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Sakura was there waiting, at that same bench 'he' left her. After a couple of hours Sakura left. Hinata and Tenten were at her apartment, they had some news, when Sakura arrived at her apartment she was smothered with hugs.

She started laughing, that's when she asked "hinata-chan? What's wrong why are u guys so happy? is it your birthday?" tenten laughed "of course not Stupid!" she wouldn't stop grinning, "then why are u guys so happy?" sakura asked.

Hinata and tenten said at the same time (a/n:sory I meant SCREAMED!nywaiz bak to da story) " SASUKES COMING BACK TOMORROW!". Then there was silence...sakura blinked once then twice then she smiled.

Tenten and hinata was surprised with her lack of enthusiasims. Sakura then said "Well that's cool I cant wait".

Tenten and hinata exchanged glances, that's when hinata asked "you don't love him anymore sakura –chan?". Sakura glanced at them both she replied "i don't know, i really dont" tenten asked "you should be happy he's back you know?"

"i guess i am but i don't know he left us left...me he always said i was annoying"..

She always hid it behind that fake smile of hers, tenten and hinata stayed the night to comfort her (a/n: they are 15 at this stage).

The next day tenten and hinata had to literally pull sakura to the gate of Konohoa.

Everyone was there, they must've all known that THE Uchiha Sasuke was coming back, because that place was bustling with people. Rookie nine was there also Gai's team was also there, naruto was jumping up and down and the rest looked amused.

Suddenly sakura heard someone shout "HE"S BACK!" sakura quickly went up to the front of the crowd , she saw him his handsome face she thought 'he hasn't changed...'. Then she saw something unexpected..she saw sasuke with a girl she was beautiful with waist long jet black hair and grey eyes though not like the ones hinata and neji has.

She was beautiful sakura can dare to say this that she was also a very beautiful lady with waist long pink hair all the curves grown in the right places and those sparkling emerald eyes she had all the guys her age chasing after her she even have a fan club!.

But what hurt her the most was what she saw next, sasuke had his arms around this ladies waist and talking to her. Sure she might not have any feelings with that uchiha anymore but still...They slowly came to them Sakura ,naruto, hinata everyone.Her heart it was beating so fast she couldnt keep count!She knew it'd hurt but not this much!.

Sasuke looked at sakura their eyes met for about 10 seconds then sasuke broke the gaze, sasuke introduced this lady she was mitsuki, Ayame Mitsuki. They all said hello and then naruto teased "sasuke-teme is this your girlfriend?" sasuke replied with a "hn" typical sasuke. Thats when sakura's heart broke it was then that she felt as if she'd rather die then suffer this kind of pain she thought she had no feelings for this Uchiha anymore, but hell she was wrong, even though she laughed and said "oh my goodness am I dreaming? Uchiha Sasuke has a girlfriend now? Awww so sweet I must say you have good taste!"

Everyone looked at her to see if that was really sakura or not 1. she said it in an icy-cold tone 2. she call sasuke Uchiha Sasuke 3. she made it like it was nothing to her at all.

Hinata and tenten looked at her worriedly they know she was hiding her tears.

Sakura said to herself 'I will not run away I will not be weak i will face reality' but really she was breaking down inside crying her heart out. That's when naruto looked at her and said "sakura-chan can you, hinata-chan and tenten-chan go buy me some ramen? You don't want me the hokage to starve right?"(a/n: Narutos joking...hes not hokage...YET..hehehe)


"shut up sasuke-teme!"




Now this is when sakura jumps in.

"both of you shut up!"

Both of them shut up straight away, "ok naruto me and hinata and tenten will get some food you take uchiha and mitsuki-san to our meeting spot ok? And everyone else follow we'll have a picnic!" sasuke looked at her for a minute then said "come on mitsuki lets follow the dobe…" mitsuki giggled at this "hai sasuke-kun…ummm sakura-san? Do u need me to come with you?" sakura looked at her before smiling that fake smile "no thanks" it was an icy tone. Sasuke glared at sakura and sakura just looked at him.

Then sakura turned around and left with the two...


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