Chapter VII


Sara Sidle slept. Her sleep was neither alcohol induced nor plagued with it's usual nightmares. The bright Nevada sun was blocked out of the room by black out curtains. The brunette woman rolled over in her sleep. Her arm reached out, as if searching for someone in her sleep. Her hand only found cool sheets and empty air. This did not seem to disturb the woman's sleep though. Sara slept peacefully, her face relaxed and her sleep sound and refreshing. For the moment, she was not lonely or saddened, she was only a woman sleeping peacefully.


Author's Note: Well, that See all 'ships, yet no 'ship at all. Heh, I'm devious. Psychologically speaking, I'm sure I can explain everything out...Grissom feels he's too old for Sara and he fears he'll lose her to the younger, more charismatic Nick. Catherine has been deeply effected by Lady Heather telling her she'd make a good dominatrix...okay, so I've been itching to write that Lady Heather/Sara scene for a while...sue me. Greg is...well he's I really need to explain? Warrick...well it's the classic Catherine strips for Sara scene, not too terribly original, but hey it's Warrick's dream, not mine. Nick's Sara/Grissom dream was his unconcious telling his subconscious that he wants Sara but his conscious understands that she is a marked woman...or so it appears. The Sassy scene...I'm a Sassy shipper...really, you think I'd write everything else and not have a little Sofia thrown in?

Thanks for reading!