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Everything reminded him of Chad

Was that why he wanted to quit basketball, because it reminded him to much of the best friend he had ever had? The best friend that he had lost?

Troy sighed and leaned back against the window, absentmindedly twisting the basketball in his hands as he remembered the row he had had with his dad not two hours before.


"I don't want you to give it up for the wrong reasons." Troy's father, Mr. Bolton, said.

"It's not the wrong reasons, dad. It's what I want. What I need. I just need to not...think about it for a while. I just need to get away." Troy was tired. Of everything. He needed to think. He needed to work this out. He needed Chad.

His father looked him up and down, then said, more quietly. "It's about him again, isn't it?"

Troy shrugged, then nodded. Maybe his dad would get it. Maybe his father would see the reason why Troy needed to get away from basketball for a while.

"You can't do anything about it now. Chad's gone. You're still here. Do you think he'd want you to waste your life by sitting on the sidelines. You're not going to bring him back."

End Flashback

Troy did not remember much after that. He had said a lot of stuff, some things he had meant, some things he had not. They had had that conversation a lot recently. Him and his dad. Troy knew that it was just because his dad was worried about him.

Heck, Troy was worried about himself.

He had quit the play. Ryan was taking his spot as the lead guy. He just had not wanted to do the play. He didn't want to pretend everything was alright.

Because things were far from alright.

Troy had drifted away from his other friends. Zeke, Ryan, Sharpay, Kelsi. They all just drifted out of his life. Along with basketball.

Everyone drifted away. Everyone except Gabriella and Taylor. They were the only ones who really knew. The only ones who knew how he felt. How hard just living was for him.

How hard everything was.

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