Behold my wonderful Harry Potter crossover! This began as a crossover with Bakura and Ryou as main characters with the others in the background. Now I have been challenged by Vamp to add in her present favourite pairing – Seto/Jou – and also Harry/Draco as well as all the other typical pairings. Plus I've got to add her in somewhere in the story. Who does she think I am? God?

Anyway, I've never tried to do these couples in detail so it may not turn out really good, but I'll try. And the Harry/Draco may be more hinted than an actual pairing.

Now Enjoy!

The Fivewizard Tournament

Chapter 1

It was a fine summer day in Domino, Japan. The wind was blowing, the flowers were in bloom and the birds were…

"Bakura! Stop sending the birds to the Shadow Realm!" Ryou shouted across the apartment.

Bakura turned away from the open window and tried to look innocent. "What birds? I don't see any birds."

Ryou held his head in his hands. "Bakura, why did you send the birds to the Shadow Realm?" he asked, walking into Bakura's room.

"They were too happy," Bakura grumbled.

Ryou massaged his temple. Bakura seemed to be in a particularly bad mood today. Ryou assumed it was because the Pharaoh had beaten him at Duel Monsters. Again. Bakura just didn't seem to understand the fact that Yami had mastered the game and it was very unlikely that he was going to lose his title of 'King of Games' anytime soon.

Ryou was brought out of his musings when an owl soared through the window and dive-bombed Bakura. He cried out in surprise before trying grab the bird that had landed on his head. Ryou stared and didn't move. "Aren't owls nocturnal?" he asked dumbly.

"Who fucking cares, just get this damn bird off of me!" Bakura shouted, his attempts to grab the bird proving unsuccessful.

Ryou blinked and quickly moved over to help. When he was closer he noticed that something was attached to the owl's ankle. He reached up and carefully untied the string. He pulled away the envelop and looked at it. The address was very odd, and very precise.

Mr Ryou Bakura and Mr Bakura

The large bedroom

Apartment 601

West Street



Ryou wondered who it was that had sent it. The address was neat and seemed to have been done in green ink. Who used that sort of ink? The some could be said for the paper. Nobody used parchment anymore. And the strange crest on the back. What did it all mean?

Ryou's thoughts were interrupted when Bakura cleared his throat. "Hikari, I'm sure that whatever you've got there is fascinating but if you hadn't noticed I have a bird using my hair as a nest!" His tone had started calm but had risen until the last part was practically screamed at Ryou.

Ryou gave a soft, hesitant, laugh. "Err…sorry?"

Bakura sighed. "Just get rid of the damn bird." Ryou held out his arm and the bird flew over to him. Bakura stared as the bird calmly perched on Ryou's arm. "Why the hell didn't you do that in the first place!" he screamed.

Ryou shrugged. "Didn't think it would actually work."

Bakura turned around and began to bang his head against the wall. Ryou wasn't entirely sure, but he could've sworn he saw the owl on his arm raise an eyebrow at Bakura. But, since he wasn't sure that owls actually did have eyebrows, he shrugged it off. Ryou walked over to the bedside table and let the owl perch on the lamp. He then turned his attention to the envelope still in his hand. He opened it and pulled out a piece of parchment.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Dear Mr Bakura and Bakura,

I am courteously inviting the both of you to Hogwarts to participate in the Triwizard Tournament. Three schools are already participating, but when I was informed that there was a group of young wizards in Japan that had never attended their local school of magic and yet were highly skilled in their own unique type of magic I decided it was only fair to let you also participate in this contest. I hope you and your friends will accept my invitation and come see how magic is preformed here in England. Please send your reply with the owl that brought you this letter. If you wish for any more information regarding the tournament, please send your request with the owl.

Yours sincerely

Albus Dumbledore

Ryou blinked, not understanding a word he had just read.

"I think he's on crack." Ryou jumped at the unexpected noise. Bakura was reading the letter over his shoulder. "Hogwarts? Triwizard Tournament? Definitely crack," Bakura concluded.

"How would you know?" Ryou asked, looking at the other boy suspiciously.

Bakura frowned. "I watch a lot of gangster movies, Ryou. There's always someone on crack."

Ryou rolled his eyes. "It's probably just one of our friends trying to annoy us," he said, trying to rationalize the situation.

"There a few flaws in that theory of yours," Bakura pointed out. "One: Jou, Honda and Anzu are too stupid to come up with something like this. Two: Kaiba's too busy to come up with something like this. Three: Malik and Marik are a lot more inventive and wouldn't lower themselves to this. Four: the Pharaoh and Yugi are too nice to try and trick you. Me, maybe, you, never."

Ryou stared at him. "You've really thought this through haven't you?"

Bakura shrugged. "Banging your head against the wall clears your mind."

Ryou sighed. "So does that mean that this is a joke or not?" he asked nobody in particular.

Suddenly, the phone rang. Ryou walked out the room to pick it up, leaving Bakura alone with the evil owl. Bakura stared at the feathered menace until Ryou returned about twenty minutes later. "Bakura, I'm starting to think that the letter wasn't a prank," he said, sounding slightly worried.

"Why's that?" Bakura asked, not looking at Ryou because he was having a glaring match with the bird.

"Because Yugi just called and said that he just got a letter too. Then I called Malik and he said that he'd also received one. I think I'm going to ask for more information before I agree to this though."

"You do that," Bakura said, still occupied with trying to stare down the bird.

Ryou found a piece of paper and wrote a quick note asking for information. He then went over to the bedside table. The owl stuck out its leg so that he could attach the paper, but didn't look at him. When the message was secured the owl took off out the window. Bakura glared after it. "Good riddance," he mumbled.

Ryou sighed. Today was definitely in his top ten days of weirdness.

The owl, scary as it was, quickly returned the letter to its sender. The other two owls were not far behind it. Dumbledore smiled when he read the replies he had received.

Whoever you are, if you ever send that damn bird to my house again I will chop it up and eat it for lunch. That thing is wild! And as for the whole magic school thing you must be crazier than I am and that's saying something. I don't know how you found me but PISS OFF! That one had been sent by Marik.

Dear Dumbledore

I would like to know how you found out about us and our…other magic. But beware, if you threaten Yugi or any of his friends I will send you into the realm of eternal darkness.

Yami. Easy to tell who that was from.

Which left only one… Dear Professor Dumbledore

I am not entirely convinced that the matter you spoke about is in-fact real. If you would, please send us more information or visit us directly if it isn't too much of a bother. If you do sent information please do not use an owl – the last one attacked Bakura and I'm sure he holds a grudge.

Yours sincerely Ryou Bakura.

Dumbledore chuckled at the varying range of threats he had received. He decided it might be best to visit the Bakura's first – since it meant less of a risk to his life. He looked at his clock and calculated that now would be a suitable time to make his visit. He stood up and Apparated into Japan and into the Bakura's apartment.

Bakura yawned as he regained consciousness. He looked down at his lover whose head was resting on his chest. He smiled and Ryou smiled back. "Morning', he mumbled.

"Good Morning," Ryou returned.

They both continued to stare at each other. Ryou didn't want to get up because he wanted to spend more time staring at Bakura, who preferred to sleep shirtless. Bakura didn't want to get up because he was too lazy to do so. That and he was still waiting for his good morning kiss.

Suddenly, there was a popping noise and an old man with long white hair and a white beard appeared. Ryou screamed and Bakura sat bolt upright. The strange man held up his hands and said calmly, "It's alright, my name is Professor Dumbledore. You sent me a letter wishing to learn more about the Triwizard Tournament."

Bakura continued to stare. "I thought I told you not to invite strangers into the apartment," Bakura hissed at Ryou.

"I didn't invite him in," Ryou whispered back. "He just…popped in unannounced."

Dumbledore looked at the two and smiled. "I'm sorry to have interrupted you; I must have miscalculated the time difference. I thought that it would 10am here."

"It is 10am," Bakura said.

Dumbledore looked thoughtful for a moment before chuckling. "In that case it seems that I have misjudged the amount of sleep that young people need today." After an uneasy silence, he asked, "Do would you like me to answer your queries now or should I come back later?"

It was then that both Ryou and Bakura realized what position they were in and blushed. Well, Ryou blushed, the bridge of Bakura's nose merely turned pink. Bakura was so thankful at that moment that they hadn't done anything last night. Ryou was thankful that he was wearing his blue pyjamas so that it didn't look like they'd done anything last night.

"It's alright – we can talk now," Ryou said, not meeting the old man's eyes. He and Bakura sat up properly and leaned back against the headboard.

Dumbledore took out his wand and conjured a chair to sit on. The teens in the bed stared as he calmly took his seat as if nothing had happened. He noticed their stares and smiled kindly. "I take it your magic does not allow you to do such things as this?" he asked.

"No, never been able to do that before," Bakura replied quite dumbly.

"Has my unintentional demonstration of magic convinced you that I am a wizard?" Dumbledore asked calmly.

"Yes, but that doesn't mean that you've gained my trust," Bakura replied, his eyes narrowing slightly.

"Of course not." Dumbledore reached into his pocket and pulled out a bag of brightly wrapped sweets. "Toffee?" he offered.

The phrase 'never take sweets from strangers' sprang into Ryou's mind. "No thank you. I don't think it's good for you to eat sweets before breakfast," he replied politely.

Dumbledore nodded and took one toffee for himself before putting the bag away. "What would you like to know about the Tournament?" he asked.

"What does the Tournament involve? What do we need to do?" Bakura asked.

"The Triwizard Tournament is made up of three tasks that take place throughout the school year. If everyone in Japan accepts my invitation to come to Hogwarts you will make up a team. You each place your name into the Goblet of Fire and the name of the person which comes out of the goblet will be your team's champion and he alone will try to complete the tasks set. You will be competing against the champions of three other schools: Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang. The champions face great peril – some students have died in previous Tournaments – but the prize is great. Apart from gaining eternal glory the reward is a thousand Galleons. That's wizard money," Dumbledore explained when Ryou and Bakura looked blank.

"So basically it's a chance to rub it in the other school's faces that your students are better than theirs," Bakura said simply.

"Bakura!" Ryou reprimanded.

Dumbledore chuckled. "Yes, you could put it that way. Are you interested?"

Bakura and Ryou looked at each other before opening the mind link. /How about it Ryou? Sounds fun./

/I'm not sure. Their magic seems to be very different to ours. How would you complete these mystery tasks? Send everything in sight to the Shadow Realm so that the judges are forced to declare you the winner/

/That's not a bad idea actually/


/I was only joking. I could use my shadow powers to summon monsters to do my biding./ Ryou still didn't look convinced. /How about we ask him then? I'm interested now – you can't just ruin my fun like that/

Ryou sighed. "Professor, do you know about our type of magic? Do you know our abilities?"

"To tell you the truth I have little knowledge of your abilities or the magic you use. Do you worry that you will not be able to complete the tasks?" Dumbledore asked. Ryou nodded. "Do not worry. If you feel unable to complete the tasks when you reach them you merely have to say so and you will no longer have to participate. If you still feel unsure about entering you are most welcome to just come and watch the event. It would be interesting to see other types of magic though."

The slight sound of disappointment in Dumbledore's voice helped Ryou to make his decision. "We'd love to come watch the tournament."

Bakura grinned and gave Ryou a quick kiss on the lips. Dumbledore beamed at them both. "Excellent! And, would you mind speaking to your friends about this? The letters I received from both ended in a threat."

"Only if Ryou and I can share a room in this school of yours. And don't even think about putting us in with the Pharaoh!" Bakura said in a business tone of voice.

Dumbledore chuckled. "Of course! Done! I will make sure that you all have a wonderful time at Hogwarts."

"How are we to get there? And when would you like us to arrive?" Ryou asked, knowing that he needed to be the organized one.

"The other two schools will be arriving on Friday 30th of October at 6 o'clock. You are also more than welcome to come September 1st – that is when all the Hogwarts students will be arriving. The method of transport you use is up to you. Although…" Dumbledore trailed off as a thought crept into his mind.

"What?" Bakura asked, slightly annoyed at the delay.

"I had a thought that maybe it would be best if you came with the Hogwarts students. Hogwarts can not be reached by Muggle means and can not be plotted on a map. Yes, I think that would be for the best. I will send someone to take you from here to the Hogwarts Express. Do you have a fireplace?"

"No," Ryou replied, wondering why that should make a difference.

"Do any of your friends have one?"

Ryou and Bakura looked at each other. "Malik has one…I think," Bakura said uncertainly.

"Very well. I will send someone to Mr Ishtar's home at 7pm on the1st September." Dumbledore stood up and the chair he had been sitting on vanished. "Until then I hope you both enjoy the rest of your summer holiday." With that there was a small pop, and he disappeared.

"Looks like this year is going to be an interesting one," Ryou commented as he laid his head upon Bakura's shoulder.

"Now all we have to do is convince everyone else that we're not crazy when we tell them that we're going to an English magic school through Malik's fireplace," Bakura replied mock cheerfully.


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