D.N.Angel Fanfic!

Valentine Blues

By Akari Kazuki

Disclaimer:-I don't own D.N.Angel, Yukiru Sugisaki does, and ADV films! Nor do I own Dai-kun, Dark, Krad or Satoshi! (sob… . ) I hate Risa, I like Riku better, but I don't own any of it! So sue me!

A/N:-Well, this is going to be a relatively short fic, hopefully, so please stick with me through it! It's basically about Riku's dilemma 'bout getting Daisuke a gift for Valentines' Day, so there will be a lot of Daisuke x Riku sweetness (which I love! )

Chapter 01:-The Problem

Riku Harada was having a crisis! She couldn't figure out what to get Daisuke for Valentines' Day! She didn't just want to give him chocolate, like everyone else normally did on the day, she wanted something more…special. Meaningful.

'But what in the Hell can I get him!' she thought anxiously, as she massaged her now throbbing head, as she lay on her bed. It was only two days away! What could she-! Wait a second!

"Risaaaaaa!" yelled Riku, jumping off her bed, and rushing out the door to her twins room opposite her own.

"Riku! Knock first!" pouted the brown-haired girl, as she looked up from folding one of her favourite pink nighties, from an ironed pile beside the pillows.

"No time for that! I need your help, Risa! What should I get for Daisuke for Valentines' Day!" Riku shook her twin urgently.

Risa's face broke out into a full grin, and she began to giggle. Riku looked away, embarrassed, blushing a deep red that complimented her auburn-red hair.

"Ah, shurrup!" she told her, fighting for composure. "This is serious! You gonna help or not!"

Risa winked at her. "Leave everything to me!" Riku knew that excited tone all too well! 'I hope I don't regret this…' she thought, groaning a little.

Notes:-Well, I hope you liked it! Please read and review!

Preview:-So, is Riku going to find the 'perfect gift' with Risa's help? Or will a surprise appearance by Daisuke have more of an impact? Find out in the next chapter!