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HOPE Chapter 13

"Aw honey! I'll get you another balloon," comforted a woman to her son, who was crying because his balloon was floating up into the sky. The boy sniffled and looked up at his mother and attempted to smile.

Athrun grew angry when the kid received another balloon from a balloon seller. The boy looked up at his mom with admiration and was affectionately hugged by her. The blue-haired half-human wanted to feel that affection and wanted to admire someone like that, but he would never feel this affection. He regretted being born and regretted being a Zala even more. He gazed up at the round-helium filled balloon as it descended up into the sky. "I want to be free…"

"Sir?" The child approached Athrun, with the green balloon in his small hand.

The emerald-eyed teen shifted his gaze at him. "What?" He grunted, a bitter tone in his voice.

"You look sad," stated the boy, staring at Athrun with big curious eyes. The woman stood aside, a look of disapproval on her face, as her son started conversation with a complete stranger.

"That's none of your business," muttered the blue-haired teen and turned away from the boy. A balloon was shoved into his arms. He looked at it with surprise. The boy gave him a small wave and a big grin, and then ran to his mother.

Athrun gazed at the balloon with a distant look. What do I do now? He pondered, I WILL not go back to the Institute, nor can I go back to the Atthas…

"ATHRUN!!" shouted a familiar voice. The blue-haired half-human's ears perked up and his eyes widened. He jumped to his feet and leaped into a tree, concealing himself behind the large amounts of leaves.

- - - - - - - - - -

Cagalli scrunched up her face in displeasure, as she shouted out his name again, "ATHRUN!!" She muttered some curses and threatened out loud, "He better come back, or I'll find him and kick his ass!" The blonde slumped onto a bench and shielded the sun's brightness with her hands, as she looked up at the sky. "Athrun…why did you leave?" She sighed, "YOU IDIOT!!" The amber-eyed girl started shouting curses and insults towards the innocent blue sky.

Athrun winced slightly on the large and sturdy branch. Every swear word tossed out of her mouth was insulting. He leapt down from the opposite side of the tree that was away from Cagalli, and ran without looking back, leaving the balloon on the tree. A small breeze picked up the balloon and set it free into the sky.

- - - - - - - - - -

Several hours later, Cagalli went home after looking for the emerald-eyed teen in several different places, failing to find him in every single one. Her family and friends were also looking for him, but they couldn't find him either. At last all of them gathered at the Attha household.

"It's hopeless! Even Stellar couldn't find him! Stellar's good at find things!" ranted the blonde haired girl, as she plopped on to the couch, arms crossed.

Mana walked over to the group of teens and placed a tray of cookies and biscuits on the glass table. She looked up at the teens and the Attha lion and suggested, "Maybe you should go to the Institute and see if they have a tracking device on him."

Cagalli shook her head and replied, "If they had a tracking device, Athrun would already be locked up again. Besides, there's no way Athrun would go back there…" She slouched into the couch.

Miriallia took a biscuit and bit into it. She smiled and gave a little nod to Mana, "They taste good," then she focused her attention on Cagalli, "You're being quite negative Cagalli… Don't worry, we'll find him soon."

Stellar stood up with enthusiasm, "Yeah! Stellar and friends will try again tomorrow!"

"Thanks guys…" Cagalli weakly smiled. Uzumi patted his daughter's hand with his own rougher and bigger hand.

The blonde's brother stood next to Lacus, feeling quite upset too. His sister was depressed over a half-human. It was obvious—

"She likes him," said the pink-haired singer, with a small smile that made Kira's heart leap.

Kira nodded and replied, "It's really obvious she does like him though and I don't think she's going to give up on him yet." Lacus nodded in response and kept quiet. Kira followed her example and shut his mouth.

- - - - - - - - - -

"Time to visit the hell bringer," muttered Dearka, as they neared the Institute. They couldn't find Athrun, so they might as well ask Rau if he has some sort of device to find him…

"If this institute can create things like us…they should have a tracker to find Athrun," said Shinn, "We have to find Athrun no matter what. Our freedom and pride depends on it."

Yzak agreed with a nod and added, "Yes. We have to put that traitor in a cage." His fist tightened in anger…remembering the betrayal of Athrun Zala.

A ripple of innocent giggles could be heard from outside of a locked room labeled "New Experiments." Inside, 4 little boys were playing with a soccer ball. The room was an explosion of joy…a gray room with 4 beds. A soccer net was painted on with white paint, and Shinn stood in front of it as goalie. On Shinn's bed was a magazine….a sports magazine. They were all pretty happy…although they don't have any friends other then themselves.

"Goooooal!!" shouted little Dearka. He gave a high-five to Athrun.

Yzak scoffed, "This is a boring game."

Shinn informed him, "According to that magazine, soccer is a famous game among children our age…"

"Whatever," the silver-haired child jumped onto his bed, located near the door, and yawned.

"-dispose of him. We already have three perfect experiments. We might as well get rid of that kid," Yzak heard through the wall. He cupped his ear against the wall, hoping to hear it more clearly.

"That's true…however, Lenore wouldn't be happy about this, Patrick," another man's voice, familiar to the young Yzak, replied. That man was Rau Le Cruset. To Yzak's shock, the man that wanted to dispose of one of them was Patrick Zala!

"We have to get rid of-"

A soccer ball knocked the wind out of the icy-blue eyed boy.

"SHIITTT," Yzak exclaimed, rubbing the spot the soccer ball hit. After a few seconds of recovery, he tried listening through the wall again. Hopefully he didn't miss anything important.

"What the heck is he doing?" wondered Athrun.

"No idea…at least he isn't angry at us for that ball in the face…" Dearka shrugged.

"Wasn't it just you that kicked it into his face?" asked Shinn, eyebrow raised.

"Shut up!" whispered the sandy blonde.

Yzak was ignoring all the background noise. He continued listening.

"-sounds good," said Rau. Their conversation ended there. Yzak silently swore to give Dearka a well-deserved punch in the face this day.

- - - - - - - - - -

Later on, Rau unlocked the door and allowed himself in. "Hello boys," he greeted with a fake smile on his face.

"I don't trust it," Dearka whispered to Yzak.

"No one does," replied the silver-haired boy.

Rau gave Dearka a small glare, which only lasted for a few seconds before his smile was plastered back on. "I want to have a little talk with Athrun. Is that a bother?"

Athrun shook his head and followed the blonde man out of the door. The door slammed close and was locked once more.

"Oh no… he might be the one they want to kill!!" shouted Yzak in realization.

Dearka and Shinn stared at him. Shinn asked, "What the heck are you talking about?"

Yzak explained it to both boys. They stood shocked and frustrated. "Why didn't you tell us earlier? He could've been saved!"

The icy-blue eyed boy hushed them and tried listening through the wall again. His friends followed him and tried too. At last, they heard voices.

"What do you want to talk about Mr. Rau?" asked Athrun.

"We have a new luxury room for you. It's reserved for the special son of Mr. Zala. You are to be moved in there," Rau stated.

"Oh. Wow. That's good," replied their friend.

All three of them were shocked. "He's leaving us?" Shinn gaped, "And ditching us for a prettier room, none-the-less!!"

Rau came back in with a grin, "Children. Athrun has moved to another room to his request. You'll never see him again." With that, he left the room.

"Does he think we're dumb? Athrun wouldn't do that!" exclaimed Dearka.

Shinn went back to listen through the wall. Dearka and Yzak stood there and waited for Shinn to come back with any news…

"Did they get the message?" asked Athrun.

"Yes they did," Rau replied, "Alright. Let's go Athrun."

Shinn backed away from the wall with anger. "He…DID ask Le Cruset to say that to us. Th-that traitor," he growled.

"We've always hated that Rau…Athrun said he would never leave us!" Dearka exclaimed.

Yzak, Shinn and Dearka hated Athrun since.

- - - - - - - - - -

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