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Author's Notes: I really didn't expect to give this a continuation, but since puasluoma suggested and I came up with an idea, I told myself, "Why not?" So, for you, puasluoma, and all of you who read the first chapter of this oneshot fic, here's its continuation. I hope you like it!

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It was a hot summer late afternoon and the two teenagers had just gotten out of school. Holidays were approaching quickly and they had already started enjoying what that amazing weather had to give them. Once again, Takeru Takaishi and Hikari Kamiya went for a walk in the park.

It was like any other day: they walked, they talked, they played, they loved being together. However, there was something different about Takeru that day, something about the way he moved, the way he smiled, the way he behaved. He seemed to be nervous. He had been nervous all day.

And Hikari couldn't really understand why.

That morning, at class, when he sat by her side like everyday, she noticed something was wrong, but she couldn't quite place it. And before she could ask anything, he told her, "Please wait for me after school this afternoon, there's something I really want to talk to you about…"

Kari just got confused, "Why don't you tell me now? We're having Math, we ALWAYS talk during Math."

But he just groaned awkwardly and answered, "I'd rather talk about this in a more private place…"

And Hikari asked nothing more, not only because she was very confused at what he said, but also because she knew he wouldn't tell anything else. But that didn't prevent her from trying to find out what was happening at all cost.

During the breaks, she got around and asked every Degidestined that attended that school if they knew what was going on, but they all acted weird and told her nothing. Davis, surprisingly, got mad at her and made a fuss about "not being fair for him to do that". Yolie started giggling uncontrollably and hugged the Child of Light tight. Ken, with a sly smile, just told her that she would find out soon.

With all of her friends' reaction, Hikari started having forbidden thoughts, and started wondering. Was Takeru… was Takeru doing what she thought he would? Could he possibly make all her dreams come true that afternoon? Would he reveal to her the same feelings she had for him? But she knew she couldn't give too much attention to that, she knew she couldn't raise her hopes too much, or in the end she would be the one with her heart broken.

However, she wasn't able to keep her mind off of those questions during the entire day, and when the afternoon finally came and, with it, the promised walk in the park, she was almost as nervous as her best friend…

Now, Takeru was leading her through a different route from their usual itinerary, a path that hided itself away from most of people, that gave them a warm feeling of privacy. Hikari was getting more nervous and confused by the minute, as the two Degidestined made two final turns through that path and T.K. asked Kari to sit on a wooden bench that stood there. If the Child of Hope was ACTUALLY planning to confess his feelings there, he had chosen the perfect site: comfortable, private and in direct touch with Nature.

At the moment, Takeru was more anxious than she had ever seen him. He just kept on pacing around in circles in front of her, unable to keep his hands still. Kari just watched him walk around, trying to find a way to start his speech, but it came a time when she couldn't take it any longer, and she yelled, "Get on with it, Takeru, you're killing me with curiosity!"

The other teen startled, but finally found the nerve to start speaking. For the best.

"Right…" Kari could tell he was in a great impasse. "Right!" And he relaxed. His opportunity had finally come and there was no way out of it. He was going to tell her that afternoon. So, he kneeled down in front of her and took her hands, making her startle.

"How long have we known each other, Kari?" he asked, staring deep into her crimson eyes.

She started sinking in his own azure eyes, but found enough presence of spirit to answer, "Since forever, it seems. Since I can remember, at least…"

He nodded. "Exactly. We've known each other forever. We've been through the good times and the bad times together. We've been together through laughter and tears, through adventures and misadventures, through happiness and sadness, through darkness…"

"… And into the Light," she finished, making Takeru smile.

"Yeah, and in all those times we were never alone, we always had each other to count on. Since you came into my life, I have someone to hear my nightmares, I have someone to help me cope with my parents' divorce, I have someone to keep me away from solitude's cold embrace…" He shuddered while saying that last sentence, and caressed Kari's hair in the gentlest manner. "Throughout these years, you've been the best friend I could ever wish for and you did more for me than I could ever do for anyone… You're one of the most important people in my life and you know I would never do anything to change it. I care for you that much."

Those words touched the Child of Light's heart profoundly and she couldn't help but cuddle his beautiful face too, while fighting back some touching tears. How could she deserve such a good friend? "You would never hurt me, Takeru, and you will never lose me. You also made life worth it to me…"

T.K. placed his own hand on Kari's, he too fighting back the tears. "But I'm afraid I'm already ruining this friendship… I'm afraid I'm already changing this because I'm so weak…," he whispered.

Kari got scared. "What do you mean? You haven't done anything wrong…"

"I've tried to hide this long enough, and only God knows how difficult it was to see you everyday and knowing it would never happen, only God knows how it hurt to have you in my arms in a sweet embrace when I knew you would never understand, how it killed me to be dazzled by your beauty when I knew it would never be saved for me. Truth is I love you, Kari. I have always had. But I knew you didn't feel the same, so I never told you, afraid of losing you forever. But it seems that it hurt too much to keep this away from you, so I gathered the nerve to confess it. The others encouraged me, even tough I knew this could end up in tragedy, but this was the only thing I could do. I could never lie to you, Hikari. And I hope you understand it…"

Kari went completely numb, as the so desired words came out of her best friend's mouth. She couldn't believe he loved her, it was just too good to be true! The information that went through her brain was just too much for her to handle, so she didn't react at all to his speech, which made him even more nervous and scared. By the absence of spirit in her eyes, he started believing he had really ruined everything he had lived for, and his heart shattered, even though he had prepared himself for that occasion. You only know what a broken heart is when yours falls apart.

So, knowing he had screwed up, he suavely released her hands and stood up, starting to make his way back to the park's entrance, his heart sunk on his stomach. He did what he wanted to, and now he needed to give her some time.

However, Kari had already had all the time she needed and her brain started working correctly again as soon as she saw Takeru leaving. She needed to tell him how she felt too, she couldn't let him leave like that. So, feeling a rush of adrenaline going through her body, she stood up almost immediately and called out his name, "Takeru, wait!"

The boy suddenly halted and turned around on his ankles, his heart jumping. He didn't know what response he could expect from her, he didn't know weather he would be loved or hated…

Fortunately for both, it was the first one. Kari just stood in front of him and let herself sink in his eyes again. She knew exactly what she needed to say, but that moment seemed so surreal that no sound was able to leave her mouth. Feeling tensed up with the silence again, Takeru started saying, "I know it's stupid, but I can try to get over it, ev-"

But he was interrupted. Kari figured out she couldn't express what she felt with mere words, so she tried to be the clearest possible. In a strong impulse, she knew there was only one thing she could do. In a second, her lips were completely drawn to his and they touched, becoming, for a moment, the most perfect first kiss of all time, erasing all rational thought from their minds, making their love the only thing present on that moment.

For that moment only, the two of them forgot about where they were and about all the time it took them to realize that was where they belonged: with each other. For that moment only, they let themselves melt into the other's arms to the first most tender moment of their lives. At their first kiss, they were finally able to be honest to each other.

And after that half a minute they held onto each other in their first kiss (but that seemed to have last only one second to them), they had crossed over the line of simple friendship and had become what destiny wanted them to be: lovers.

Behind them, were all the moments they had to wait to make that dream come true, all the lived impasses that had made that moment so desirable. In front of them, were all the battle they still had to fight, all the obstacles they still had to surpass, together. But, right where they were, were two teens involved in the warm embrace of love, two lovers who were once best friends, and will someday stand for the greatest love ever among people.

THE END (really…)



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