Well I was bored,so I started listening to Aerosmith,and I got a great idea for a fic...but then I forgot it so I wrote this...

It's been three years since the movie,everyone is graduated,Troy and Gabriella have been going out since the 10th grade,they live together in an appartment.

It was a cloudy Saturday,Gabriella was under the weather,so Troy had left to go pick her up some medicine.

"Ummm,do you have anything for like...flu symptoms?'' Troy asked the pharmacy clerk.

''Yeah,try isle four.'' Said the girl.

''Thanks.'' Said Troy,walking away.


''This the place?'' Asked a tall tan man,standing in front of Troy and Gabriella appartment complex.

''This is it.'' Said the other man.

''Ok,let's do this.'' He said.

''Which appartment?" He asked.

"673." Said the other man.

''Ok,let's do this.'' He said.

Gabriella lay on the couch,half asleep,the T.V still on,the dim lights,flickering off her,and her blanket.


She jumped up.

''Who...who is it.'' She asked.

''Landlord.'' Said the voice on the other side.

Gabriella made a confused face,the landlord had never came to their door like this before,but she shrugged,and opened the door.

''Yes.'' She said.

''Gabriella Montez?'' The man asked.

''Yes.'' She said sniffling.

The man shoved her backward,and walked into the appartment.

''What are you...'' She started,but he but his hand over her mouth,stifling a scream.

''Put the letter where he can find it.'' The tall man told the shorter man.

The man pulled a vile out,and pured the contents onto a rag,which he shoved into her face,she tried her very hardest to get push him away,but it only took about five seconds for the chloroform to knock her out.

''Everything set?'' He asked,picking up Gabriella's unconcious body.

''Yep,there's no way he could miss that.'' Said the other man,pointing at the T.V screen,which had the letter taped to it.

''Perfect,man,your a freakin genious.'' He said.

''Well yeah,why do you think the boss put me in charge?'' He asked grinning.

''Ok,now put her in the bag.'' Said the man.

The other man stuffed Gabriella in a black trash bag.Both men were dressed as trash men,and were driving a garbage truck.

''Ok,time to take out the trash.'' He said.


''Oh crap.'' One man said.

''Hey Gabbi open up,it's me,Chad.'' He said.

''What do we do?'' The shorter man asked.

''I don't know,your in charge,remember?'' He said.

''Damn it Jerry,think.'' He said.

''Screw you Steve,I'm hiding.'' He said.

''No no,we have to take him out." Jerry said.

''But the boss said...'' Steve started,but Jerry cut him off.

''Screw the boss,we gotta take this prick out.'' He said.

''Ok,hide over there.'' Steve said,pointing.

He pulled Gabriella out of the bag,and layed her on the floor,then he walked up to the door,and unlocked it.

Chad opened it,and walked in.

''Hello.'' Said Chad,stepping inside.

''GABRIELLA!" He cried,running to her.

The second he bent over to check on her,something bashed him in the back of the head.

He fell over her,bearly concious.

"Is he dead?'' Asked Jerry.

''I don't think so.'' Steve said.

Suddenly,Chad kicked Steve in the knee,causing him to fall over.

''AHHHHHHHH,GET HIM.'' Steve shouted,grabbing his knee.

Jerry charged at Chad,but Chad ducked under his punch,and kicked him in the stomach.

Jerry fell over.

Chad was right about to stomp his head,but Steve pulled out a silenced 9mm(in case your...retarted,that's a handgun).

He pointed the gun at Chad's back and pulled the trigger,Chad fell next to Gabriella,a bottle of medicine rolled out of his pocket.

''Ok,now lets go.'' Said Steve,pulling himself up.

They stuffed Gabriella back into the bag,and leaving the appartment.

45 minutes later...

Troy walked up the stairs,a small bag containing a bottle of medicine in hand.

He tried unlocking the front door,he tried to open it,but he had only relocked it.

''That's weird." He said,unlocking the door.

''Gabbi,I'm home,I got you...what the...'' He said,looking at the way things hsd been knocked over,he stepped inside,and saw the note on the T.V.

He reached for it,but at that moment,he saw a site that will forever leave a crack in his very soul,Chad was laying on the floor in a puddle of blood.

''CHAD.'' He said,running to his fallen friend.

"Chad,come on,wake up.'' Said Troy,rolling his friend over.

"Gab...Gabriella?'' He whispered.

''No man,it's me,Troy.'' He said.

"T...Troy,they...'' Chad said.

''They what?'' Asked Troy,eyes full of tears.

''They took her...'' He said.

''They took Gabriella?'' Asked Troy.

Chad nodded.

''Where?'' Asked Troy.

''I...I don't know...I'm sorry.'' Said Chad.

''It's ok,it's ok,just rest,your going to be ok.'' Said Troy.

''Just...just...I need...water.'' Said Chad.

Troy sprung up and grabbed Chad a bottled water,and dialed 911 on his phone.

''Hello 911 emergency."The operator said.

"Hello,my friend's hurt.'' Said Troy.

'"Ok sir,what's wrong with him?'' She asked.

''I think he was shot.'' Said Troy.

"Ok,I'm sending a ambulance your way now.'' She said.

"Thank you.'' Said Troy.

"Sir please stay on the line untill..." She started,but Troy cut her off,"I'm sorry,but my friend needs me.''

With that he hung up.

"Troy.'' Said Chad.

"Yeah?'' Said Troy.

"Troy...you...your my best friend.'' Said Chad.

"And your mine,we've always been best friends.'' Said Troy.

''I know,I just wanted to...to be sure.'' Said Chad."Troy...I'm...I'm gonna...I'm gonna resy my eyes for a sec."

"No,Chad you have to stay awake,Chad...Chad." Troy tried to keep him awake,but it was no use.

Chad was dead.

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