Warnings: Fluff, shounen-ai (if you squint)

Pairing: Clavis/Lumiale

Rating: PG

Things left unsaid

Beautiful sounds trickled down from the mansion of the Guardian of Water. Clavis knew this to not be a rare occurrence, but he felt it was a wondrous thing all the same.

Even when nothing else could shake him anymore, his music, brought forth by those delicate, yet amazingly agile fingers, was strong enough to penetrate the walls around his heart. Sometimes powerful and always gentle, the music made him feel alive, feel loved, but mainly just feel.

Clavis loved to look at the pale fingers threading in strings almost playfully, like they were playing tag with harmony. The fingers as fluent as a cobbling stream, Lumiale's song would continue, always ending in a soft pianissimo.

Clavis thought about those fingers often.

As he approached the door to the Mansion he visited so often, the man shrouded in shadows did not need to witness the harpist and his instrument to realise that Lumiale was in a good mood; it shone through the music emitting from within.

As he entered, Lumiale's warmly voiced welcome echoed through the hallway, making Clavis remember that there was one sound more beautiful. With a small nod he acknowledged the blue-haired man and sat down next to him, somewhat closer than necessary. The music hesitated for a mere second before it resumed once more, with a tenderer note.

Clavis noticed, and found his lips curling upwards before he could help it.

After getting used to one another's presence in the chilly room, and heating up under the body warmth present, they went on with their daily activities. Cards were laid out on the table, and music filled two hearts once again.

Words had no meaning to them; everything important was understood unspoken. Lumiale liked his presence- that was good enough of an excuse for Clavis to spend time with him.