"Why are you laughing? Tracey?" Kelly sounded curious but she was also hurt. One minute they had been locked in the most passionate embrace of her life, one she had dreamt of, and the next, Tracey was trying to control her fits of laughter.

"Well…. It's just that…." Tracey composed herself, looking up at Kelly with a glint in her eye. She leaned closer and whispered in a low, husky voice, "Your lips actually taste like watermelon lip gloss." She held Kelly's stare for a moment and then snorted with laughter. Kelly looked shocked.

"They do not!" Kelly protested. She thought for a moment, a very blonde aura around her, and slowly licked her lips. Tracey gulped down the last of her laughter, her heart racing and her eyes glued to Kelly's pink lips. Kelly shook her head and smiled gently at the spellbound brunette.

"Tracey, that's strawberry! You total ditz."