Wordcount: 442.
Dedication:all you little lovebirds.

pizzeria of love.

Pizza was good food. Good food indeed. It tasted good. It looked pretty good, too… as did the pizza chef. Roxas eyed the red spikes crammed under that ridiculously tall chef's hat, and wondered wickedly if the height was less the indication of his skills in cooking than something else.

Certainly, there was a certain charm in making out with the delivery boy. However, sitting with Kairi and Naminé and the pair's respective boyfriends – guess who – as he sucked idly on the straw in his lemon, lime and bitters, he couldn't help but think just how great it was to watch a chef at work. A reliable, working man with a job, a job he could do – Roxas found his mind trail off a little at the emphasis on 'do' – a tall, thin, sexy, green-eyed sort of a man with certain talent in his elegant hands.

Those green eyes glanced over at him and Roxas swallowed unconsciously, licking his lips. The man honestly looked good enough to eat. And if he couldn't eat him, Roxas was sure he would do with a bit of nibbling, maybe some licking all over, and of course some sucking.

Still looking at him, the man's tongue darted out to lick those curved lips. Roxas moaned, eyes fluttering closed and open again. The chef appeared to be kneading dough, and oh, but it was tantalising… What would those hands feel like on him?

Roxas was pretty sure it wasn't generally done, but the chef tossed a remark over his shoulder, a still-bubbling pizza on the tray in front of him, sliced it deftly and scooped it up on one hand before sauntering over to their table with it. He placed the pizza in the center of the table of five, ignoring the surprised looks of the other four and presenting Roxas with a rakish, sexily disarming grin. "Is this what you wanted?" He asked, poking that pink tongue out and cocking one beautifully bony hip out to the side.

Roxas tried not to concentrate on tongue, hip or eyes, but it was awfully… hard. He repressed the urge to say that it wasn't exactly what he had wanted, and quite a few other things besides, and glanced at the pizza.

In the shape of a heart, of all things.

Ignoring the small squeals of delight from the others around his table – such a clever, thoughtful gift for Valentine's Day! – he looked slowly back up at the man. And licked his lips. Slowly.

The redhead cocked an eyebrow, this time, and smirked at him.

Roxas felt pretty confident in guessing the man's shift would not be much longer.

Just finished Miss Congeniality II, am alone this holiday but lovin' it, and the clock seems to say three minutes to twelve so I'll leave it here. Happy Valentine's, you sexy people. For you who care, and those who don't too. And in remembrance of Black Saturday, February 7th. My birthday, and a day of hell this year for all Australians.