A/N: Thought of this one day…it just came up in the back of my mind for some reason or other…Explanation time! Maes is not dead in these stories, nor will he ever be. I really like Maes too…ah well, that's what happens when you're (one) of my favourite characters from an anime. Anyway, got sick of reading EdxRoy Yaoi. No offense to those out there who do like it, it's just that it grows tiresome after awhile…I'll read it, sure, but written poorly I become Scar-like-homicidal! Anyway, I don't own squat. These stories are nothing but friendly/fatherly gestures. So…enjoy!

Title: Helping Hand
Rating: T. No warnings. Mainly based on Manga.
Summary: As a treat, Roy decides to take Edward out for a much needed break. But who said Edward would enjoy himself?

"Sit still."

"I can't help it!" he hissed back. "My arse is numb…"

They were both hushed by a person behind them. Edward immediately reached over the back of his seat and grabbed at the man who'd silenced them. But just as the small blonde was an inch away from the brunette haired man's face, he was pulled harshly back into his seat and clipped across the ear sharply. He glared at the older man, but just crossed his arms across his chest and pouted.

"Stop pouting."

"I'm not."

"Yes, you are."

"Shove it Mustang!" he hissed.

This time the man wasn't brave enough to 'Shh' them again.

A painful three hours later of sitting next to a fidgeting Edward, Roy Mustang was glad to be out of the theater and into the fresh night air. Stretching, he let his bones crack before turning around and watch as Edward followed with his hands in his black tux pants.

Mustang sighed "So much for that idea."

"I didn't ask to go to the stupid Opera," Ed snapped walking past the taller man. Once again, Mustang sighed. Another attempt to show the boy a good time, and some culture, had gone down the drain. Edward had returned in a rather sullen mood from his most recent mission. Roy worried when the boy's attitude hadn't improved. So he made an effort to try and cheer him up.

Thinking that a brilliant mind like his would enjoy the culture, he'd reserved seats for the next opera. Looking back at the poster, he squinted and made out the name 'Beethoven'. However, all thoughts of the concert were shoved aside as he saw Edward move out of the corner of his eye. Following him, they started back on their way towards Headquarters in silence.

"You know, I was just trying to cheer you up FullMetal," Roy said after a block or two of walking.



"Call me Edward. I'm sick of 'FullMetal.' I'm no weapon." The blonde turned to face his superior, with the slightest flicker of emotion in his eyes.

Roy nodded and took a small breath. "Well, Edward, I was trying to cheer you up. You've been sulking around for the last two weeks." Roy shifted on his feet. "I was worried. Usually you bounce back after a day or so."

Edward turned side on, giving the man a view of just how thin he was. "Well…thanks for trying," he whispered, his eyes downcast. The man observed his subordinate, taking in his mood. His black tux did wonders in bringing out the colour in his eyes and hair, which had been pulled up into a tight ponytail. Mustang sighed and walked forward, placing a hand on the boy's shoulder making him look up.

"If you want to talk, I'm free anytime."

Ed smirked, making Mustang smile too.

"You just wanna get out of the paperwork," Ed said evilly.

"Me? Never!" Mustang said over dramatically making Edward snigger.

"Lazy bastard."

Mustang smiled at him. Taking a step ahead of him, he reached back and slung an arm around Edward's shoulders, pulling him along. "You know, at least I got to see how you look in a tux. Civilized clothing actually looks quiet handsome on you m'boy," He said rubbing the boy's arm roughly.

"And what's wrong with my other clothing?" the smaller asked, arching an eyebrow.

"You see, people think smaller of you. They can't help but think that you're just a little boy."

Quickly separating from him, Edward chased home his superior officer. He cursed and yelled at him saying he wasn't short while the man ahead of him just laughed. Roy was as sure as hell that it would wake more than a few people in the neighborhood they were walking through, but he was just glad that Edward was back to usual, loud self again.

-Crystal Remnant