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Here's the story!


When she looks at him, she sees the love of her life, a soul once lost, but that was found by her.

She knows by heart his golden hair, each rebel gold thread, the fringe that sometimes falls to his forehead and she has all the pleasure of putting aside. She knows his eyes better than anyone, of the most majestic tone of blue, two melted sapphire stars that stare at her with the greatest care, two pools of warm and crystal-clear waters on which she sinks completely, without wanting to return to reality. She is able of drawing a map of his smile, two rows of white and perfect teeth that send her to her most passionate fantasies in an instant, that make her knees tremble and that bring her cheeks a rampant flush.

Thinking then about his personality, she asks herself why she was so lucky and found him. An old-fashioned gentleman, full of charisma, gentleness, niceness. A person that would give his right arm for a friend and his whole being to his love. Someone that puts the others in front of him, even if the others treat him like garbage or are rude to him. A boy that carries Hope inside his veins, and even having lived through really tough moments, is capable of transmitting that characteristic hope and optimism to everyone around him.

She doesn't know what she would do without him, whenever darkness flooded her being and just his presence seemed to help her in every way one person can be helped with. What would she do if he wasn't there with his friendly shoulder, his heartening hug, his soothing voice, his words of hope? She doesn't know, and she hopes that future won't make her find out…


When he looks at her, he sees the light of his life, that received his lost soul and gave him a reason to life for.

He knows each lock of her straight, chocolate-brown hair that reaches her delicate shoulders and emanates a sweet scent of flowers. He remembers perfectly her unique eyes, a mix of dark-brown and ruby-red, a combination that was always the Light that illuminated his way and gave him the strength to go on. He dreams about her goddess face, about her small and cute nose, about her deliciously flushed cheeks, about her irresistibly red and pulpy lips, like cherries, that made his heart melt whenever they curved in an angelic smile.

And he thanks God everyday for her presence by his side. A caring and concerned soul, amusing and full of light, someone capable of scaring the darkness with her mere presence. He asks himself how someone as chased by the darkness as her can be so joyful, and discovers that it must be because of the Light she carries inside her heart.

He recalls all the times she stood by his side when his parents divorced, when loneliness invaded every fiber of his being, and recalls how she was able of erasing each and every sad moment, until all that was left were happy memories, friendly moments, loving reminiscences. What would he do without her radiant laugher, the running to his arms when she was very happy, without the spinning hug they would give afterwards? He doesn't know, but he isn't eager to find out either…


And everything is perfect when they are together. Each moment is a dream come true, each trade of words or gestures is magic, each memory is as sweet as honey.

Many are the times when they walk at the park, talking about anything and nothing at all. In all of those times, he starts a jest, plays an innocent prank, and she, seeking revenge, runs in pursuit of him. In an atmosphere of joy and fun, they both eventually fall to the ground, where a new game begins. It's almost assured that they start a tickle battle, and in that special moment, there's no one else in the world but them. The fun goes on by the grass floor (A/N: is it how it's said?) and everything is so right as if the entire Universe were created and designed to receive their love. For instants on those times, the fun turns more serious, when his eyes connect deeply with hers.

On those moments, and just for those moments, they both pretend that the other reciprocates their feelings and they both let the love inside them show, they both just see the sapphires or the rubies of the other's eyes. On those moments, they accept that they're much more than just best friends and find themselves embraced by their most romantic moments.

It's on those moments that he helps her up with a friendly hand and she throws her arms around his neck, while his arms snake around her waist. Then, she leans her head against his chest, hearing the regular beat of his heart, feeling his chest rise and lower, lost inside the sweetness of that warm and emotional hug. On his turn, he just pulls her closer to him, letting the Light of her soul flood the Hope inside his heart. Finally, he rests his chin on the top of her head, absorbing each molecule of her aroma, melting of love inside.

But not even on those moments they get the nerve to reveal their feelings and the hug goes on, engraving itself on the two lovers' minds.

For the others around them, who follow everything with a sly smile, what's going on there, the love there present, is pretty obvious, even for the dumbest (A/N: he, he, poor Davis…). It's a matter of time for this to sort out, they say.

The rest of the world is fully aware of the powerful bond that linked the two teenagers. They would find it out too, eventually, because no love of that dimension can be kept a secret for too long.

And they are both eager for the day the secret is revealed.



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