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1: The Capture.

(From the Boy's prospective)

He heard the voices before he saw anyone. Two men incredibly tall. If he didn't know any better he would swear they were giants but they didn't have that look about them. As a matter of fact they looked like they were normal humans if a bit better muscled than most except for their height. The taller one must have been about 228.6 centimeters tall and the shorter one was only a few centimeters shorter. They both had a refined intelligent look about them and both were dressed in trousers with the bottoms of them tucked into their almost knee high boots. Both had wide belts with tucked in button down shirts on. The shorter one had a coil of rope hooked to his belt and as incredible as it seemed what looked like a large butterfly net in his hands. The taller one had two daggers sheathed on his belt. The both looked to be someplace in their mid-thirties and they were both looking directly at him.

Damn, he had been warned about straying away from the supposed safety of Privet Drive but in his need to escape the memories he had started going for long walks in the small belt of woods that ran parallel to town after he was finished with the chores his guardians always assigned to him everyday. Up until now it had seemed like a harmless pastime and a great stress reliever.

How had they appeared so quickly? He had been paying attention and should have heard them long before they got this close but it seemed like he just heard them before they were almost upon him.

He looked around for a place to hide. They might not be dangerous but he was too cautious to chance it. Unfortunately the trees around this area had been cleared of underbrush to give the area a more park like atmosphere so that narrowed his options down to fight or flight. He turned to run but after only about three strides he ran into what felt like a block of foam rubber which he bounced off of falling on his ass. He closed his eyes for a second with a quick prayer for help because they could do magic and to his way of thinking magical creatures didn't just happen along. This chance encounter had to be anything but chance. Fight then.

Scrambling to his feet he backed up against the wall and faced the men. For the first time this summer he hoped he had not been as successful at evading his guards as he normally hoped he was but the way his luck seemed to be running today he somehow doubted it. Maybe they weren't dangerous. He could only hope because from his prospective he was completely screwed if they were.

One of them (the larger one) had his hand extended out away from his body as if he had thrown something. The other looked at the larger one with a surprised look on his face before he turned back to the boy.

Both slowly advanced toward him as he started to slide sideways against the invisible foam wall. He started to reach into his pocket for his wand. The two separated so that one was approaching him on the left and one on the right side. The larger of the two said something in a soft and calming voice to him in a language that he could not understand before lunging at him. And despite his best efforts at evasion grabbing him. He could scarcely believe how fast the man moved. He struggled as he was effortlessly flipped around so that he faced away from his captor. His hands were grabbed before he could get it into the pocket of his trousers by the other man. He pulled his feet in toward his chest so that he could make the kick he was about to deliver count but before he could even do that the one holding him shifted him so that he was being held with one arm and the other one grabbed both wrist from the man in front of him who shifted to the side before he could kick him in the chest. He tried to correct the aim of his kick so that he would do at least a little bit of damage but all he succeeded in doing was to bring both feet conveniently within range for getting grabbed by the man in front of him.

With a grin the man holding his feet reached down to his belt and removed the coil of rope which he put to good use. It couldn't have been more that two minutes from the time he had heard them till he was trussed up tight and on the ground in front of the two giants. Yep, definitely screwed.

The two talked for a bit as they sat on the ground in front of him. He couldn't understand a word they said and with his luck they wouldn't be able to understand him but it was worth a try. "So, what happens now?" he asked.

The smaller one reached over and brushed his hair back off his face with a gentle hand before smiling at him then going back to his conversation with the other giant.

'Well, that went well didn't it?' He thought before he tried again. "Do you understand me?" Still no response or at least not one he could understand. He started wiggling his wrist trying to free his tied hands. No luck there so he brought his bound wrist to his mouth, not that he though they would let him get away with it but he had to do something.

The larger of the two gently grabbed his hands and lowered them before swiftly reaching down to the boy's crotch and gently squeezing his privates.

The boy was so shocked that he kicked off with his feet and fell onto his back. After what the giant had just done this was not a position the boy wanted to be in so he scrabbled around till he managed to twist to his side, curling into a ball he did his best to get his bound hands into his trouser pocket again before the smaller giant grabbed his hands and moved them away again.. The giant kept hold of his hands with one of his and using just his arm he pulled the boy up against his chest. The other hand pulled up the tee shirt the boy was wearing and reaching into the pocket pulled out the wand that the boy had been trying to reach.

With a look of disgust the giant tossed the wand to the other giant then helped the boy sit back up again. The boy was shaking with fear trying to think of some way to get out of this mess.

Hair falling into his eyes the boy blinked back tears as he watched the taller giant examine his wand. He said something to the other giant and then with a quick twist of his hands he broke the wand in half and ignoring the sparks that had shot out of it when it snapped he dropped it. The boy's eyes widened in shock as he watched the pieces fall.

The boy flinched as he watched the tall one lung to his feet and dig into the back pack that was sitting beside him. He barked something at the smaller giant before he spread a blanket out on the ground. The smaller giant stood and lifted the boy by his waist. Holding the boy so that his feet didn't touch the ground the giant walked over to the blanket and gently lay him down on his back.

The boy was held down effortlessly despite his struggles as the other giant stripped off the boy's trainers. Once the shoes were gone his glasses were treated the same way. Before the boy was flipped over onto his stomach he saw the flash of the knife the first giant had pulled from the sheath on his belt.

The boy struggled in horror at what was happening to him. Oh god, his wand was broken. He was totally defenseless and now it looked like he was going to be raped by two giants. His tee shirt was ripped down the back and across his shoulders before it was pulled out from under him. His trousers were cut down each leg and pulled off his body. His briefs met the same fate. After he was naked he felt a hand in the middle of his back holding him down. Gentle fingers traced some of the scars on his back, butt and legs before he was flipped over onto his back again. His chest was examined for scars along with the front side of his legs. Large fingers were run down across his ribs as the giants examined his body with what looked like anger in their eyes.

The boy was panting and trembling in terror at his treatment at the hands of the two and the treatment he expected to follow. What he didn't expect was for the larger of the two giants to fold the blanket over him, wrapping him up like a baby in swaddling clothes then to be gently lifted and cradled in the arms of the larger giant as the smaller one opened what looked like a rip in the very air in front of the small party. He also didn't expect for the two to enter the rip taking him along with them.

(Kestral and Jeris)

It wasn't often that the two brothers came this way to do any hunting but they weren't after normal game this trip anyhow. Today they were after some robins for Laurals garden. The two had managed to catch a breeding pair and if they could find another pair then the trip would be well finished and Laural would be pleased.

Kestral heard a twig snap from ahead of them and motioned for his brother to be quiet. The two silently made their way closer to the noise till they could see a youngling ahead of them. The child was unaware of the approach of the two and continued to walk slowly with a dejected air about him. Kestral threw out a spell to read the younglings aurora and both men were shocked to see how depressed and unhappy the child was. The spell showed the two that these feelings were not new but had been clinging to the child like a second skin for some time. There was also a blackness surrounding the youngling that would with time cause damage to the very soul of the child.

Kestral growled, "The child is mine Jeris, Laural will love having the youngling around the house."

Jeris pushed out with his senses and felt the protective bond developing in Kestral toward the child. He addressed his brother, "The youngling is aware of us Kestral. I think he's going to make a run for it."

Kestral quickly threw out a retaining wall around the child who did indeed try to run after looking wildly around as if for help. The child hit the wall and bounced back. After falling down onto his backside the child scrambled back to his feet and faced the two men. The fear on his face was almost palatable to the two men.

Kestral motioned for his brother to flank the child's left side as he started to flank the right side. Keeping his voice low and soothing Kestral told the child, "I know you don't understand us child but I promise we won't hurt you." His voice still pitched low and soothing Kestral said in a slightly louder voice. "Lets make this quick before he is totally panicked Jeris." and Kestral lunged and grabbed the child.

It took the two men only a few moments before they had the child bound and on the ground in front of them.

"So, is the youngling a boy or girl?" Jeris asked.

"I'm not sure. The child looks like a poorly grown 10 year old human. It could be either male or female" Kestral answered.

The child at that time had gathered his courage enough to try to communicate with the two. Not that it did any good because they couldn't understand what was said anyway.

Jeris reached over and brushed the hair out of the child's face. "Although the face is a bit thin it almost has an elfin cast to it. Those eyes and eyelashes would make any girl proud though. I think that your new child is a girl and possible even part elf."

The child started to try to wiggle out of the ropes binding his hands after making another incomprehensible comment and then raised his hands to his mouth as if he were going to gnaw on the ropes. Kestral reached over and caught the hands before they made it to the mouth. With another swift movement that panicked the frightened child he then reached down and felt the child's crotch.

As the child threw himself back and away from Kestral he looked at his brother and said with pride in his voice, "I have a son."

Jeris started laughing as he reached for his new nephew who had by this time managed to shift himself onto his side. The boy was trying to raise the baggy shirt so that he could get his bound hands into his trouser pocket. Jeris leaned the boy against his chest and grabbed the bound hands with one of his. "I think from the way your new son keeps trying to reach into that pocket that he has a knife in there." He said as he reached into the pocket with the other hand. What he pulled out of the pocket shocked both men. It was a wand.

With a look of disgust Jeris tossed the wand to his brother.

Kestral examined the wand and with a quick twist of his hands broke it in half. "I can see that my wife and I will have our work cut out for us. Our son has been learning corrupted magic from someone." He said as he dropped the pieces of the wand beside him.

He stood up and dug out a blanket from his backpack which he spread on the ground. "Bring him here." He barked.

After his brother had laid the boy down on the blanket Kestral removed the child's shoes and tossed them aside. The next to go were the child's glasses. Kestral grabbed his hunting knife and motioned for his brother to turn the child over. Once the child was laid on his belly Kestral cut the remainder of the clothing off the boy. Both men were shocked by the scaring of the boy's back, buttocks and legs. Kestral had tears in his eyes as he motioned for his brother to turn the child over. Every rib could be seen and even his pelvis bones stood out in sharp relief. Someone had hurt his son. Someone would pay with their life.

Kestral gently wrapped his son in the blanket making sure that the child's arms were pinned inside before he lifted him into his arms as one would a baby. Jeris opened the porthole and the two walked through with their precious burden.

Once through the porthole the child stopped struggling as he looked around although he still trembled in fear. Ah well, Kestral couldn't do anything about his fear yet but once he got his son home he would work on helping the boy to understand that he had no need to fear his new father and family.

Jeris ran ahead to open the front gate to the garden so that Kestral could enter without jostling his son. The two walked up the path to the front door of the large manor house and Jeris opened the door for Kestral. After the three were inside Kestral called for his wife. He lay the boy down on the couch and sat down on a chair and watched his son as the boy struggled with the blanket that held him more securely than the ropes that still bound his wrists and ankles together.

Laural started down the stairs and stopped on the landing. With a smile at her husband she asked him "Did you get my robins love?"

"Only one pair, we were looking for another pair but found something even more interesting. Something I though I should bring home to you right away." He answered her.

"A surprise? I love surprises. What did you find?" Laural was bouncing on the heels of her feet in excitement at the thought of a surprise.

Kestral glanced over at the boy who had gone still at the new voice. He got to his feet and walked over to the stairs and held his hand out to his wife. "Come love, I'll show you."

His wife completed her decent and took her husbands hand. Kestral gently turned his wife so that she was facing the couch. Her eyes widened with wonder as she looked at the child. Kestral moved behind his wife and drew her back against his chest. Encircling her in his arms he leaned close to her ear and whispered. "I've found us a new son."

With a squeal of delight Laural hugged her husband before she ran over to the boy trapped in the blanket. Kneeling before the boy she gently ran her hand across his face before softly saying "Oh husband, he is beautiful. Is he truly ours?"

The boy stared in awe at the beautiful woman kneeling in front of him. She had long brown hair mixed with a dark auburn, deep blue eyes and, and, Oh shit, she was trying to get the blanket off! His face turned scarlet as he stared at her but before she could get him loose the man put his hands on hers and she stopped tugging at the blanket. He sighed in relief.

"He was abused by those that held him before I found him so I claimed him as our own. Yes love, he is truly ours." He reached out and stilled his wife's hand as she started to unwrap the boy. "Wait, we had to strip him so that he could go through the portal. His old garments had too many synthetics in them and would not pass through. Can you find something for him to dress in?"

Her cheeks turned red as she snatched her hand away from her son "I'll get one of your tunics. It'll be big on him and without any trousers it will be more like a dress but till I can get some clothes made for him it's the best I can do."

Kestral kissed his wife on the cheek. "I'll take him upstairs and put him in the gold and green room and see about getting him in the bathtub. Just put the tunic on the bed. When he's clean and dressed I'll bring him down so you can meet him." Kestral sighed. "He is afraid right now love. He is also in need of a healer. After I bring him down I'll fix the wards around the property so that he cannot run away. Call healer Lish and ask if he can come over a little later today to give our son a physical." Kestral chuckled as he scooped up the trembling boy and settled him close to his chest. "He's also a fighter. He tried to take on Jeris and me when we found him."

Kestral climbed the stairs as his wife gasped at the thought of someone so small trying to fight her husband. Well, if Kestral had claimed him then the bond would have begun and soon her son would loose any fear he had of his new family. She wondered what Kestral meant when he said her son has been abused. He was such an adorable child that she could not picture anyone really hurting him but Kestral would know. Well, if he had been hurt to badly then Kestral would seek revenge against the person who did it and she would make sure that her child understood that it would never happen again. She began humming a tune as she made her way into the kitchen to call healer Lish.

Kestral carried the boy upstairs and into a large bedroom. He lay the boy down on the bed and gently removed the blanket. Taking his hunting knife out he cut the ropes that bound the boy. The child just lay there for a few seconds and rubbed his wrist before he grabbed the blanket and covered himself with it. Kestral chuckled again before he walked over and spelled the door so the boy could not pass. He then went into the bathroom and drew a tub of hot water for the child's bath. Setting a bottle of shampoo and a dish of soft soap on the side of the tub he next took two soft towels and a washcloth from the bathroom closet and set these down on the washstand.

After the giant left the room the boy ran to the door and tried to open it. No luck there. He went over to one of the windows and tried to look outside but with his glasses missing he couldn't see anything anyway.

Kestral came back into the bedroom to find his son standing at the window looking out with the blanket wrapped around him. He walked over to his son and ignoring the way the boy shied from him he gently turned the boy toward the bathroom and walked him in. Softly he reached around the small body and grasped the boy's hands. Forcing them apart with gentle pressure he tugged the blanket away from his son. When the child was uncovered again he tossed the blanket behind him and pushed his son toward the filled tub.

The child glanced over his shoulder at the giant before he climbed into the tub and sunk down to his neck. He closed his eyes willing himself not to cry but he was so scared. He jumped when he felt warm water being poured over his hair then hands washing his hair. If it was possible his cheeks turned even redder as he reached up and pushed the hands away from himself. "I can do it myself" he said quietly. Expecting the giant to stop him he washed his hair. When he was finished the giant handed him a cup and motioned for him to use it to rinse the shampoo out. After all of the soap was out of his hair the giant handed him a washcloth and tapped the dish of soft soap. The child quickly soaped up the washcloth and ran it over his chest. Hoping that would satisfy his captor he started to sink down into the water to rinse off the soap when the giant caught the boy by the elbow and the hand holding the washcloth. The giant smiled at the boy and shook his head no then reached into the water and raised the boy's left leg. Grabbing the boy's hand again he guided it toward the leg till the boy started doing it on his own. The blush spread down the child's neck and without any further fight or resistance the child proceeded to take a proper and complete bath.

After he was finished washing himself he sat in the cooling water with his head bowed till the giant gently lifted him by his armpits. Picking him up he set the child down on the floor and handed him the first towel. The boy wanted nothing more than to wrap himself up in the towel so that his body was no longer on display but if he had learned nothing else since his capture he had learned that whatever the giant wanted him to do he was going to do it no matter what he wanted so instead of hiding his nakedness he used the towel to dry off. The second towel was draped over his head by his nemesis and the boy vigorously rubbed his hair till it was only damp.

After he was as dry as he could make himself he wrapped the second towel around himself then stood waiting for the giant to let him know what he wanted him to do next. It only took a few seconds before the boy was back in the bedroom where he was handed the over large tunic. The giant motioned for the boy to slip it over his head and with a feeling of great relief that's what the boy did. Feeling slightly better once he was covered he stood there waiting his next instructions from the giant.

The man sat down on the bed and to the great surprise of the boy he gently gathered the child against himself and gave him a hug then kissed the child on his forehead. The boy flinched away from the man and tried to escape the embrace without success. After a few seconds he understood that he could not escape the arms that held him so he stopped pulling away and just accepted the comfort the large man was forcing on him. Tears started to fall from his eyes as he sagged against the man holding him. He was gathered close and lifted up onto the lap of the man and cuddled as a parent might cuddle his baby. The stress that the child had been put under this day suddenly overwhelmed the boy and he started to cry. Exhaustion consumed the child and the gods showed mercy. The child fell asleep allowing him in this small way to escape from the fear.