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c h e m i c a l .romance

He hardly dared to move, at times like these. These time,when his pulse raced; his breath came erratically; his flesh tingled. Whenever he was near, it happened. Whenever Axel was near.

heat +anything >c h e m i c a l .reaction

He figured, then, that heat included fire. Axel wielded fire; it was part of him, part of his wicked green eyes, his strong, tense muscles, his animated voice, his gentle, caressing touches that Roxas felt as wildfire.

heat +oxygen >.combustion

It explained whythe kisses were so searing, and left him gasping for breath and control. The kisses were always so unexpected. Axel would simply stride up to his smaller sandy-haired friend, grasp his chin and press his mouth against his own fiercely, as though with an insatiable desire. His kisses were always so demanding, always wanting more; as though the pyromaniac part of him was craving the fire that came from intimate contact. They always left Axel looking hungry and panting, Roxas weak-kneed and glad.

It wasn't always that way, of course: sometimes the taller man would simply be there, his arms around his waist and his lips at his neck. Then was more sweetness than demands, but no less passion.

He supposed that this made this whirlwind romance of theirs a chemical romance: Axel was fire, and it and he infused Roxas.

heat +passion >c h e m i c a l .romance

Actually inspired by The Used, not My Chemical Romance as many of you would assume :snicker: The song inspiration was 'Take It Away'. Most, if not all of this collection will be inspired by The Used and similar bands. And when it comes to inspiration, I've decided akuroku is the OTP- every idea that comes to my head I've realized I can use for these drabbles. If you could see my writing book right now… it's overloaded with phrases from songs that can work well with this pairing xDDD

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