Sasuke: …

Sakura: errr….is she ok?

Kakashi: is she ever ok?

Naruto: she sure is scary.

Thing: SHUTUP!hits Naruto a couple of times.


Sasuke: smirks idiot.

Sakura: err thing-chan if you don't mind me asking why were you laughing just then?

Thing: Aa.

Kakashi: She's turning into Sasuke.

Sasuke: CHOKES

Thing: Hmph who would want to be LIKE him?

Randoms: ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME!

Sasuke: see…

Thing: you boasting little Brother Of A Murd-

Sasuke:Don't you dare finish that.

Thing: Dog?


Kakashi: is their a point in this conversation?


Sasuke: tch.

Thing: whatever! Ok dear friends and readers of mine! Enjoy this chapter, im just making this up as I'm going I'm IMPROVISING…not. –sigh- ENJOY and thanks for all your lovelieeeeeee reviews!!

I have two new stories coming out soon here are the previews!

No Matter Who You Are: Sasuke Haiyuki one of the high rankings at Uchiha Co. is a pretty popular man 'cause of his smexiness. Was chased by many in his company, ALTHOUGH he held a past no one knew, he was abandoned at a young age by his other family, he's forgotten, maybe a certain person will make him realize he is actually……-Line Break- Sakura Haruno , a down to earth girl, pretty cute, average normal girl, but she catches the attention of many, namely…………

Big Brother! Naruto Style: Thisis Big Brother "our favorite 12 ninjas have been trapped in a reality show, now all their secrets will be seen by everyone. They overcome emotional challenges, everyone will be able to see their faults, and many have a mission to carry out…like maybe match-making? Or others…!Every Friday there will be an activity to finish, who'll be the first to crack? No one is allowed to leave the house until the thirty days is over!" (based on the reality show Big Brother)

So-ooo which one do you want me to start first?

Title : Behind that smile of hers.

Process: In Progress

Authoress: Kawaii-Sak-Bloom

Pairings: Sasuke x Sakura.


Summary: Sasuke returns with a fiancé how will Sakura act? How will she accept it? Meanwhile, they are sent on a mission. If you would like to find out more then stop reading this and read the story! Hehe enjoy!

"Our mission has been delayed already; I think it's time to take action." Sasuke looked at the group looking if anyone disagreed, he also noticed that Sakura was fidgeting, obviously worried about the mission. "When will we start?" Sasuke looked at Neji. Glared. And left it at that. "Soon enough" He informed the whole group, "Me, Hyuuga and Shikamaru needs to work it out."

He then walked into the tent. Neji and Shikamaru following.

"Sakura-chan? Are you okay?" Tenten asked, Sakura has been trembling since Sasuke declared that the mission was going to commence. Sakura looked startled at the question. She gave a comforting smile, "I'm okay Ten-chan, just a little bit nervous I guess." Tenten nodded. "Oi! Sakura come in!" Shikamaru called out. Sakura walked with small steps. When she was inside she found a laid back Sasuke sitting on a chair, Neji glaring, 'another glaring contest!?' Shikamaru looked annoyed as well, muttering troublesome under his breath.

Sakura rolled her eyes at their childishness. "So what's up? When do we start?" This seemed to snap Neji's attention back to Sakura, he scowled. Sasuke smirked, "Why so angry Hyuuga? I knew you were gay, but I never knew you were interested in me, too bad for you I don't swing that way." Sakura giggled, Sasuke was being more sarcastic then ever today. "Ahem. Can we get back to the subject at hand?" Shikamaru said stopping the conversation from going anywhere else.

"Aa. Subject at hand. What was that?" He smirked when Neji blew his top.

"UCHIHA WE ARE NOT HERE FOR CHILDISHNESS! CONCENTRATE.AT.THE.SUBJECT.AT.HAND!" Neji bellowed, one of the rare times he actually yelled. Sakura giggled again, suddenly Sasuke turned serious. 'Talk about mood swings'. Sasuke turned to her, "Sakura we'll be commencing two days from now, enjoy all the freedom you have. Next this is the story that we have made up, if Orochimaru questions you, which he will." Sasuke took in a breath, staring into Sakura's eyes.

"You were angered by the fact I came back, with a fiancé, everyone has approved on our marriage, and suddenly all your friends have abandoned you. You ran away, trying to find show them that you were worth it. That's the story. Lame? I know, but Orochimaru is a lame ass so he'll believe it." Sakura nodded, furrowing her eyebrows. "Sasuke? What happens if I'm found out?"

Sasuke seemed to avoid her eyes for a minute, before looking straight back at her. "You'll have to suicide, so no information is leaked, understood?" Sakura understood this, this was the way of the ninja. Sasuke closed his eyes, everyone took this as a sign that they were dismissed.

Sakura ignored the noise and continued to walk down the forest, thinking. 'Have to suicide huh? Hmmm.' Coincidentally, she saw Naruto and Sasuke on a branch talking to each other. How Sasuke got there so quickly, she had no idea

"Teme. She can't do this it's too dangerous"

Sasuke glared.

"I know that, it's a mission she has to do it no matter what dobe."

Sakura had to smile even at a serious topic they still managed to throw insults at each other.

"What if she dies? Can we let ourselves live with that?"

"Who said I would, defiantly die? Have a little faith in me 'ruto-chan"

Naruto looked down and saw Sakura looking up, "Move over a tiny bit, I don't take as much space as you two do." Naruto and Sasuke said flatly. "We're not fat" Sakura laughed, "…and you're not skinny" She winked and settled herself in between both of them. "As I was saying 'ruto-chan, have a little faith in me, I'm not going to let myself die! I have to make it to you and Hinata-chan's wedding!" Naruto blinked, then blushed, Sasuke scoffed. Naruto glared. Sasuke rolled his eyes. Glare. Glare.

"Sakura-chan! It's so dangerous! He could torture you! Rape you, kill you at that!" Sasuke's eyes darkened…if that was possible. Sakura laughed though, "No one will dare to rape me if I didn't let them. Trust me."

"Oh yeah, he's gay, I mean he also must have been blind to want…well want that bastard." Sakura laughed loudly.

"Dobe, jealous 'cause he didn't want you? You can have him if you want, two fruit bags, oh what a perfect match!" Sasuke said rather sarcastically.

"Who you calling a homosexual? There's only one here, all I can see is o-on-oneeeee!"

"Yeh me too, you might need a mirror to see though, that homosexual is you."

"You fuc-" Naruto didn't get to finish because Sakura had both of them in a headlock. "Aww, my two little boys, are fighting again!" She released them out of the headlock, ruffled their hairs, ignoring the annoyed look and kissed them both on the forehead. Naruto blushed, Sasuke just looked blank. " 'suke-chan, 'ruto-chan, both of you will be my two boys no matter what, remember that." Naruto had tears coming out of his eyes, while Sasuke gave a small smile.

Naruto tackled her to a hug, and Sasuke reluctantly joined it. Sakura sighed, "I could stay like this forever." Naruto nodded "Me too Sakura-chan." an "Aa" from Sasuke. She held both of their hands and started their way back to camp.

When they were back at camp everyone was preparing for the mission, some were out training, while others just doing their thing. Mitsuki, saw how Sakura and Sasuke were holding hands, she tried to control her temper as much as she could.

Sasuke was talking to Shikamaru, about the plan when Mitsuki suddenly appeared.

"Uhmm…Sasuke-kun? Could I talk to you for a second?" Mitsuki asked obviously asking for privacy, she feigned her politeness. Sasuke sighed, nodded, and stood up and walked towards her. Mitsuki not wanting to wait that long pulled him with her. When they reached a secluded area she screamed.

"Sasuke-kun! I am your fiancé not Haruno Sakura! How can you be so unfaithful to me? I don't believe you! You promised my grandfather to look after me! Are you going to go back on your word? When she didn't arrive we had such a good time, now that she's here your being jerkier than ever!" The words went through one ear and came back the other. Sasuke regarded her blankly, Mitsuki got so frustrated.

"Am I that worthless?! Am I that pathetic to fall in love with someone who will not love me back? I should have known. Haruno tried it and it failed, what makes me think it would work with me?" Mitsuki whispered more to herself than anyone else. Sasuke caught every word.

"Sakura is Sakura, no one can ever replace her. You are you, but you do know if it wasn't for your grandfather, I wouldn't have agreed to marry you." Mitsuki's eyes widened at this, but she relaxed slightly. "I know that Sasuke-kun. I know." Mitsuki walked towards Sasuke and stood in front of him, her face real close to him. "Then it must be fate huh?" she whispered. With one move she pressed her lips slightly on his.

Sasuke did nothing but stare at her blankly, he didn't return the kiss, though he didn't stop it. Mitsuki slowly wrapped her arms around his neck, until Sasuke held her hands down and separated their lips. "That is all I owe you. I will keep my promises." Sasuke turned around and slowly with light steps walked back to camp.


"Hyuuga Neji! You.Get.Back.Here.This.MINUTE!" Neji turned around and saw Tenten holding a …shoe?

"What do you want Tenten? I'm busy at the moment." Neji looked behind Tenten seeing Sakura putting her arms in a cross sign signaling 'no'.

Sakura sighed Tenten was in her time of the month, she can get really, really violent. Deciding to put Neji out of his small misery, 'would've been fun to see him on his knees and bow down to Tenten though..' Sakura shook her head, laughing lightly. "Neji-kun? Could you please go and collect some water? We've run out." Neji looked at her. Before nodding, he knew that Tenten was in a bad mood.

"AHHAHAHA NEJI GOT HIS ASS KICKED!" Neji scowled, Sakura glared at Naruto, more trouble.

"Hn. Never thought Hyuuga would get his ass kicked by a girl." Sakura glared at Sasuke too, Sasuke caught her glare, and pointed to Naruto as if saying, 'he started it'. Sakura couldn't help but let out a small laugh.

Neji was about to pounce on him until…Tenten threw his shoe and it implanted on his face. Now you could see the base of the shoe on his face.

Naruto started laughing hysterically.

"You. Hyuuga is pathetic."

Sakura hit both of them on the head…hard.

"Apologize, Sasuke, Naruto!" Sakura demanded, Sasuke rolled his eyes. Naruto looked surprised. "No way am I-" Naruto got hit on the head again. "Naruto Sasuke one more time apologizes!" Both of them muttered an apology. Neji smirked sensing victory. "NEEEJII-KUNNNNN! YOU HAVE TO APOLOGIZE TOO!" Neji looked at Tenten disbelief written all across his face.

"No Way." Tenten smiled at him sweetly, he knew that smile, if he didn't do what she wanted his head would be ripped off. He murmured a small apology. Tenten gave a bright smile.

"Sakura-chan aren't we going to be good mothers?" Sakura smiled sweetly to Tenten. "Why of course Ten-chan! These boys are as childish as 3 year-olds!" Sasuke, Naruto, and Neji all muttered at once, "We're not childish." They then looked on weirdly seeing Sakura, Tenten and suddenly, Ino and Hinata came into the picture, they were all huddled up and laughing an evil laugh. Hinata looked embarrassed, Sakura looked crazy, Tenten looked violent, and Ino looked funny.

The girls were hi-fiving each other, and then started to laugh hysterically.

Sasuke, Naruto and Neji all looked at each other, before nodding and confirming.

-Today Was Crazy….The Girls Have Gone Crazy-

…not that they would say it out loud….

.::. Memories are cherished like Gold, they hide in a little box in your head, waiting to be opened and reminisced. .::.

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