Hey, I've never written a Suite Life fic before...I've always loved the idea of Esteban and Maddie, though. So, I thought it'd be a challenge to write one; here goes – let me know if you all like this...

"Who is that?" Maddie asked London, staring off to the other end of the lobby.

"What?" London asked, disinterest oozing from her. She lazily followed Maddie's gaze to the couple standing by the front desk. Her attention immediately snapped to and her gossip face suddenly slipped on.

"Don't you know who that is?" London asked, obviously reveling in being the one to get to break a juicy piece of news first.

Maddie gave her an annoyed glare briefly before returning her attention back to Esteban and the mystery woman. "If I knew who she was, then I wouldn't have asked," she replied curtly.

"Well," London began in excited hushed tones. "That's the daughter of an oil tycoon from Texas. She got here yesterday morning and she's been following Esteban around since then! I heard that invited him out with her last night and they didn't get back until after 3 in the morning! Didn't you see them together yesterday?"

"No. Yesterday was my day off..." Her brow was creased and the air seem to be growing increasingly stifling.

London looked at her strangely. "Are you ok? You don't look so good..."

"I'm fine," Maddie snapped. She had just seen mystery hussy rest her arm on Esteban's shoulder and she threw her head back laughing at something that he had apparently said.

"You look a little green -" London commented.

"I am not jealous!" Maddie remarked empathetically.

London looked confused. "I didn't say that you were; I meant your face is starting to look green like you're gonna be sick."

Maddie turned to face her. "Oh, yeah, I knew that."

London narrowed her eyes at her suspiciously, and opened her mouth about to retort but was cut off by Esteban and the girl approaching them.

"Oh, hello Miss Maddie – Miss London. Have you yet met Rebecca?" He indicated the annoyingly perfect girl draped on his arm.

Annoying girl giggled. "Hello. I recognize you -" she said to London, who looked very pleased.

"Of course you do."

"But I'm sorry, who are you again?" She nosed at Maddie.

"I'm Maddie," she replied shortly.

"Oh, yes, Ban told me about you...you're a maid here?"

"No, I'm the candy girl, actually. And who is 'Ban'?" she asked disgusted. "His name is Esteban."

Annoying Rebecca was about to say something when her father called for her across the room.

"Oh, do excuse me..." she stood on tiptoes, leaning against Esteban "I'll be back -" she purred before turning away.

Esteban laughed nervously before turning back to the two girls. "Well...how are you two doing today?"

"Ban!" Maddie spit out. "She calls you 'Ban'! Are you insane?"

"Well – she is – I mean to say – yes, she is silly," he stuttered.

"Never mind all that," London waved a hand in the air. "Tell us – what really happened between you two last night!"

Esteban gulped audibly. He tugged on his collar absently. "Gee, it's getting hot in here, isn't it?"

London rubbed her hands together. "Ooo, that good, huh?"

Maddie glared at her murderously.

Esteban stood a moment longer, looking thoroughly uncomfortable. He snuck a glance at Maddie before swiftly flicking his gaze back to the carpet.

"Didn't you just meet her yesterday?" Maddie asked, eying him expectantly.

He nodded mutely.

"You just met yesterday and she's already throwing herself at you! Do you actually like her?" Maddie asked, her tone more severe than she meant.

"Well, she is – that is to say that she's been very...nice to me." He finished off lamely.

"What does that mean?" Maddie inquired harshly.

"Only that she has been nice. You know, she even listens to my football nights with Donkey stories..." he muttered in amazement.

"Sounds like a match made in heaven..." London said in a sing song voice.

"Esteban!" Mr. Moseby's bark rang through the air.

"Oh! I have bags waiting for me! I'll see yous later!" Esteban almost ran to the new guests arriving, relieved to be away from the onslaught of questions.

"Well, that was entertaining," London mused aloud, turning toward Maddie. "See, I told you that they were the new juicy story..."

"I don't see what's so juicy about a southern bimbo throwing herself onto a stupid guy!" Maddie huffed, turning on her heel.

London followed her back behind her candy counter. "What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing! Why would anything be wrong?" Maddie answered without looking at her. She was trying to busy herself with menial tasks like straightening the chocolate bars on the bottom shelf.

"You like him." London's voice was accusing.

"Ow!" Maddie jumped and banged her head sharply on the upper shelf. She straightened herself up and her eyes were as wide as a deer. "What are you talking about?" She hoped that she was managing to keep her voice steadier than she felt.

"You like Esteban," she remarked slowly, as if she was still attempting to digest the information herself.

"I do notlike – Esteban! That's crazy!" Maddie went on shrilly. "I mean, the entire idea that I would – you're so completely wrong! It's not even funny, really, London! You have no idea what you're talking about!"

"Hmm, I think the girl doesn't protest too much..." London remarked smugly.

"Doth – the lady doth protest too much -" Maddie corrected.

"Duh. That's what I said."

Maddie shook her head exasperatingly. "And anyway, I do not. You've missed the entire point..."

"Which is?"

"That that – woman – is no good! She's not good for him, and he's too – male – to notice!"

"And you would be good for him, right?"

"A darn sight better than she would, that's for sure!" Maddie exclaimed before realizing what she said. "Oh, I mean, oh, never mind! If he wants make a ninny of himself than that's fine with me! I don't care at all! It doesn't matter to me!" Maddie shrieked. "I'm taking a break." She walked out leaving London standing behind the counter alone.

"Excuse me, miss? Can I have a pack of gum?" A customer was standing before her.

"What? Eww! Like I actually work here? Gross!" London shot him a filthy look and walked away. Hmm, she though to herself. This whole Maddie liking Esteban thing is the plummiest bit of gossip that I've heard in ages...

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