found amongst the rubble. Even Voldemort's remains, ashes really, had been identified but there was no sign of the boy. Was it possible that Harry was out there somewhere, alive?

Severus blinked and suddenly wasn't in his office. He was in the kitchen of a warmly decorated yet foreign appearing house. Seated at the table were two children, diligently colouring something in. But it was the man at the stove that held Severus' attention. Dark hair fell messily about his shoulders as he bent over a pot of food. When the man turned Severus was frozen by the intense green eyes and a very familiar scar. He gasped as his gaze settled on the rounded stomach; Potter appeared to be about seven months pregnant. Emerald eyes locked on him and Harry smiled.

'Are you happy Professor?' A soft voice echoed around him though Harry's lips didn't move.

"Yes." He whispered in answer and Harry's smile widened.

'Good.' With that Severus found himself back in his office, his wife of three years hovering worriedly over him.

"Severus?" Hermione frowned at him in concern and Severus smiled.

"Everything's alright." He told her, drawing her into his arms.
"Everything is alright now." He laid his head on her swollen belly, feeling their child kick against him.

The End.